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Cohíba Exquisitos

Name: Exquisitos
Factory Name: Petit Palma
Ring gauge: 36
Length: 12.50 CM / 4.9 INCHES
Taste: Spicy

Strength: Medium to Full

fullmedium to fullmediummedium to lightlight


Size: Other

Double coronaLonsdaleChurchillDouble FiguradotorpedobelicosoRobustocorona gordacoronapetit coronaother

Cohíba Exquisitos Cuban cigar

  TopCubans Experience:  Rick says he is a modern smoker, whatever that means! What I think he means is that he is so caught up in modern living i.e Internet, mobile phones, GPS guidance and numerous other technological gadgets that he believes things are only good when convenient or convenient when good. Rick wants a quick fix but he wants a quality quick fix to. Exquisitos are most certainly a modern smoke packed full of quick burning and spicy tobacco in a manageable size. The floral taste of the cigar is conveniently inoffensive which of course the modern smoker adheres to. Time is money they say, however for the modern smoker time is time and the least time spent smoking a huge cigar the better. The Exquisitos take a nice round twenty minutes to savor and can fit between meetings, they can be slipped nicely into your blazer pocket and they don't stink up the place!!  
TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-12-10

" Really disappointing!! paid big bucks and got very little in return. I feel like it could be perfect for cigarette smokers with almost no flavors to it. Surprised by the length of the more >>> "


On 2010-11-18

" Got this cigar for my groomsmen-wonderfully balanced cigar...I'm ordering more "


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