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Rates the Montecristo No. 2


TopCubans Past experience:

The most famous cigar coming out of Cuba and our most popular cigar to date ! The reason ? This cigar has got character beyond belief being stocky, dark and pointed. He reminds me of Mike Tyson ! Powerful from the start, the Monte No. 2 tantalizes the palate with rich wood and spice flavors, yet maintains a creamy feel the whole way through. This is an excellent cigar that everyone must try !

TopCubans member's experiences:

Damien Edwards

On 2016-06-17

" I've smoked these before Cuba, during Cuba and after Cuba. I can say that without a doubt out of the several hundreds of cigars I've had the pleasure to have smoked, these are by far the best.
This is not a criticism of your fave. Just a highlight of mine. "


On 2016-03-17

" I've been enjoying this cigar for several years and every time I light one up it never disappoints. "


On 2015-06-18

" Great cigar "


On 2015-04-08

" Smoothest smoke I've ever had, had a bit of a sweet taste but nothing crazy. I recommend this to any first time smoker! "


On 2014-12-18

" Spiced nicely and loads of flavor.
My #1 all time fave. "


On 2014-07-24

" I usually smoke Esplendidos, so I prefer a medium cigar, but I wanted a box of torpedos so I tried the No. 2s. I received a box of 2013 production, Wow! from the first draw, these are terrific. I don't think anyone is overrating these. Full flavor without being overwhelming is a great description. What a fantastic cigar! My Esplendidos from the same production year need some aging to come into their own, these No. 2s are good to go right now. "


On 2014-07-05

" First trial: I thought it was overrated. Didn't feel overpowered with taste. Second trial: IMPECCABLE! Taste, aroma and strength were all just impeccable. Very rich in flavor, typical smooth and clean draw (a Montecristo trait). I would definitely recommend this stick for a great occasion. It has become a personal humidor favorite. "


On 2014-04-28

" Great cigar, full flavors "


On 2014-03-11

" Great cigar.. just give yourself enough time to smoke it.. will easily last you 90 minutes "


On 2014-02-16

" What an awesome cigar! the flavors are even, leather, Montecristo spice and leather. A little strong for a Montecristo. The burn is very disappointing. I had to light the cigar twice to undue the uneven burn. With that said this cigar has flavors the is special. they are complex and delicious. I can see why Cigar Officianodo rated this their top cigar for 2013. "


On 2014-01-01

" Im a regular cigarette smoker and not used to cigars but I was gifted a box of these No.2's. Simply splendiferious. Beautiful aromas. The entire history of Cuba was experienced in a nano-second. Its amazing how the human body readily recognises true quality. Thanks for the experience. "


On 2013-10-23

" Ah yes, No doubt this is a fantastic cigar. Burns well and flavors are solid and distinct. The boldness youd come to expect from a true halmark of cuba. every cigar lover should enjoy at least one in thier lifetime. "


On 2013-08-29

" To bad my ex-wife was'nt like monty. Sexy,smooth.sensual an does'nt nag. "


On 2013-02-14

" I received 2 of these cigars from my brother who went on a trip to Cuba. I received them back and just the sent of them had me intrigued. One went into my humidor for about 12-13 months (which I will get to)
The other I took outside on a warm summer evening with my brother and I lit her up. The only words that could have been placed on it was WOW. The velvety smooth taste, the aroma that just blew my mind. She was an angel from beginning to end. Took my breath away. Spicy but sweet, woody and vanilla. I also complemented her with a double of Remy on the rocks and enjoyed an hour and a half of bliss.

The second one came out a bit over a year later on a fall evening and after a year of sitting and Marrying all I can say is " " she was heaven at its finest. I went to Cuba and brought back 4 boxes just to Marry them away.

Recommend this goddess to all. "


On 2013-01-31

" I had the cigar for about a year before I smoked it. I was not familiar with cigars and received as a gift. when I finally broke it out i was not sure what to expect. I have only smoked a couple cigars before this and was still learning how to light it, lets just say it wasn't perfect but wasn't bad and through about half the cigar it matched the light exactly but after that it became quit uneven and needed a couple touch ups. The draw was very nice, not to loose and not to tight. At first it was mild with a woody flavour but quickly picked up to a smooth yet spicy taste. At the beginning there was some ammonia but that levelled off by the middle and then picked up again to much more than there was in the beginning. Overall not bad but will defiantly give it another chances as it was not stored in the best conditions for over 6 months. "


On 2013-01-10

" Sooooo smooth. There is nothing else like it. This is a cigar that will make "on the fence" cigar smokers become cigar smokers for life "

Alex Bryant

On 2012-11-15

" So this is a follow up review. I wish I knew how to delete previous comments, because this is a 5 star cigar. It was amazing, and I enjoyed it for an hour and a half because I wanted time to stop. If you're wondering what other cigars are getting compared to, this is it. "

Bob d

On 2012-09-18

" It's a classic....that plain and simple! "


On 2012-07-14

" One of the nicest smokes around. "


On 2012-06-12

" My go to cigar....always in my top 5 favorites.... "

Kid cohiba

On 2012-04-26

" Wow...F-in incredible cigar..Perfect burn..Perfect Taste..One of the best.. "


On 2012-04-23

" This Cigar is so damn awesome. Too bad we can't get them in the states. "


On 2012-04-20

" Superb smoke every timt "


On 2012-04-19

" Monty #2; well to be honest, it's not what it was 10 years ago. It just didn't knock my socks off! Still it satifies. A good smoke to level out a long day. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-07-13

" It was ok for the most part. I didn't like it as much as the no.4 but it wasn't awful either. Regulars, use this one if your looking for a change up from your usual. "


On 2011-06-13

" A great Torpedo, lots of flavor a must for lovers of Cuban cigars. "


On 2011-05-07

" Gentle yet strong, subtle yet powerful, silky smooth yet rich and deep. This is a truly magnificent smoke. "


On 2011-02-27

" Indeed a perfect smoke. After an aging of 6 months on, a true satisfaction. Not to be smoked very often, because it's sweet and full of a character of its own. Much better than Edmundo. Special cigar for special moments. "

A Diddy

On 2011-02-23

" The flavor ot the cigar is like no other. Great wrap and wonderful taste "


On 2010-12-30

" One of the world's finest cigars. "


On 2010-11-16

" awesome great end to end "


On 2010-11-03

" maybe a good cigar in general, but i got a bad box. will try again, but worried it will be the same. T "

Alex Arnott

On 2010-08-07

" What a Cigar, I am new to smoking Cigars, This was my 5th Cigar ever, Wonderfull, dose not do it justice, from that burst of smokey leather/coco to the mellow but consistant notes of flavour Evolving from one to another, was superb i sat with a nice bottle of red wine (Yellow label) and spent a fantastic 90 min out the back in splendure. "


On 2010-07-23

" What would Elvis smoke, A monty #2 "


On 2010-07-21

" My favorite ! The best cigars I've ever smoked. "

Beach bum

On 2010-02-03

" I remember the Y2K bug and all the fear surrounding the unknown. The world seemed to be scared of something unknown! The only good lingering thought seemed to be the 2000 vintage from Bordeaux and the Cohiba anniversary editon cigars. I had the pleasure of having a 2000 anniversary edition Cohiba with an old friend about a year a go and it was a monumental smoke. I have been searching for what it takes for a cigar to reach that greatness. The search goes on.... Now, the search may be over! One guy described the Montecristo #2 as the Mike Tyson of cigars. As racial as that may seem, I understand what he meant. I would have preferred to use the "black mamba" as a more carefully thought adjective to describe this monster smoke. This may be the Cohiba Anniversary Edition in its due time in 10 years. Lets put 2 boxes where they belong! In our humidor. "


On 2010-01-01

" Great Smoke...clean draw...In my top 3 for sure... "


On 2009-12-26

" good smoke and very good flavors.I think it is youngest to smoke. "


On 2009-11-23

" absoulutely delicious taste like chocolate and honey my favorite out of all cubans, hands down well worth every dollar,A great way to enjoy the fruits of nature "


On 2009-06-19

" My favorite! great, clean draw and without a doubt my overall favorite. "

Dr. Manion

On 2009-06-15

" Great cigar. This is one of the smoothest smoking cigars through and through. It maintains taste throughout the smoke, and is as easy as breathing air. Would recommend this cigar to any smoker. "


On 2008-12-07

" Great cigar I have bought several monte #2 boxes they are consistent from my experience and you really cannot go wrong on this famous stick "


On 2008-10-08

" Wonderful cigar! "

On 2008-07-16

" These are a wonderfully constructed cigar and pretty relaible on the whole, but they are not all that. There are cigars that compare well and a few that better this. The Robaina and Partagas Torpedos knock the socks off this Monte and Cuaba comes close but for construction. I would describe these as an anytime cigar that looks great (if not a little light) but would not hold its own after dinner against some contenders with more punch. Good value and you do always get what you pay for with a Monte. "


On 2008-07-09

" I receaved a box 1.5 month's ago. my first from top cuba, they have been great so for, they or great with a big glass of ky. finest "


On 2008-06-24

" There is something uniquely seductive about the Monte No. 2. The minute I light one of these life just slows down. I particularly love smoking this one when relaxing after work in the garden and watching the birds and squirrells. It has a rich subtle spice flavor, is definitely not overpowering and offers a luxurious smoke. The Monte 2 is reasonably priced and a great one to offer your friends. The reaction is almost always, Oh, WOW a Montecristo, This is the best!' This along with all the cigars that come from Richard and Topcubans always arrives promptly and in perfect condition. "


On 2008-03-11



On 2008-03-09

" great tasting cigar love it "


On 2008-01-23

" Excellent Cigar. Very Smooth and mild. Very well constructed with a superb rich and creamy flavor. Burns very evenly and does not have a "hot" finish. This is one of the classic smokes that should be an "old reliable" in everyone's humidor. "


On 2008-01-22

" The Cigar is wonderful, but the best part of the whole experience was Ricks fantastic service throughout the whole transaction process! I work online and work with others online all day and I've never come across such prompt and attentive service as that of TopCubans and Rick. Thank you thank you!! "


On 2008-01-13

" My humidor cries when this cigar is not in there.. For sure it's one of the best "


On 2007-12-11

" good everyday smoke, not alot of overpower with this stick. I could smoke these from morning till bed time. "


On 2007-10-24

" Can be inconsistent in build and flavor. When you get a good batch, you will be quite happy. "


On 2007-08-31

" simply outstanding

On 2007-06-20

" the real thing is the Real Thing.. "


On 2007-06-06

" If there's a cigar any better than this, I'll take 50 right now. The Monte #4 taste is a delight, draw is perfect, burn is true with a long ash. With this perfection from youth, I can only image what a few years of aging will bring (if I can restrain myself from smoking them all now). "

On 2007-04-29

" A GREAT smoke....a little inconsistent from box-to-box,but even the not-so good ones,(few),are still very good.An excellent all around smoke,they are the staple of my humidor along with Ramon Allones extra specials. "


On 2007-04-17

" This has to be one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Great construction, but the flavor is subtle intriguing and very bold! Still not a tongue burner, but wonderful and powerful all at once! "


On 2007-03-05

" Excellent draw! Very flavorful! Mine burnt a tad uneven, but did not affect its greatness! A+ "


On 2007-02-03

" this is a very beautiful peice of work. from the beginning you can feall the nice creamy buzz, and the end will make you feall like a million dollars i must say this is not jus a regular cigar this is a prized possession. "


On 2006-11-06

" last batch that i got from Richard was very well constructed and flavorfull. A+ "


On 2006-10-23

" It was my first cigar...verly strong but very good....for those who know to smoke a cigar "


On 2006-10-06

" When 'on' as good as it gets. A big, meaty cigar with ladles of flavour. Not particularly subtle, but like a classic heavy red wine, in the right circumstances can make you stop in your tracks and spend time wondering how something so simple can be so good. A must have in the humidor. "


On 2006-09-01

" Excellent Smoke...Wouldn't trade them for a new Benz. "

Head till dead

On 2006-07-17

" big long smooth just like me great smoke! "


On 2006-05-08

" This is the Best. The Ultimate in Cigar Satisfaction. Smooth and yet Powerful. You know you have Truly had the Cuban Experience with this Masterpiece. Thanks Richard. "


On 2006-04-22

" The best of the best! Spice, sweet, wood and cream - all at the same time. The Siglio 6 with more body and fullness. The best Habano coming out of Cuba, bar none. Tremendous. Richard, my deepest thanks "


On 2006-03-30

" Wonderful oily wrapper, long ashes. A masterpiece! "


On 2006-03-19

" This cigar has character beyond belief. Powerful from the start, this Torpedo bombards you with rich wood and spice flavors, yet maintains a creamy feel the whole way through. My favorite Cuban or otherwise, this is an excellent cigar that everyone must try! "

Irish Mike

On 2006-03-03

" Oh My GOD !!!!! "


On 2006-02-05

" I'm new to cubans. This is the best all around cigar yet! Great last third!!! "


On 2006-01-09

" Got a box of these 4 month ago and finally smoked one... and all I can say is WOW.... "


On 2005-12-18

" No comment, this is the best Havana cigar in the world "


On 2005-10-25

" wish these were legal in the u.s. there is nolthing else better i have found,whatever your drink is ,this cigar makes it even better. someday I will buy a box!! "

Ricardo Montalban

On 2005-10-09

" Great cigar. Good with a single malt at sunset if you have an hour. Occasional re light, occasional spoon. Keep them moist, they dry quickly and require weeks to recondition. Clip them a little high high to avoid the re lights. "


On 2005-08-24

" powerful stick, very relaxing, not for an empty stomach. "


On 2005-05-20

" This cigar epitomizes why I smoke. The taste is immediately spicy and continues to build with woodsy overtones........mmmmmmm. "


On 2005-05-04

" Perfect consrtuction, easy, smooth, consistant draw, and incredible flavor with great flavor change. "


On 2005-04-12

" if you have a great one, looks like the picture top of the page, you have the all virtues of habanos...
(needs proper ageging 2-3 years) "

Samer the dog

On 2005-04-07

" Spices all the way. A full meal by itself. Light it up with cup of dark 'bold' coffee and book a state-of-mind ticket to new levels! "


On 2005-04-06

" It doesn't get much better than this! "


On 2005-03-21

" My mainstay favorite...ive yet to have a Monte #2 that didnt bring a smile across my face. Perfect golf cigar. "


On 2005-03-07

" Look no further this is the definition of what a cigar must be. "


On 2004-11-22

" Great smoke-excellent draw-great taste-awesome "

Knob Creek

On 2004-11-08

" Bought a box in Moscow, and they were fair at best...will try more from Richard. "


On 2004-11-08

" I bought these Monties #2 in Moscow recently, and at best they are fair. Very little flavour and difficult to keep lit at the end. However, judging from ratings of others, I will try some from Richard! "


On 2004-08-15

" Really love this cigar.easy to draw from start to of my most favorite cigar.gonna buy new box of 25 soon!!! "


On 2004-08-13

" This cigar has amazing flavor..Nice medium to full body cigar...notes of coffee and earthy...i smoked all the way til the end...Now my fingers r burning... "


On 2004-07-15

" no words, only smoke. "


On 2004-05-05

" Delicious from the first puff to the very last. I loved it so much I wanted to use a roach clip. Mild to medium body full of flavor. With a cup of coffee it was like eating a piece of black forrest cake. "


On 2004-02-22

" Mild start but a good finish "


On 2004-01-24

" Best of all! Superior draw and taste. Good right out of the box. Only detractor was a few had uneven burns. "


On 2003-12-05

" I just received my first box of these from Richard. Service and Delivery are top notch.
Quality of the cigars sent to me was impeccable.
This cigar is like the lady I chose to marry, a lot of cigars are appealing, but this is the one I will covet for all time.


On 2003-12-01

" wow wow wow wow nice draw spicy tasty a real treat got to have another box... "


On 2003-10-07

" bikerbob100 First box I have purchased from Top Cuban. Arrived fresh, great draw. perfect with a cocktail and sunset. "


On 2003-09-27

" Almost as good as sex. Draw was excellent and the taste was outstanding. Had a couple relights but a small price to pay for a great cigar experience. This is an awesome smoke accompanied by a martini. "


On 2003-09-18

" This cigar is very flavorful and easy to smoke. It has a consistent burn and the aroma of the smoke makes you want to immerse yourself in it. I almost cry when their end comes near. I recommend a good single malt scotch to complement the occasion. "


On 2003-09-01

" "


On 2003-08-05

" My first box from Richard, and I must say, the service is first class.....the #2 is a very strong and spicy cigar, full flavored with lots of coffee, wood, earth and a little cream and vanilla...very smooth and robust, box time in the humidor should just make it even better...if thats possible... "


On 2003-05-22

" My all time favorite.Ohh so rich and full of spice with notes of chocolate.Have a Montecristo #2 and a glass of port and enjoy pure bliss. "


On 2003-05-16

" This rating is probably very redundant but I am compelled to pay homage to this cigar. Monsieur Richard makes sure that each cigar is of top quality and you can tell. The #2 has become a ritual smoke for me. Give me a Monte #2, an Irish Whiskey and an hour and I am one happy camper. What a smoke..... "


On 2003-04-22

" This is by far my favorite cigar. I had one left from the last batch I ordered and smoked it the day my next box arrived. A truely unbelievable smoke. Smooth beyond compare. No surprise it got a 94 in CA. "


On 2003-03-20

" Not a bad smoke. Nothing to write home about. Flavor was a little dry and hot. great construction and excellent draw and burn. "


On 2003-03-20

" A very worthy cigar. The flavours I found where very rich and full with a spicy, dark choc combination. Allowing them to age has let them become an even consistant ciagr, the only one set back I have experience was a fault in the wrapper, but that has not been common. "

Bill Settemio

On 2003-01-31

" I bought myself a box of these babies as a Christmas present for myself. The wrappers have a beatiful chocalate sheen to them and even though they are young this vitole is the one that all the other #2s are measured by. They smoke like a dream.The Best! "


On 2003-01-09

" "


On 2003-01-05

" after smoking over a dozen boxes over the last two years i have never been disappointed. exellent smoke. "


On 2002-08-14

" Good taste really good draw through out the whole box. Draw is very important in order to enjoy a great cigar "


On 2002-07-29

" Have a box of these babies and so far not a bad on in the bunch. Like any cigar there is always a chance that you can get a box that is to young but for the most part thses are really good smokes "


On 2002-06-17

" A few have an inconsistent burn, occasional re-lights, otherwise an excellent smoke with a good draw, bold-spicey notes and smooth finish. "


On 2002-05-20

" Easily one of the best cigars around. Never a disappointment! "


On 2002-05-14

" A velvety, bold, smooth smoking pleasure. A true treasure amongst cigar aficianados. A masterful and complex taste that will last for a long time after the fire is out. Try them, magnifico! "


On 2002-04-19

" a great taste of spice a little woody flavor full body yet so smooth "


On 2002-01-12

" Was Oh So Good. Time for a Box. "


On 2002-01-03

" i was given one and will keep them stocked in my
humidor from now on in!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

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