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TopCubans Past experience:

An incredible Double Corona.In my opinion easily one of the best cigars coming out of Havana. Sophisticated, intelligent and complex. Rich beyond your wildest dreams, with flavors of fruited pot pourri that evolve into a creamy full amber phase culminating in an extremely spicy finish. Oozing with class, this smooth cigar dabbles with perfection. These are my little treats for when I have had a hard day and need some reward for my merits !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-03-09

" I smoked one of these from the 2007 vintage - absolutely fabulous. I think these are easily matching the Hoyo double coronas, and they are more aromatic both as regards taste and aroma. For storing, the Lusitianas are second to none. "

Alex Bryant

On 2012-01-03

" Very nice cigar. Had it with some rum and it was a treat. Do not try with a wedge cut, this should be enjoyed with a straight. I tried it with both and the wedge cut took away too much of the cigar. BUt the straight cut was great for this. "


On 2011-06-13

" This is what I call a Mans cigar, a real beauty. A work off art nice sheen perfectly rolled,Good draw. Not what I call very strong but has power. Lots of flavor and creaminess that stay with you long after your down, you need time to really enjoy it. A great stick. "


On 2011-06-13

" Great smoke from beginning to end. Very suprise how enjoyable it was. Wasn't harsh nor bitter. Medium til last 3rd. 1.5 hour smoke. "


On 2008-09-23

" The best cigar for me so far

Andy P

On 2008-04-01

" If there is a better cigar, I've yet to find it, but we'll save that last tenth of a point just in case. This cigar starts off moderately rich and progresses to a very full and strong finish. It takes a while to enjoy it to the last nib, and it's worth every minute of your time. "


On 2007-12-01

" Great smoke, classic partagas, perfect burn , very relaxing, I would recommend to anyone that is a real cigar lover. "


On 2006-12-05

" Holy Smoke, what a cigar!!! "

Cptn Trips

On 2006-09-21

" I bought a couple of these to try out and absolutely loved them. I wouldn't call it my favorite so far, but it's definitely a strong second or third. I found these to start out very smooth, not quite as strong as I expected after all I heard and read about these, but still very nice. By the last third, I was in full understanding of the strength these pack. I recently purchased more of these, two of which I have smoked. I am a bit disappointed this time. The first one had a very difficult draw. The second one had a near impossible draw and I found myself with a wooden skewer trying to perform surgery. Hopefully the others will not be the same. "


On 2006-08-21

" Simply the best cigar out there, my personal favorite, and i spent most of my life in Cuba. "


On 2006-08-05

" beautiful cigar all around "


On 2005-12-25

" This is one of the very few cigars that can stand on the bow of a ship and shout, “I’m the king of the world” I just bought a 5 pack from a batch that's dated Jun.05. This is a world-class cigar of the first order, and IMHO, one of the best all-around cigars I've smoked in recent memory. Very young, and being just a touch soft, (youth) were the only negatives I could find after smoking two of these cigars in 3 days. The cap was so perfect, (I couldn’t help but look at it under a glass, as it looked so artful.) It and the wrapper were superb…the color of a husked peanut, and almost without veins. Suffice to say I am a bit over the top regarding these unbelievable cigars…I've never had a cigar this size and age to be so strong and so creamy at the same time. The tobacco flavors are intense, with incredible depth. The first 1/3 had moments of biting into one of those vanilla-infused coffee beans, but without any bitterness. Tons 'o spices, and the nice blend of woodiness, (the perfect amount of cedar) with leather seemed to go together hand I hand. The finish on this cigar just never stops. I've given very few 5's on reviews for Richard, but this was a cakewalk to grade! I'm ordering a cab of 50 that will make me smile every time I open the door to my humidor and look at that big box full of these! "


On 2004-04-22

" Nice, Strong? Oh Yeah but well balanced. A highly enjoyable cigar. Best after a heavy meal. Perfect for those nights when you want to sit and savoir a fine Cognac with a fine Cigar.

Enjoy! "


On 2004-04-13

" creamy wood on the palate with lotsa spice... definately a new favorite of mine. did not taste fruit or chocolate (maybe some hints of cocoa). very strong yet very smoooooth!!! completely enjoyable!!!



On 2003-12-15

" "


On 2002-11-19

" Perrrrrrrrrfect. Strong. Complex. Looks and smokes very well. 2 hours + smoke. Did I say strong? Oh yes I did:)
Must have cigar!!! "


On 2002-06-05

" strong flavors and aromas on first light. First third is preparation for the second two. The second third is sweet and has an incredible aroma and thick smoke. The last third is devastatingly strong - spicy, sweet, chocolate and fruit flavors with an almost overpoweringly rich aroma. This last third will be too much for most smokers. Gets better with every puff. "


On 2002-04-29

" this one has been inconsistent in the past..draw problems (plugged), and construction flaws. BUT, when right...this one is as good as it gets..with thick rich smoke and a perfumed aroma delivers creamy notes along with lots of pepper..a beautiful cigar with almost transparent veins..and a solid lonnnnng grey ash. "

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