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Rates the Cohíba Espléndidos


TopCubans Past experience:

The Father of Cohíbas, the “big daddy” and a very classy Churchill that privileges smoothness and creaminess, whilst maintaining the fine equilibrium between strength and rich aroma. Heavy, spicy, almost meaty tones make this the ideal after dinner digestive cigar. Red meat and red wine, cream and herbs, all of these flavors stoke the fires of the Espléndidos making that digestive smoke a moment to relish. Definately not a beginners cigar.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-07-11

" Truly the best, nothing comes close. "


On 2015-01-30

" Very good cigar good body flavor last long time enjoy very much sitting on the deck enjoying a nice cigar "


On 2014-12-09

" Fell in love with this cigar in Punta Cana "

Kiwi As Ash

On 2014-11-25

" Amazing, heaven Sent Cigar!! Viva Cuba "

Tha blackman

On 2014-10-16

" Best cigar I ever smoked have a box of 25 "


On 2014-08-26

" Awesome smoke "


On 2014-06-22

" the best cigar in the world "


On 2014-03-18

" best I ever had long smooth draw coffee flavors, with smoothness on all fronts "


On 2013-06-15

" Very nice opening tastes that develop well through to the end. Woody, toffee and leathery. Great construction but I get uneven burn at time, so a bit annoying. But when you get your hands on a good one they're delightful. "

Rick C of CigarBros

On 2013-03-13

" Age these one year and then try not to devour them! Absolutely the most tasty cigar...just delicious. Creamy, nutty, hints of champagne. Great draw, good burn. Occasionally I've found one in the box that needs some care. I'm down to a box & a half but I want ten of 'em aging peacefully... "


On 2013-03-05

" This is a very flavourable and enjoyable cigar. First box that I have purchased and I will have them as a top 3 on my list. "

Mellow smoke...

On 2013-01-02

" What better cigar to spark up, than an Esplendidos on New Years Day! The draw was a little bit tight in places, nothing too bad. The burn was pretty inconsistent throughout. But yeah: mild flavours, not overly complex. Slight spice, slight wood, a nice mellow cigar I found. Maybe age might help this one - unsure of my ones age. With a third left to smoke, it went out and refused to relight, so I laid it to rest. Would I buy it again? I find it a bit pricey for it it is and for what it delivered. Didn't quite meet my personal expectations. "


On 2012-09-06

" Smoked my first one a few weeks ago. Almost like breathing air. Extremely tasteful and yet light and airy. Perfect. "


On 2012-08-24

" This is for a boss only. Deal with caution if you're a rookie. "

Stat Stalker

On 2012-08-20

" This cigar is the Rolls Royce of Stoggies..
so, never cut the end... punch a hole
in the end, dip it in some Grand Marnier,
and watch your taste buds light up..!! "

Alex Bryant

On 2012-07-19

" This cigar is everything and more in a cuban. After having a few more since my first review, I've realized what a King this cigar is. I've tried the other big boys, but this one has never let me down. If you can, buy these regularly, because this will be the cigar you want to smoke if you merge two companies to get a billion dollar raise, or if you end world hunger. "

Big fat Arab AMMAN

On 2012-05-10

" A true "Smokers Cigar". A word of advice, an exellent treat after a rare steak and some Blue Label straight, it honeslty complement the taste. "

The Norwegian

On 2012-03-21

" Top marks! One of the best cigars I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. A friend of mine gave me a box of 25 for christmas, and I was totally blown away by these. My friend bought these in the Dominicans, where they are ALOT cheaper than in Norway. Because of all the taxes these would cost right over 1500$ in Norway for a box of 25. Talk about an amazing and much appreciated gift!
Only problem is they are so expensive that I almost feel bad for lighting one. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-09-02

" Wow, I had it with some cabernet, but it didn't need it. Usually I wash down a stogie with a nice scotch, rum, or wine. But this cigar was perfect. I only sipped the wine twice. I cannot wait to smoke that guy again. It takes a while to smoke and I'm glad, it was amazing through every draw. Make sure this isn't your first cuban because you won't truly appreciate what this cigar has to offer if it is. Make sure you have one with a good person, in a nice venue. "

Family MD

On 2011-06-08

" You can't help but feel important while you are smoking one of these. Smooth, full of flavour and a joy right to the end. Make sure you have or make time when smoking this wonder, that respect it deserves. "


On 2011-01-04

" This cigar owns the top shelf in my cabinet. Not the prettiest ash I have seen, but the rest is perfect. This is a cigar you will always remember - and worth buying the full 25. It never lets you down. "


On 2010-09-02

" This smoke took me for a ride for two hours. What a turmoil of sensations! Wrapper was almost seamless, smooth like baby's skin. Taste was awesome, very creamy at first, then kicking in with more power.
Superb! Should be delivered with a "Do not disturb" sign.
Thanks Richard!! "


On 2010-08-05

" Had the pleasure of smoking my first Esplendido at a cigar smoke shop in Vegas. By far one of the best smokes I have every had. The smoke itself was creamy and pleasant to take in. Mood changing and excellent relaxation as the live music played in the backround:) "


On 2010-01-20

" Smoked my first Esplendido sitting around a fire eating steaming bowls of venison chili with some friends. What a treat, I found this smoke exquisite. My friend hadn't had one since he left Miami 15 years ago and was exited to smoke one. He said it was just like he remembered them, and he has smoked many a cuban. It was a real thrill. "


On 2009-12-05

" It is the best of the best, never somke such a rich and full mouth test, the more it's burn the more you find the how great the test special when you drink V.S.O.P "

On 2009-10-01

" I don't know the girl that wrote this but "I Love her"
On 2006-04-01, J give the note of 5.0
"I gave my boyfriend a box of these for his birthday, he now won't smoke anything else. Expensive habit." "

On 2008-11-09

" the best cigar for me
very good construction
superior taste!!! "


On 2008-10-08

" smooth, easy draw "


On 2008-09-02

" Klas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


On 2008-05-30

" Superb! "


On 2007-12-06

" An experience that must be cherished! Sit back w/ a glass of Cabernet (after a steak dinner) and contemplate life as the complexity envelopes you. Sigh :) "


On 2007-09-01

" good cigar "


On 2007-07-02

" This is such an overrated smoke. There was plenty of cream and it is a smooth smoke for such a full cigar - a strength of cohiba in just lacked that magical complexity that you would have hoped for. "

Deputy Sheriff

On 2007-05-06

" This is a cigar that will not disappoint.Hits all the bases and scores a homerun. I am a RyJ Belicoso fan but these are excellent.They live up to their reputation as world a class cigar. Do not hesitate to try one you will not regret it. "


On 2007-01-15

" I have had many cohibas very rare and not so rare. the esplendidos is cohibas masterpiece! great draw, very full and smooth flavor, all around great smoke. "


On 2006-12-26

" Right up there with a Trinidad. Is it better or does the Esplendido trump? I'll have to smoke another pair to decide. "


On 2006-11-15

" best cigar i've ever smoked, nothing has even come close "


On 2006-10-06

" just got back from cuba brought 2 boxes back,
wow what a cigar "


On 2006-06-06

" This is the Ultimate Cigar, great flavor, great draw. This is one great Cigar. I smoke nothing but cubans, the only draw back with this Cigar is the Price. Everything else is superior. "


On 2006-04-09

" real crisp "


On 2006-04-01

" I gave my boyfriend a box of these for his birthday, he now won't smoke anything else. Expensive habit. "

The Boss

On 2006-03-14

" Lucky me, I scored 25 for free! I Never Smoked anything like it, never smelt anything like it! Blazed her up with my coffee, it complimented perfectly, went together like bread and meat. If I can't smoke the best (Cuban) I will smoke nothing! "


On 2006-01-09

" The very best ever! "


On 2006-01-07

" On the verge of excellence!Very highly reccomended,try it today. "


On 2005-10-12

" was awarded almost a whole box of esplendidos (20) ill tell you what ill never smoke a regular cigar again superb smell, taste,enen gave me a light head rush after every smoke ten thumbs up. "


On 2005-09-02

" It is the best cigar "


On 2005-04-16

" the best cigar i ve ever had "


On 2005-03-07

" Smoth...a great cigar to have on a beach. Overpriced though. "


On 2004-09-02

" The only reason I give this puro a 4.7 is because of construction, Very tight. Extreamly smooooth and creamy flavor, just outstanding. This is one great cigar for savoring on long summer evening with a fine drink.


On 2004-08-10

" Outstanding flavour, the draw was very tight though, and I perfer a cigar that punches you in the mouth. But one of the best tasting cigars i've ever had, it's so creamy I couldn't believe it. "


On 2003-11-30

" To me this is the perfect cigar. It has a magnificent draw and burn, and a distinguished and memorable flavour. The taste stays to quality all throughout. This is without a doubt the quintessential Cuban. As my name would suggest, I simply have not had a better cigar. "


On 2003-11-30

" To me this is the perfect cigar. It has a magnificent draw and burn, and a distinguished and memorable flavour. The taste stays to quality all throughout. This is without a doubt the quintessential Cuban. As my name would suggest, I simply have not had a better cigar. "


On 2003-08-11

" A very good smoke to be sure. Several in my box were too tight. I think this cigar may be a bit over rated and is for sure over priced. I orefer the Upman Sir Winston for a churchill. "

Albq MR2

On 2003-07-07

" hmm ive only had 2 of these, while i was in the cayman i smoked more cigars then the rest fo my smoking time combined. probably the best smoke ive ever had, sat out on the balcony for over 45 minutes, awesome draw all the way, the only cigar ive smoked down til i couldnt hold anymore. if your a novice it will keep you in your seat for a good time after you done! "


On 2003-06-17

" Very smooth. I had to buy a box in Havana. Now I wish I had brought back two. If you actually appreciate the taste of a fine cigar it would be a crime to not try these. "


On 2002-09-11

" One of the best cigars I have ever smoked. I was so smooth. Definately a top notch cigar. "


On 2002-08-25

" got a box and what can i say if you have not yet smoked one your lose "


On 2002-01-08

" Great taste, better second half, a little expensive "


On 2002-01-03

" very good burn, smokes well great nice cap "

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