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Rates the Vegas Robaina Famosos


TopCubans Past experience:

This Robusto is typically a Vegas Robaina cigar: honeyed and spicy with a superb construction which can be compared to the Cohiba Robusto. The tempo is good, you will definatly appreciate the flavours and the virility of this cigar. Only strong men need apply! Try it with a Bordeaux French wine or a heavy Californian Pinot Noir!

TopCubans member's experiences:

Cubano G

On 2013-07-07

" This Cuban cigar is exceptional! By far, my favorite and a great smoke for the money. Tasty and as smooth as silk. "

Lt. Fangle

On 2013-06-03

" Great little smoke. The size fooled me a bit, and definitely a nice surprise. Had some odd experiences with similar sizes from others. Great taste and characters. Awesome smoke for after a long show and need to relax. Will be purchasing again soon! "


On 2012-11-08

" Top notch cigar. best cuban I had. creamy, smooth, flavour 2nd to none, IMO better than overated Cohiba "


On 2011-10-07

" This particular stick had been mishandled by me so in thought I would smoke it to put it out of it's misery. To my surprise, the famosos smoked beautifully, despite the tears. VR makes a hearty cigar! "


On 2011-02-13

" Tried one of these after golf yesterday along with a few Jameson's. I usually prefer a # 2 Diplomaticos, Upman or Partagas but wanted something a bit smaller.
The flavour of the Famosos was great, so great in fact that I lit up a second shortly after. The only dissappointment was that the burn on the first was quite uneven however the second was fine and therefore much more enjoyable. Will be smoking more of these in the future. "


On 2010-11-19

" I have bought three times, always a pleasure. Robaina knows Cigars and this one is exceptional. A must for everyday smoking.
From begining to end a very enjoyable smoke. "


On 2010-07-15

" Outstanding. Smoked very smooth and even with hints of honey. Finished nicely and packed a punch. "


On 2010-04-14

" Had my first Famoso last week-end. Wrapper was like silk, taste was excellent. Two different worlds met in this one, soft and strong. "

Beach bum

On 2010-01-16

" All cigars from Top Cubans are so well selected and so good that I am spoiled enough to rate this as a mere excellent. Bravo Richard! Thanks for delivering honestly great cigars! "


On 2009-06-18

" Simply a grat cigar with sweet taste. Burned perfect til the end and the flavour holds on. I smoked this cigar til my fingers got hot ;-) and there was no end of this great flavour. I ordered today a new box here at topcubans. (sorry for my bad english) "


On 2009-01-15

" Nice taste and good burn, but oh, so hard to hard to draw! Into the humi for a few months, methinks! "


On 2008-07-06

" Just smoked my first one. Interesting flavours throughout with hints of leather and chocolate at cruising temperature. A very good draw but a complete Jeckel and Hyde of a cigar; it changes it's character dramatically from the start to the finish. But it's all good.......! Will definitely buy some more. "

On 2007-02-28

" About a year ago my friend give me one of these and I was blown away! I just smoked one that was 6 months in my hunidor and AWESOME !! The taste so alive and honeyed !! "


On 2007-01-08

" This smoke can hold it's own. Great draw, awsome construction, very consistant, right up there with partagas # 4 my personal favorite. This robusto is a badazz Brovo!! "


On 2007-01-01



On 2006-10-11

" Must add another comment on these because I just smoked one which had been in my humidor for 2 years and I must say "Wow!". A true beauty - Robaina is known for making the best wrappers in Cuba and this one had a smoothness and a shine to it that I have rarely seen in a cigar. And the taste...mmmh...words can;t describe the pleasure it provided. "


On 2006-09-08

" If you enjoy the a great Robusto, these are the ones. Reasonably priced for the product. Every single one I've smoked has been pure bliss. Try one on the river looking for salmon to take the fly. You won't forget it. "

Gar gombie

On 2006-01-19

" A psycodellic rainbow of crystalline structure (i.e. nice constuction, density - box press). Ever-evolving flavor w/ many complex spices. Robust and aromatic, yet tame, not too red "


On 2005-12-13

" Definite, seductive spice with an uneven burn(Cuban luck of the draw?). Going to try to put a few months' age on these, but difficult to leave them alone for that long. Really like their flavor! "


On 2005-10-25

" Bravo! "


On 2005-07-17

" These are absolutely fabulous! Notes of cumin and cinnamon, just a joy to smoke. "

Puff puff

On 2005-06-20

" I'm dumping cohiba,Vegas Robaina do you want to go out again??? "


On 2005-04-04

" An excellent smoke, similar to the Cohiba. Good tastes, nice draw, well constructed and great plumes of smoke.. "


On 2005-03-07

" Superb smoke! Rich flavours and that caracteristic smothness of the Robainas...must be tried! Cohibas are excellent...but for the price I prefer 2 boxes of these. "


On 2003-09-11

" Wlways a pleasure. Earthy and smooth with some spicy notes. "


On 2002-08-08

" I find the Vegas Robaina Famoso one of the finest cigars I have smoked. The flavor, the burn, the effect all were superb. I cherish the 2 boxes I now have in my Humidor. "

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