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Rates the Partagás Petit Coronas Especiales


TopCubans Past experience:

Don’t be fooled by appearances. This little chap is a real powerhouse. The perfect companion smoke for those of you who like the old Havana harshness. Spicey, raw and relentless. This is my action cigar appropriate for long walks, camping, fishing, hunting and most outdoor pursuits. Experience the excitement of ducking and diving through the multiple phases of this punchy cigar.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-06-26

Smoking from a box from May-2013.
First Third, soft wood, clean, tasty from start
Second Third, classic Partagas spices develop along with some chocolate, and creamy coffee.
Final Third, coffee flavours continue to develop. Very Good cigar, smooth, no bitterness, ready to smoke now. "


On 2009-12-18

" it's a good cigar for everyday!!ya with a good value,i like it,but it's strong at the end of it, "


On 2009-02-11

" Interesting smoke. I usually smoke Hoyo and Robainho so this was a wake up call. Strong and at first, harsh, but it ended up a cigar i really enjoyed. Lots of coffee and dark chocolate! Excellent! "


On 2008-06-24

" My everyday cigar, very good draw, nice size, i never run out of them. I would like to smoke the por larranaga so i can compare them....but maybe i will not be fair...i am a Partagas lover. "


On 2008-04-24

" Daughter brought back a box of '07's....enjoyed the first on the balcony tonite witha glass of Poplar Grove New Block Merlot '04

Through a number of visits to Cuba as well as my wifes business trips there I have had a number of brands and gagues

This was the most wonderful cigar I have had,,,burned smoothly to the end with the initial light...unlit smell was clearly Cuban......the lit flavour went from clean and flavourful to slightly acidy at the band...still the best stick I have had......not sure I should have trade half a box to a friend for a half a box of '02 RyJ Cedros....will find out on the weekend "


On 2007-12-16

" punchy little pwerhouse is right. smoked it down to the nub and recieved a headful of goodstuff .great little cigar to have with you when you dont have a passenger in the truck for the journey home from work .thanx for the cheap heady smoke richard. "


On 2007-07-29

" Over the past few months I have smoke 4 or 5 boxes of these little gems and they have become my favorite everyday cigar. Whether stuck in rush hour traffic, watching a dvd or surfing the web, this is a very nice 20 minute smoke. Beware, it does have a kick! As Richard says, "old Havana style". But they are very consistent, economical and I think underrated. Thanks Richard for offering such good quality smokes at affordable prices. "

Big daddy

On 2006-01-01

" Great 20 min. smoke


On 2004-04-02

" quite tasty. Nice little smoke... "

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