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Rates the Montecristo No. 4


TopCubans Past experience:

If you are going to start smoking Cubans, chances are that it will be through this cigar. The highest selling Havana in the world offers reliability, excellent construction and an interesting balance of power and flavor. Damp earth and wood dominate this easy smoke, that can be sampled at any time of the day. Ideal for beginners !

TopCubans member's experiences:

After Dinner cigar

On 2016-06-15

" Wonderful after dinner cigar! "


On 2015-09-17

" I purchase a box of these at least once a year. It is my go to cigar when I want a sure bet. Nothing unique or rare, nothing exactly memorable. But this cigar is very reliable in flavor, construction, consistency, and value. It never disappoints. It never surprises either which is usually a good thing. Great to always have ready in humidor and a great gift either to someone else or to yourself. "


On 2015-05-31

" I had to come back on these.After smoking the last from my 2008 box , I wanted to experiment with younger 4's. So, I got a few small boxes of 3 from 2013 and on. What can I say!!!!!! These are absolutely fantastic. Construction is perfect,draw is great and flavor wise are so good that you suddenly understand why this is the best selling cuban.I have not found any so far -and I got many- with either tight draw or any other construction issues.Just perfect, and definitely 5 stars this time. "


On 2014-08-26

" I have not read all comments, but I guess that the main idea is that Montecristo MUST do something about the tight draw of this otherwise great cigar.I have had a few with similar problems and it really is frustrating considering the not so low price for its size.It is said that the similar petit tubos are better in construction,but then they are more expensive.
I rate this with 4 stars, only because of questionable construction.Otherwise,a really satisfying cigar. "


On 2014-07-13

" I've had two of these - the first very tight draw, the second even worse and actually unsmokable at halfway. I don't think I will bother with another. PS - neither of them were bought from top cubans "


On 2014-07-05

" This cigar is a personal MUST. It's my usual, daily smoke. Rich in intense spicy cacao flavor. However, there is just one drawback: its draw. Some sticks can bee hard to draw from due to their dry construction and/or poor humidifications. The key is to inspect its head. If its dry/hard then it'll most probably be a pain to draw from, otherwise if its "spongy" then it'll most definitely be one heck of a great smoke. Can't go wrong with this stick though. A must. "


On 2014-02-15

" 3 stars due to poor construction. As others have noted, it becomes almost impossible to draw and ruins the experience. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the cigar, you end up sucking to try get a draw. I now just stick to Monte Edmundo's or No. 2s from the Monte Cristo range. "


On 2013-11-06

" A quality filler;strength; Taste. However, only 3 stars, as out of a box of 25 only 6 sticks were made with decent construction, the other 19 were beaded with tight spots, making a smooth draw impossible. "

Rob P

On 2013-05-29

" Have only tried one of the No 4. But it was a great smoke. Mine was a slow start but developed flavour later on. Good one. "


On 2013-01-20

" This Mon 1 is suprisingly amazing!. I got a bundle pack of 5 from an online store. What I got is 2 out of 5 looks poor structure, too hard, little discolored and with tiny spots on the body. I thouhgt it would be a lousy draw and be prepared to give up. Ligting was easy, the first few draw did suprised me – smooth taste, thick white smoke, easy to draw despite of problems mentioned. Added a remark to my weekend! Give a 4 stars to it.! "


On 2012-09-06

" Amazing smoke! Having smoked these on a regular base for a while now, I have yet to find one that draws bad. So don't really understand the problem with the people who have problems with this. Maybe they smoke fake ones ;)

This is a great cigar, amazing taste, feel, just a great cigar. Half an hour of enjoyment and relaxation, and just to be. Popular but living up to it's fame. 5 out of 5. "


On 2012-01-28

" Was expecting the usual throat burning Monte taste, but NO, it was smooth and creamy,chocolatey and full of thick cloudy smoke. This is a cigar that I will definately buy again "


On 2011-08-09

" The #4 is always a let down for me. The cigar has a nice flavor with the typical Monte cream, vanilla, nut and cedar but the draw on these ruins the entire experience. I haven't had a #4 yet that I haven't had to suck my brains out to smoke. I've had several boxes of #4's too and they are all like this. I've given up on the #4. I will stick with the legendary #2 when I want a Monte. I realize these are pretty cheap but do yourself a favor and save up to buy yourself a box of #2's - with perfect draw, construction and burn ever time you will never smoke another #4. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-07-13

" Very nice, good and level cigar, mainly for smoking while the sun is up in my opinion "


On 2011-05-23

" bought a box of 25 great taste but the draw has been dissapointing (way to hard). "


On 2011-03-09

" I like these cigars a lot but have found them to be inconsistant from the same box but a very good earthy flavor but would not hesitate to buy again. "


On 2010-11-23

" smoking these for 18 yrs and still one of the best petit coronas out there and my go to cigar. The quality/draw of these have improved greatly over the last 5 years. i would say 3 years of aging is max for these cigars after that they just mellow out completely. recently had some from a box i purchased in 1999 and they are just mellow. 2009's smoking just as good - smoothens out the finish and tames the bittery/earthy flovours towards the end. "


On 2010-07-11

" great smoke amongs others brand. smooth and delight cigar I ever have. "


On 2010-03-02

" I smoke a lot of petit coronas, and have tried a wide variety, and I still keep coming back to the Monte 4 when I want to let my guard down and know that a wonderful smoke will be had. Beautiful! "

On 2009-12-08

" Excellent Smokes! Great for an evening by the fire. "


On 2009-05-08

" My first cuban was the montecristo no.2 and I figured I would try no. 4. I enjoyed the cigar, but still think no. 2 is still no. 1 "


On 2008-12-19

" Surely a great example of the cigar makers art! Taste one of these and you'll realise why these are one of the biggest selling marevas in the world. A great way to spend 35 minutes! And with a good cognac, it turns it into one of life's pleasures! "


On 2008-11-20

" My first Cuban was the no. 4. I loved it from first draw. I have had many other Cuban's since, still my favorite. "


On 2008-06-29

" My favorite cigar. Consitently smooth. Never had a bad one yet. I feel like I should be paying 2 or 3 times as much for this good of a smoke. "


On 2008-04-24

" I've only been smoking for about two years or but I had never tried one of these up until about a month ago. I must say I was looking really forward to this smoke after hearing all the hype over it, plus I gave it a fair while in my humi before I touched it. Over all it's not bad just personally I didn't enjoy it very much. "


On 2006-12-05

" Where ever in the world I have been I have smoked this one and it is consistantly my favorite. "

Dr. Kalei Campbell

On 2006-06-13

" Had a opportunity to taste about 10 different cuban petit coronas recently and the monty's have the best taste and flavor. These are best in class. "

The Biker

On 2006-05-20

" The best petit corona out there! Hints of coffee (with cream) spice and everything nice. What you'd expect from a great cuban. God Bless The Vuelta Abajo!!!

Richard, you're the best.

Lenny "


On 2006-04-20

" I give the ones with a good draw 4.9, with bad draw a 3. This cigar can be a problem but without the problem, fantastic. "


On 2006-04-20

" wow, to me, this was better than the monte #2, very spicy, creamy, great pillowy smoke, excellent aftertaste, hint of sweetness. I wasn't expecting much, but was very surprised--I will order more, outstanding. "

Big red

On 2006-04-03

" if these cigars were a woman, id marry them! (and i wouldnt cheat) "


On 2006-02-04

" Cubans have increased in quality across the board the last few years and this is a true testament to that. Earthy, salty and a spicy finish, completely smooth. This cigar is quite frankly the best of it's class. "


On 2006-01-23

" bought my first box just a little after christmas have had them sitting in my humidor and finally got to smoking one , these babies are quite possibly the best i have tryed (i've only tryed about 5-7 different cigars) but i'm sure i'll keep a good number of these in my humidor for that special moment "


On 2006-01-09

" Very nice and worth having in your humidor. A must try cigar. "


On 2005-04-08

" Pairs perfectly with two figers of The Balvenie 1989 Port Wood Single Malt Scotch. SUPERB "


On 2005-03-21

" When you get a good one, wow its fantastic, a little cigar that makes you want to take a nap afterwards. Sometimes though, they are just "ehh". More consistency would grant a much higher score. "


On 2005-02-17

" Another box another wonderful experience. Do not even think about buying these(more for me) "


On 2005-01-08



On 2004-10-19

" it burns realy well it is a great smoke one of my top picks very well made and deffinatly would recomend it "


On 2004-09-30

" just got my box in, only took 1 day!!! what a great consistent smoke all the way to the end. as soon as im done with this box im ordering more. Thank You, Richard!! "


On 2004-06-29

" An excellent smoke anytime of the day. Light spice/earthy taste. "


On 2004-06-16

" An excellent smoke, not as "Big" as you might expect, but packed wiht flavor. A great way to spend 30-45 minutes! Smokes the same from beginning to end "


On 2004-06-03

" Excellent, smooth, very traditional monte cristo... love it. "


On 2004-05-25

" First off, this is a good smoke and a great value, but not as well balanced as some others, perhaps more humidor time would help. Still well made, good burn, and the taste is bolder than you might expect "


On 2004-05-21

" Very nice cigar I would recomend it to anyone looking for a good everyday smoke "


On 2004-04-04

" Perfect for a quick smoke. Nothing like it for the Roulette tables in the venetian! "


On 2004-04-01

" excellent cigar.smooth and creamy down to the my cigars soft and chewey. "


On 2004-03-28

" great afternoon cigar.excellent with a good white wine. very creamy taste from the start to finish. must try with a robust coffee. "


On 2004-03-04

" Real nice, not for the squimish. Great smoke for the long time smoker. "


On 2003-10-29

" very favorable cigar- drew nicely, full of flavor yet subtle and mild. for the price, in my opinion-- a best buy indeed. "


On 2003-09-14

" Probably the best petit corona that is made. great flavour and good consistency the great coffee/spice taste makes the #4 good for all occasions. "


On 2003-08-28



On 2003-05-25

" Recieved a box a few weeks ago...very pleased.
Tim "

Bill Settemio

On 2003-01-31

" Out of all the Montecristos this has to be the most consistent smoke.Slow burning full flavour yet not over powering. Smokes real slow for a shorty and has just the right amount of spice. This is also a great value from Top Cubans. I keep these stocked at all times in my humidor thanks to Richard. "


On 2003-01-05

" Never a disappointment. Always consistent. Excellent short smoke. "


On 2002-06-03

" This is a great cigar that upholds the Montecristo tradition. A mild smoke with wonderful flavors and subtle sweetness. A consistent burn with a light gray, solid ash. A prelight bouquet only found in Cuban cigars. I will definitely buy these again. "


On 2002-01-24

" Iam new to cuban After scratching the surface of some of the more notable cubans, I found the Monte Cristo #4 to be outstanding! This cigar has the body and sweetness that lives up to its name. If you like it "short and sweet" this is the cigar for you!!

Thanks Richard,

John "

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