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La Gloria Cubana Médaille d'Or No. 1

Name: Médaille d'Or No. 1
Factory Name: Panetela
Ring gauge: 36
Length: 18.50 CM / 7.2 INCHES
Taste: Fruity

Strength: Medium

fullmedium to fullmediummedium to lightlight


Size: Other

Double coronaLonsdaleChurchillDouble FiguradotorpedobelicosoRobustocorona gordacoronapetit coronaother

La Gloria Cubana Médaille d'Or No. 1 Cuban cigar

  TopCubans Experience:  La Gloria Cubana was my Grandfathers choice brand, he was an elegant man who knew a lot about cigars. Whenever I smell the expressive smoke of a Gloria I fondly think of my Grandfather. I remember his hands, usually with a cigar balanced delicately between his stout index and forefingers. He was a connoisseur in the true sense of the word. His desciption of the Medaille D'or No.1 might go like this, 'A most elegant cigar of the finest quality, hand wrought by the finest Torcedors of La Gloria's house. On lighting I am struck by the facile ignition of the cigar, its draw is constant and unobstructed, its burn is nie on perfect, such a rare thing for this vitola. In the mouth the smoke is thick and vibrant, I detect numerous banks of flavours enterprising in and out of the vorporal haze, titilating my tongue into action. It starts with Lemon peel and is so well balanced that my senses are utterly played to, and won over, by the transition from acid to alkhalai. The entrance of honey followed by earthy coco marks the signal of the half way house and a rallying point for the power of the smoke to become the main protagonist, always juxtapposed to the syropy and matte flavours sought out by the senses'. Thanks Grandad!  
TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2007-09-09

" A mild smoke that stays lit. "

Andrew G.

On 2007-08-25

" A cigar that simply must be tried by all. Firstly, I love the format, and secondly, the complexity is stunning. Great flavour, spot-on construction, what more can you ask for? "


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