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Rates the BolÝvar Petit Coronas


TopCubans Past experience:

A good after dinner cigar for the Havana apprentice, whilst being an excellent daytime companion cigar for the experienced aficionado. Perfect balance between strength and flavor with a long life span on the palate making this little fellow, exciting. Wet earth, coffee and cacao blend in perfect unison to give this Petit Corona a very attractive character.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-10-25

" I will agree that the PC is a nice cigar for the price.Still,everytime I smoke one I always remember and miss the Bonitas :-(
I still have a few Bonitas in my humidor and that's where I'd give my five stars if could.Don't get me wrong,the PC is a fine and true Bolivar. "

Mud Dog

On 2014-09-17

" Just got my first box of these Petite Coronas. they are quite mild IMHO. the burn on the first one was pretty even (had to burn off only once). Flavor had nice spice and was not too strong at the finish. i took the paper ring off so I could smoke it to the nub. Terrific shorter smoke with great Cuban flavors! i definitely recommend this cigar! "


On 2013-03-22

" Trid few of this, a great petit with excellent draw, chocolate mixed woody. wonderful 40-50 mins. "


On 2011-11-30

" Thats a great cigar w/ perfect flavours and burning...excelent for a day-by-day smoke. "


On 2011-05-07

" Perfect construction, easy draw and nice burn.
But absolutely no taste at all. Shame for a Bolivar... "


On 2008-12-30

" A lovely, spicy smoke. I'll definitely be into these again. A good alternative to the Monte No. 4! "


On 2008-03-07

" I was very suprised by this little smoke. Burns even,creamy,woody. So far eveyone in the cab has lived up to its name.. "


On 2007-03-27

" the perfect smoke for sitting on the deck watching the view of the Bay Area and life. Rave reviews from all I share them with. "


On 2006-09-21

" This is a fantastic smoke. Perfect draw and burn. A rich and full smoke only comparable to the Opus 4. For the price, best buy on the market. "


On 2006-04-08

" I love it. My buddy led me to these and I'll forever be in his debt. Consistantly smooth earthy cigar. Bold yet no bitter after taste. Great for the ride home. My new #1. "


On 2006-01-09

" Got a box of 25 of these and finally tried one and was very pleased with the taste and flavor. Now I want a cab of 50 of these in the near future. "


On 2005-12-30

" Very full for its size! It's brevity is attractive because most of us don't have the time to smoke a double corona. Sweet and earthy, sometimes cocoa-like. An immediate favorite and amazingly priced. Great standard for cubans. "


On 2005-12-13

" Excellent cigar for those who are looking for a more brief smoke than usual. Further, the price is perfect. "


On 2005-05-08

" An incredibly full flavored cigar for such a little fellow. I've smoked a number of Cubans but this is the first Bolivar. If this is typical of the brand I'm a convert! If you like full flavored cigars with complex character this will meet your every expectation. "


On 2005-03-30

" This corona was pretty good. Burn was fantastic, but draw was a little tight. Had an Earthy, very tasty flavor. "


On 2005-02-21

" Great price point. Med to full in flavor, full in strenght. Great spice, construction, earth and roundness. My new best friend "


On 2004-12-21

" Each one burns perfectly, draw is consistent, and very flavorful. Very nice quick smoke. Highly recommended. "


On 2003-08-13

" GREAT. Not for the faint of heart but if you like em strong and oh so tasty you can never go wrong with these. "

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