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Rates the Ramón Allones Gigantes


TopCubans Past experience:

Exceptional cigar on all fronts ! A charmer with its looks, superbly constructed in its Colorado wrapper and reassuring in the hand. A modern day smooth seducer with its flavors that come at you from everywhere. Injections of green pepper, honey, mocha, ginger, coffee, wet earth and exotic woods fuse in a regal, creamy, balance of power and aroma directed in a progression that seems as if it was created by mother nature herself ! I recommend this cigar to everyone !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2013-11-29

" Much better quality and taste than Punch Double Corona. Its a very good cigar. Try it. "


On 2010-06-28

" When I review a cigar favourably, I am rather verbose. I'll keep this one short - I am not thrilled with this cigar. After trying about five of them, and getting another's similar opinion as well, I have the say the mixture of flavours in the Gigantes are not particularly appealing. And I love a flavourful cigar! Perhaps some age would help, but I found these to taste and smell as if they were made from a cheap tobacco, not from fine Cuban. To each his own, I suppose. You can't love them all! "


On 2010-02-20

" first third was very mild, flavor increased dramatically in the final 2/3's, great cigar, long smoke time, strong cedar, hints of leather, recommend highly "


On 2010-01-30

" Really a solid double corona. Box arrived in great shape. Smoked right away. The cigar burns great and there are no problems with contruction. The flavor is much more milder until the end 1/3 were it becomes a really solid smoke. Will try to age "


On 2009-02-03

" Just superb! Enjoyed my first one of these double coronas on Super Bowl Sunday afternoon. With it's luxurious wrapper and feel I was immediately taken by notes of leather, exotics spices, and a distinct hint of vanilla during the first 20 or so minutes. The draw was like silk, very rich and the aroma was smooth, spicy and hypnotic to the point I let the cigar almost go out at one point. I flamed it back up and there was no bitter flavor. For the remainder of the cigar the flavors became more complex with added hints of earthiness and espresso. By the end of an hour and 45 minutes of pleasure I was in cigar La La heaven. This is one incredible cigar. I can't wait to enjoy one after they have some age on them. Just marvelous! "


On 2008-10-08

" Easy, smooth, great taste all the way. took a few strokes off of my golf game with this one! "


On 2008-06-24

" Althought i am a new member to TopCubans, i smoke cubans since i was 17. To the point; i bought a box of 25 in Barcelona, excellent cigar, in my opinion it shows up it's character after the middle. I love drinking a glass of greek wine, smoking one of them and watching Bernardo Bertolucci movies. "


On 2008-04-24

" Absolutely gorgeous! That's about all I have to say about this cigar! "


On 2006-05-12

" I say that these are best Double Coronas on the market. The Ramon Allones brand has decidedly become a top tier Habana. You may prefer the status of another name, but you will always reach for this one when you have two hours for yourself and the 18yr. Macallan. "


On 2005-05-25

" "


On 2004-09-07

" Absolutely superb. "


On 2002-06-05

" "


On 2002-06-05

" This is the daddy of all cigars!


On 2002-03-23

" classic cuban, dark wrapper, clean draw, excellant aroma and taste...a real winner "

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