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Rates the H. Upmann No.2


TopCubans Past experience:

I think old fashioned candour marks this Figurado’s style. Its ever present flavours are marked by exotic spices, wood and undertones of grilled peanuts which all go nicely with spicey cuisine and strong liquor. This is a great Torpedo and my favorite! I prefer these to a Monte No.2, I find that the H.Uppman Torpedo, when aged properly, is stronger than the Monte No.2. But that is my opinion! Tell me what you think!

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-11-10

" This is a rather flat one for first 2/3. Very woody and I only start tasting some spicy leathery during the last 1/3. Rather smooth draw, robust construction, beautiful wrapper natural one. However smoke quantity is barely satisfying. A 4 stars decent stogie. "


On 2011-11-24

" i am at this. moment smokking this vittola slightly disapoimted as i feel the rapper is not tight enough, as i feel no resistance when inhaling taste is good but not complex like all those reviews "


On 2011-08-29

" Amazing Cigar, taste of chocolate, coffee the 2nd and 3rd quarter of this cigar is among the best I ever had. And I have had some of the best cigars. 2010 cigars are even better, but try to let them age 2 more years. Not easy to do... "


On 2011-02-06

" For years my personal favorite. Great taste. Great draw. "


On 2010-05-01

" A good torpedo, a classic cuban, but not on par with the Montecristo no.2. It has a good draw and a nice spicy & sweet bouquet before lightening up. "

Havana Fan

On 2008-04-24

" A beautiful, well-made cigar that improves dramatically with age. I am now finishing a box, and they just keep getting better. I confess that the first pleasure is to clip and chew gently for an hour or so before lighting up. That is the start of a fine smoke. "


On 2008-03-03

" This legend of a cigar, from a box dated 2/02, is pure class. Without the brute force of some with equally famous names, it overpowers the senses. There hasn't been a better cigar in my humidor. Thank you very much, Richard! "


On 2007-09-21

" This is the quintessential cigar, perfect for almost any time of day. Wallops you with full and complex flavor. Depending on the box wrappers range from dark to Corojo. Quite simply one of the best cigars being produced right now. Get more than one box as you will smoke through them. "


On 2007-05-20

" This is an exceptional cigar. A really solid effort. Beautiful, wood and leather tones with a tint of spice. Stronger than I can remember in recent years, this is a full bodied effort that packs a punch, yet has that effortless smooth finnish that only Havana can acheive. I checked the box and every wrapper was perfect and this little baby draws like a dream. Really equal in it's own way to the Monty 2 and Siglio 6 in every aspect. Oh yeah! "


On 2006-11-16

" I must differ with most opinions I think this torpedo is only stronger than monty#2 but twice the pleasure. The ELVIS of torpedos THE KING "


On 2006-11-06

" Slightly lighter than the Monti #2 but i prefered both the flavor and construction, Richard great advice! "


On 2006-10-19

" I tried five that I purchased a few months ago. Maybe it was the stars or the warm breeze, but I swear each HU2 was perfect. A welcome blend of cream and nuts developing some great coffee tones. A box of 25 please, Richard. "


On 2005-11-10

" Very fine taste, spicy is the word to describe it. "


On 2005-08-04

" Wow, after smoking other cigars it's always a welcome to smoke an Upmann – a world class cigar! "


On 2005-04-30

" Good draw, burned evenly, it was very good with cognac. Mild aroma. "


On 2004-11-23

" I generally prefer a more full-bodied smoke, but as a milder offering this a great cigar. It burns beautifully, has a great draw and offers a fine, if somewhat mellow, flavor. Pair it with a nice Highland single malt, Macallan comes to mind, and be careful not to burn your fingers at the end! "


On 2004-09-29

" this is what somoking cubans is all about, a one of a kind flavor and aroma that only comes from a well aged upmann, flavors of coco powder, strong dark coffee, vanilla cream soda, i am glad i have the 4 boxes i got.from a 2000 production run "


On 2004-08-06

" This is an outstanding smoke. The box I received EAC February '03 had everything the serious cigar smoker would want. Excellent draw and ash. Complex tones and a wonderful spicy finish. "


On 2004-08-05

" The most recent box among the finest cigars I have ever smoked. Exquisite burn, smooth draw, spicy flavor that builds to a great finish. This box was simply a wow! "


On 2002-04-29

" this box pressed torpedo is a powerhouse of rich complexity that includes coffee, wood and carmel.I like them with about 2 years of aging. "

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