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Rates the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos


TopCubans Past experience:

The “Petit Robustos” from Hoyo de Monterrey is here to stay. In the new banded Cabinet format, this cigar is the perfect companion cigar for those looking for more of a complex smoke in a small cigar.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-11-19

" My favorite Hoyo.Always a pleasure to smoke one.Consistent and great construction.I feel something has changed lately,but not quite sure.
I thing recent production has lost some sweetness that was more obvious with older productions but maybe they need some more ageing? In any case,a great cigar. "


On 2013-06-15

" Richard, another box of petit robusto received this week is just excellent!. I should get two, not one. "


On 2013-03-20

" Excellent for a 30-40 mins smoke. Very woody and plain. Will always bring one in my pouch in case of a busy day!. "


On 2013-01-19

" no wonder this is called the Start in petit robs range. Light at the beginning, supringsingly easy to draw, plenty of nice white smoke. I was biting it most time and its doesn't produce too hot smoke to my nose. a bit spicy peppery at 3rd. doesn't give a over heated feel even I finished it within 25 mins. the only thing I want to say is i need to relight few times probably becasue I was at windy outdoor. "


On 2011-04-23

" j ai essayer ce petit robusto chez mon beau frere lors du premier souper bbq au printemps et je l ai adoré, sorti tout droit de sa boite flambant neuve arrivé directement de cuba, ce petit robusto c est démarqué assez rapidement surtout une fois arrivé au 2ieme tiers, tres savoureux , le gout d épices ,de feve de café et meme d arome boisé parfois en font un de mes préféré. Avec l ambiance du moment et les viandes cuisant sur le bbq , toute ces aromes allaient parfaitement ensemble. wonderfull "


On 2009-02-25

" Superior Robusto-Cuban.
When i like to smoke Robusto, i take this Hoyo.
No need to think, just opening my humidor and
there "you" are ready for
smoking and enjoying. "


On 2007-12-19

" I'm not experienced enough to tell you that this cigar has nutty or vanilla notes to it. But what I can tell you is that the flavor it's damn good. However as with all cigars it does require a little time to mature. "


On 2007-11-21

" its not so light. "


On 2007-11-07

" Bought 10 about 8 months ago, smoked one straight away and was a little dissapointed so haven't touched them since.
Had one last night from my humidor and oh my they've improved, gone is the chemically grassy taste to be replaced by a smooth nutty flavour - definitely a cigar to buy well in advance of when you want to smoke it. Must order more for when these run out "


On 2007-04-10

" My 'soul food' equivalent for cigars. Sometimes there are things you'd like to do again and again and again........... "


On 2006-11-26

" A little uneven burn I found but after weeks in humidor its beginning to shine. Perfect 30-40 min smoke and stronger than the Robusto Hoyos but not bad for that. I found final third to be best with wonderful spice and some dark chocolate flavours coming through. "


On 2006-09-30


Just had my last one(box of 3). A great cigar after resting for a few months in my humidor. Can't wait to get more. Love the robustos. Excellent flavors came through when enjoyed with a nice port. A good smoke to celebrate the newborn son. "


On 2006-03-10

" Very very good construction,well burn, good taste... "


On 2005-10-29

" Don't let their diminutive size fool you, these Hoyos pack a real punch. Rich and nutty in flavour, the very first from the batch was a real joy after only two days in my humidor - these are sure to become a standard and can only improve with aging. A perfect end to a midweek night out. "


On 2005-05-30

" Highly aromatic cigar, floral notes, spicey, medium in body and plenty of smoke :) Very satisfying. "


On 2005-04-12

" A superior smoke for a short cigar, this petit robusto is fantastic. Im now into my second box and just can't bear to put them down... "


On 2004-09-22

" A nice compromise between the convienience of a quicker smoke and the cooler smoke of a Robusto. My box looked great and had some of the sweeter coffee/chocolate flavours of its bigger brothers which really come out when combined with a good Scotch. "

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