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Rates the Diplomáticos No.2


TopCubans Past experience:

Torpedos away ! This cigar always pleases with its shape. Well constructed, this is a big cigar both in ring gauge and in size. Flavors of terracotta and moist earth dominate whilst subtle tones of spices muse about the palate making this No.2 “tasty”. A slightly stronger, harsher smoke than it’s more famous cousin, the Montecristo No. 2.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-04-03

" Bought a pack and was not initially very impressed, but I smoked too soon. I've had some burn issues in the first 3rd/half but they self-corrected. I strongly suggest several months of aging when you receive these. The first two I smoked in the first week or two were awful, sour tasting, burned like wet firewood. The last few, six months later, one of which I'm nursing the nub of as we speak, is pure Cuban heaven. Powerful but not enough to cause severe hiccups if you pace yourself, and robust leathery goodness, and at their current price I will most certainly order more. "


On 2014-04-16

" My humidor is like a treasure chest. And the Diplomaticos no. 2 is one of my treasures. "


On 2013-11-17

" I love this cigar one of the finest of cubans. "


On 2013-10-16

" Pleasantly surprised how subtle and complex this smoke was. "


On 2013-05-28

" this is discontinuing item. overall is good with slightly tang slaty and spicy. no surprise. "

Big al

On 2010-09-30

" Just had my first experience of the Diplomaticos No.2. Very good from start to finish, 1 hour plus of great smoking pleasure. easy draw and even burn, a little stronger than my favorite Montescisto No.2. But well worth the experience. "


On 2009-03-12

" Currently consider it along with Upmann No. 2 best of Montecristo No. 2 than in recent years lost a little of his fame in the quality 'of ligada (IMHO) "


On 2008-01-31

" Oh la la, now be careful here. This is not a sibling to the famous Montecristo no. 2 as some claim it to be, fare from. Unless you are a very experienced smoker you should not jump in to this territory. This is a very complex smoke and will only be appreciated by the very experienced smoker.

It started of very tasteless, mild and kind of dull. I was really getting worried to what the Cubans had been up to with this Diplomaticos no. 2. I had been drinking some crisp, earthy German red wine to my dinner and this taste was still on my palette when I lid the cigar.

After a while, about 2 cm into the cigar, it suddenly begins to unfold with some very complex undertones of earth and fresh wood. You have to smoke it gently to really appreciate its complexity, a complexity that continues to unfold to the very end.

Half way through I realize that the cigar is giving me a serious kick of nicotine (even without inhaling the cigar – never do so with any cigar!) which makes me speculate that the filler are made of top laves grown without shade. The wrapper is very light, lighter than Montecristo No. 2, and therefore the nicotine kick comes as a surprise as you wonder how this cigar is blended.

The date of the box says August 2007, so the cigar is fairly new, but give it a couple of years (one year as minimum will do wonders) in the humidor and the nicotine will settle down giving space for the cigars complex earthy and fresh wood-like taste.

We all have different taste buts and preferences and my being that I find Sancho Panza cigars much more interesting than the overrated Cohiba's, will give you and Idea of what you are in for with this cigar. It’s very complex and still too young to be truly appreciated.

All in all I give it 3.5 out of 5.0, but let it rest for a year or two in the humidor and it could develop into a serious 4.7 in my opinion!

Rob "Nottiman"

On 2008-01-23

" Rick, you selected a beautiful box of No. 2's!!! Thank you. This is one of my favorite cigars. I just received a box of these this morning and had to have one this afternoon,(no time to rest, yet) while playing golf. The wrappers in this box are like smooth dark chocolate, semi-oily and I believe it will increase with proper aging. The pre-light smell is tantalizingly rich, earthy tobacco. Midway through the cigar, I realized my recent quest of experiencing a wide variety of cigars confirmed this is what my palate and I enjoy in a cigar. In-spite of being known for it's rustic rawness and created as a less expensive Monty. No2, this cigar excels and exceeds in full flavor and relaxing enjoyability for me. A diamond in the rough! "


On 2007-03-07

" Tagging the Diplomaticos No.2 with the vitola, 'Torpedo' could not be more apt. Bursting with consistently pleasing complexity, this Masterpiece deserves (demands!) a niche in your humidor! It's flavor is a dark and wicked indulgence compared to the blandness and safety of its pasty, homebound cousin, the Monte No.2. Do not deny yourself the experience! "

Quebec sait faire

On 2006-02-21

" I tried this cigar for the first time in Cuba at the recommendation of Marilin Morales Bauta the manager of the government store in Santa Clara. This is a very very fine cigar with a full body and no harshness. To compare this with others of the same vitola like San Cristobal or Montecristo #2 is like comparing apples and oranges. I will certainly buy more of these. "

Gar gombie

On 2006-01-20

" Excellent choice for me! Interesting and somewhat complex. Many tones! Maybe I haven't figured them out yet, but I know I'll enjoy this learning experience! Rich and exciting! Yummy! I really feel that these have a complexity! Getting some incredibly bold tones! I don't know what animal is, but this seems alot more eccentric than Monty, which I am used to. These things are really colorful so far! What I do know is that There's not much of anything I would rate higher. Thx!!! "


On 2005-12-02

" By far one of the best cigars ever made..... consistent from start to finish...... excellent draw, and an even burn.. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. "

Passionate afficianado

On 2005-11-12

" Richard, thank you so much for the box from the 2001 production! This is a torpedo lovers much thick flavor that evolves very nicely in the D2, By far the best torpedo I've had. Outstanding flavors from the initial phase, moist earth dominates the first third, followed by grilled peanuts...first impressions of a Bolivar, 2cnd phase is like a H. Uppman...throw it all together and we have the D2, SUPERB smoke. Lost one point for appearance, but light one up and you'll forget about that real quick! "


On 2005-11-11

" terracotta,earthy,dry and organic.great. "


On 2005-08-13

" A fantastic cigar, albeit with some inconsistency. When they are right they are so yummy, cocoa, nuts, cream it has it all "

Bill Settemio

On 2005-07-19

" These get better and better and will now replace my Monte #2s in my humidor! "


On 2005-06-13

" Another great cigar. This is worth trying. Very smooth. Thanks Richard "

Mr. Hughes

On 2005-04-26

" very good smoke. full of spiceness, a little cinamon, a little cocoa, some earth tones with a nice leathery finish. Love it! "


On 2005-02-26

" My first box of Diplomaticos ever, and I chose the D2 because of the many great reviews and recommendations I've read and received...(thank you for yours, Richard!). This is a truly great Habano, and it is very much the Habano, what I want a Cuban cigar to be. I don't believe the box I received will win any beauty contests, but in the end, who cares. It has a great draw, and the smoke is very rich and tasty. It's full bodied and strong, with not as much spice as I anticipated, (maybe spiciness will emerge with age)it was actually a bit salty to my palate. Despite it's age, (Jun 04) it had very complex tobacco tastes which will only get better if I can keep my hands off of them. The finsh is great, in my opinion, woody and complex. I have smoked about 20 Monte 2s and only 2 of these, but I prefer the D2 over the Montecristo hands down. I highly recommend this cigar for true aficionados. My new favorite of the vitola! "


On 2004-12-21

" Nicely rich, beautiful to look at, and smells incredible in the humidor. Been sick for two months with a cold, and it is killing me that I've only smoked one so far. One of the best torpedos for the price. "


On 2004-11-23

" Lots of flavor and body. Best when paired with a single malt or small batch otherwise it may overwhelm whatever you're drinking. Not for the novice, but a great cigar, spicey and flavorful to the very end. "


On 2004-10-09



On 2003-10-07

" A winner! "


On 2003-08-07

" "


On 2003-08-07

" Cigar Aficinado got it right when it rated thie the top Torpedo! As a long time smoker of MC #2 I suggest everyone jump on these before the word gets out. A great one (1) hour smoke but not for the fient at heart! "


On 2002-03-24

" After resting for a few weeks in my humidor, I prceeded to indulge myself. I must say this cigars flavour was consitent right to the end. If you can get by the plain and unatractive label, This cigar will not dissapoint. This is one of Topcubans . Com s better offerings. A Winner! "

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