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Rates the Hoyo de Monterrey Épicure No.2


TopCubans Past experience:

Like his bigger brother the No. 1, this Robusto is fresh and perfectly suited to the new model aficionado who enjoys his smoke in the great outdoors as opposed to being locked away in a dimly lit smoking club. A great treat during the day or with a cold beer at apéritif. Tasty and smooth. Like a fruit smoothy !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-01-09

" The best for first-timers.. light bodied and smooth smoke "


On 2015-07-10

" very good and light cigar "


On 2014-10-29

" a very nice and easy cigar with plenty of finish "


On 2014-06-14

" Sweet puffs and amazing aroma. "


On 2014-05-30

" Super - will be a definite regular smoke. "


On 2014-05-08

" Consistently excellent. I always find myself coming back to order more. "

Jos Van Oss

On 2014-02-27

" Smooth draw, lighty but tastefull. Great! "

Papa Disco

On 2013-11-25

" I've only recently picked up the Hoyo E2 and I agree that it is a delightful outdoor cigar, but also a proper smoke in the club as well. What I've noticed in my recent trio of Epicure 2 smokes is that the cigar is very flavor sensitive to humidity. Smoke one in the evening on an outdoor deck in Saigon (where you struggle to keep the humi in the mid 70RH) and you'll notice a clean, spicy cigar (very slightly fruity to my palate) that also sports the lightest hints of heavy cigar tradition: musty hay, damp leather (not my faces). Bring that same cigar back to your 65RH box in a dryer climate and light it up downtown in the Club and it loses all trace of the heavier, darker flavors and shines: super peppery, clean palate, easy draw and consistent in burn and flavor all the way down, with a tendency to overheat in the last 1/3. I am adding more of these to my box as they're great fun for me, and enjoyable for uninitiated. "

Aldo M

On 2013-10-21

" One of the best representative cigar, with Hoyo Double Corona, of this famous brand, very good taste, flavour is a rare pleasure to smokie this cigar. "


On 2013-06-14

" Probably my best favorite for a mild smoke during the day time. Always consistent in draw, taste and flavor. "

The Boss

On 2013-05-01

" I am new to cigar smoking and enjoyed this cigar so much I bought more to help develop my palate "

Alex Brant

On 2013-02-14

" I had this cigar about a year ago, and its amazing that I haven't ordered it again. This was quite a good cigar and I think everyone should try it, its in the Cuban legends for a reason. Mellow, but only a bit because it is a robusto, but yet the James Dean of them. Its relaxed, but there's something about it that makes it dangerous. "


On 2013-02-07

" I like Hoyo, my favorite. However after tried tens on this from different batch different time, I find this is rather spicy and strong, somewhat difficult to draw. "


On 2013-01-22

" This is a top rated robusto with nice smoke (although not as thick as SC RyJ), consistent burn and sweety taste. To a newbie like me, this is a good start. Once have it, won;t try any smaller size. "


On 2012-11-30

" Smooth but full of flavour .... Awesome aroma... Light rubostos smoke... I like it.....!!!!!! "


On 2012-09-30

" This is the best robusto Ive ever had. Awesome all the way. Very smooth and fresh with almost perfect burn. Had to order a box of these when I tried my first. "


On 2012-05-31

" This is the best cigar I have ever smoked. Though I am not a cigar veteran, and still a newbie (thought I have smoked a lot of cigars)... this cigar completely took me by surprised. Amazing spice right from the start, with a fruity bittersweet flavour throughout. Truly a unique cigar! 95/100! "


On 2012-02-29

" One of the best robusto's. A humidor staple, smooth with non offensive flavour will all the taste of a Cuban. Love these cigars. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-09-23

" I had a bad cut on it, so I'm going to try it again. But this little guy is great. Definitely one of the best robustos "


On 2011-08-13

" The best best robusto smoke bar none. "


On 2011-07-28

" This is one of my favorite smokes for early evenings with a cup of espresso. I always keep these in my humidor. There is a slight hint of citrus in the first 1/3. It moves into earthy and finishes with a woody flavor. The best part of this smoke is your mouth never gets dry through the experience. "


On 2011-07-27

" Initially disappointed because the Petit Robustos were out of stock, this cigar was suggested as a substitute...I took a chance and ordered only 10... After having tried one, I was no longer disappointed and wish I had ordered a full box. An excellent mild yet deliciously flavored smoke. "


On 2010-04-07

" HOLY MOLY, the best cigar I have had bar none. So creamy and sweet, steady draw, lots of smoke, perfect combination of flavours. Wish I had some more right now. "


On 2010-02-27

" This cigar start smooth and turn exciting as you go, sweet light and fruity! Great morning smoke or anytime! Very creamy and lush. Wish it lasted a bit longer! "


On 2010-01-14

" The Epicure No 2 is simply superb. When good they are so smooth and creamy. They are just powerful enough too. A good accompaniment to just about any drink! "


On 2009-09-25

" Light & smooth to the end. Perfectly constructed delivering a smooth draw with an even, long ash.
Currently my favorite - end of the day - cool of the evening smoke. "


On 2009-07-09

" This is lovely. Light to medium and sweetish with a defined floral/woody taste. I really like them. "


On 2009-04-08

" Cigar is light, flavorful, smooth, and a great draw. Perfect for just relaxing on a beautiful day outdoors. One of my favorite Robustos. Nice change from the stronger cigars I am used to. Definitely will buy more. "


On 2008-10-31

" This cigar is on the light side, but with its perfect construction it delivered sweet and pleasant flavors. It was an enjoyable cigar to the very end. I smoked it down to a nub and was sad to put it out. I had it with a fruity California Zin which matched it perfectly. "


On 2007-12-04

" The Epi 2 is a beautiful cigar, flavorful with a touch of sweetness and never harsh. Always a perfect, gentle draw (after relaxing in the humi for a couple of weeks). Particularly nice as a morning smoke with a nice cuppa mocha - good morning world! "


On 2007-10-25

" I honestly did not understand the term "fruity" as referred to cigars until I got to know this stick. It is quickly becoming a contender as my favorite robusto. "


On 2007-08-01

" What a simply wonderful cigar. As a Robusto man through and through this cigar, with an open draw, lovely finish and clean ash is a stand out. It's filled with a earthiness,
sweet woody flavours and has a pleasant coffee ground taste. If you like Robusto's then this will be a stick you will always return to. "


On 2007-07-07

" An extraordinary Robusto that brings a unique experience to all cigar lovers "


On 2007-04-05

" What a great cigar - smooth, creamy with subtle toasty flavours. And enough power to keep your interest. The best of the light/med Robustos by far. I never tried any of these when in Havana last year - what a mistake, I should have bought two boxes "


On 2006-10-03

" tastes great a mellow flavor that last to the end "


On 2006-09-23

" I've sampled several brands and Richard is absolutely correct, this is by far a superior cigar with an easy draw and excellent flavor to the last inch... Highly recommended, thank you again Richard. "


On 2006-09-19

" Spectacular. A magnificent cigar, subtle, complex, tasty with a superb mellow flavour and a long tasty finish. Simply one of the finest out of Havana in my opinion. "


On 2006-06-15

" This is by far the best cigar I have EVER smoked. It oozes understated CLASS. Not many people talk about this cigar but if you want a GREAT all-round cigar which is mild but has a nice spongy feel in your mouth and leaves a heavenly fruity aftertaste, this is for you. I have been sampling many different brands and sizes recently ....and this is by far the best and by a big margin. I am also increasingly a fan of the robusto size for it's versatility. A must have! Raymond


On 2005-07-22

" This cigar started off with a mild sweetness of assorted fruits and tons of smoke. Even at the start, my mouth is full of pleasant aftertaste. Draw is effortlessly after sitting in my humidor for only one month. Smooth with a subtle hint of harshness. Short term aging of 1 year is most likely all it needs. "


On 2005-05-17

" I got this one from the Cigar manufacturer in Havana. This was from the reference of a local we had the honor of getting to know. And I certainly was not dissappointed.
I just got together w/ a few people from work and had a double espresso!
Once I lit this baby up, I was on vacation all over again! Since I tried it in Cuba, it has been one of my favorites and a sure pleasure everytime I go back to it, though this time it had the chance to age 5 months in my humidor. The taste has simply gotten better. In the beginning... hehehe .. the taste of fruit and wonderful aroma jsut wisped by, as the smoke burned, a nice even burn, the flavors were sustained, and added robust in the last 3rd. I didn't want it to end! Smoked to an inch of finish! Definite must for all. And besides, I hear this one is the one that connaisseur go back to because of the reliability of the smoke! I have to agree! "


On 2005-03-25



On 2004-04-20

" i love it "


On 2002-12-08

" "


On 2002-12-08

" I ve tried a lot of cigars. These are value for money cigars!!! "


On 2002-05-31

" On April 20, 2002 I rated this cigar a 3.1 After 4-5 weeks in my humidor it has vastly improved.It is hard to believe it is from the same box of cigars.The harshness is completly gone and the flavors are awesome.The cigar taste good to the very end. "


On 2002-05-16

" Incredible cigar. Great taste. Awesome aroma. Even when you open the humidor, the aroma hits you in the most pleasant of ways. However, I am as much a fan of taste and aroma as I am of the way the cigar is made. These cigars, are VERY tight and hard to smoke, you consistently have to re-light because it goes out at least three times during the smoke. I will buy it again but I hope I get a better batch. "


On 2002-04-20

" A bit harsh.Will try to age and try again. "


On 2002-03-18

" excellent "


On 2002-03-18

" excellent "

Andy k

On 2002-02-28

" a full bodied smoke with hints of spice and mocha
very long finish. burned very even, great draw
a big cigar in a small package. andy k. "

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