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Rates the Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas Cab 50


TopCubans Past experience:

The most sought after Petit Corona being produced in Cuba is now available. Rich, smooth and perfectly constructed, this is the ideal companion smoke. They will not last forever, so don’t wait around and end up disappointed.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-05-29

" The stick was a bit rough looking and spongy to the touch. The opening was very floral and within one inch it change to a cedar taste. Half way through the cigar was giving me dark coffee. A 1 year old petite coronas that developed beautifully. "


On 2012-09-20

" I have enjoyed multiple cab 50's. A great everyday cigar that is always in my humidor. A treat to have. Thanks Dave.



On 2012-03-01

" I have just received my cab of 50 and can only agree with most of the reviews. The cigars are fantastic. I first had one in London a few months ago and it was superb so I ordered a box and am pleased I did. A beautiful smoke, even if not the prettiest cigar ever. The petit corona everyone is talking about. "


On 2010-09-26

" Just purchased a cab of 50 and I can not wait for them to arrive! Be it indoor or outdoor I have never had a problem with the burn or construction of these wonderful petit coronas. To top it all off, the sweet caramel notes are second to none! A must have in anyone's humidor! "


On 2009-06-25

" Unbelivable smooth smoke, it reminds me of El rey del Mundo Choix Supreme flavours, maybe even smoother...thanks to you at Topcuban for this cigar discovery, I'll buy another cab for sure! "


On 2008-03-07

" Bought a cab of 50. A few have tight drawl but cleard up with time in the humidor. Great taste and gets better toward the end. Best value! "

Robusto nottiman

On 2008-01-11

" "As for David's review, I understand how you feel and hope this will be of some enlightenment and optimism.
Bought a CAB 50 from a box dated MAR07, this past summer and have had many since, a few were a bit harsh but, they've continue to get better with time. Six months has smoothed this cigar and plume is starting to develop. The toasted carmel medium+ tobacco taste is perfect for my morning mid-day smoke. (especially with coffee...but, I believe in the marriage of coffee and cigars!) The aroma is pleasant, floral and sweet, most bystanders won't be put off by the smell. The construction can be a bit rough and veiny. I hope I have to patience let them rest, aging will serve them well. I smoke one on the putting green yesterday for 45 minutes and only took it out of my mouth once???" "


On 2007-12-06

" I smoked only two but still buying. Combustion uniform incredible aromas of dried fruit and grass some note of honey . Among the best petit. "


On 2007-11-22

" How I love the flowery Upmann,
And the beany Monte-C's.
Don't forget the Larranaga,
It's the one that brings you peace!

Bad poetry? Alas, yes.
But a fine cigar, nevertheless.


On 2007-11-13

" I ordered a box without ever trying one (as did bingo). Unfortunately, im not a fan. I find them to be harsh. Strong without the balance to make it pleasurable. The experience screams "your smoking a cigar" with little subtlety. The price is great, but the smoke lives up to the price. I will put them into deep sleep for a long while and see what happens. "


On 2007-10-26

" I bought a cab on a whim having never tried them before. What a great find. I usually like choix supreme as a lighter day time smoke, but these are smooth, flavoursome and a very comforting smoke. Will definately stock up !!! "


On 2007-05-15

" I recently had the pleasure of smoking one of these from an ABR 06 box, courtesy of my local cigar shop owner who just returned from Cuba with two such cabinets. Simply put, it was fantastic from start to end. I've spent $40 on cigars that turned out to be no better. Since these cigars are unavailable in Canada, it finally motivated me to buy a 50 Cab from here. "


On 2007-01-24

" great cigar, FULL and BOLD, not mild. good draw but somewhat inconsistant construction. bought cabinet of 50, about a year ago. still have a few. not a cigar for novice. "

Johnnie B.

On 2007-01-24

" Excellent little smoke. Lots and lots of smooth caramel and vanilla notes. Construction was an issue though, as the cigar was plugged, it took more effort to draw. Overall, great smoke. "


On 2006-12-08

" Dear Richard, this is a good one.. Close to finishing off my first cabinet of 50. Highly consistent with breed and perfect draw in all, impressing indeed. I'll put away another cabinet in order to gain a bit of ripeness and age, will possible be outstanding. An excellent everyday smoke. "


On 2006-08-28

" good full body smoke but a bit rough on the edges. "


On 2006-08-21

" I waited 3 months before trying one of these and what a peculiar but pleasant sweet flavor this little cigar has. I can’t wait till these get a little more age. "


On 2006-08-05

" MMMmmm great! "


On 2006-07-06

" While i have not purchased these cigars from your company i must say i have had the pleasure of smoking them in the past they are excellent! "


On 2006-06-22

" Good looking out, Richard - truly a great petit; consistent, vegetal and caramel undertones. Can't wait til they're restocked. "


On 2006-06-02

" The only thing I didn't like about it is that it only lasted about 35 minutes. Fantastic spicy flavors, bold flavor for such a small cigar. I can see why these aren't always available. "


On 2005-03-18

" Thank you, Richard for telling me about these rare beuaties, then holding a cab of 50 so could experience them for myself. They are all and more that I thought they would be. They're full flavored, spicey and sweet (kind of a caramel note) at the same time, and are wonderfully rounded and perfectly constructed in cabinet format. These are such a treat, I really hope I can hang on to them long enough to make then last like the treasure they are!!! You are the best, Richard...Many Thanks! "


On 2002-11-02

" A great medium to full bodied smoke, good construction, lots of smoke, even burn and a sweet spicy flavor with a strong finish. Superb. "


On 2002-06-05

" A very nice cigar, but difficult to get hold of. "


On 2002-04-20

" i like full body cigars and this is and excellent medium body but not the rich earthy tones i (personally) was looking for other smokers will find this to be just what the doctor ordered "

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