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Rates the San Cristóbal de La Habana El Príncipe


TopCubans Past experience:

It starts slowly but puff after puff, you will start to regret that it is so short... All the flavors of San Cristóbal (floral and cacao) seems to be concentrated into this Très Petit Corona. I love this superb morning smoke for the experienced cigar smoker, or a real initiation for new cigar lover !

TopCubans member's experiences:

Best cigar I had

On 2016-02-02

" Best one in years "


On 2014-11-19

" No issues flavorwise, but I was disapointed by the overall construction.5 out of 5 had too tight draw,the only thing I hate from my cigars.Shame because they have good flavor and price,I just hesitate to try again,at least not soon. "


On 2014-06-12

" I would recommend the cigar for the experienced smoker only. It is well constructed and as suggested by the other reviews, it is a bit bitter and does have a bite to it early on. Mid way through the smoke, there are some complex flavors, very earthy and bold coffee taste. Not my favorite but definitively a good pound for pound little smoke if you are short on time. "


On 2014-04-25

" Great construction and smoke production.

Stronger and more bitter than people tend to mention (almost too heavy and bitter at times).

Good to have in your arsenal of short smokes but not a staple smoke. "


On 2012-01-16

" Little bit boring for me... "


On 2010-12-31

" This is first time I smoke El Principe, but I have read many good comments about it and I can confirm them all.
This little stick is a very good one, well constructed, good draw, hazelnut flavour. I enjoyed it and I suggest to all of you.
Good smoke. "


On 2010-03-16

" "This little Tres Petit Corona just continues to blow me away ! On the start there's a floral and light leather touch to it, about a third of the way into it the cacoa and coffee starts to brew, by the last third you have entered the Wow zone. This is my second and third box of the El Principe, like the first box they do need a little more humi time as these were rolled in EMA-May 08. But they are really good right now and in about 6 months to a year they will be oh so good ! Thank you Richard for the great service and great cigars ! "


On 2009-07-29

" Lovely. I suppose I shouldn't say that is a lovely cigar as more people will buy it! Great taste and smoked right down to the nub! Regretted it was so small! "


On 2008-06-16

" This is a winner. Proves that really good smokes can come in small packages. Just a great cigar!! "


On 2008-02-11

" WOW wish i had one more bought it just to try it. Need less to say i will buy a box real soon . Will Recommend to my buddys. "

Jesse James

On 2007-04-19

" "Great way to start the day. Better than a good Golf game" "


On 2007-02-16

" Great little cigar. Needed some againg. After 6 months, I think that its a very good smoke. Lots of creamy smoke, great burn til the end. Recommended!!!! "


On 2006-11-19

" I thought this was pretty good. I enjoyed this little guy. "


On 2006-07-22



On 2005-09-12

" Bought a box, lets just say my second box just arrived. $120 a box? PLEASE,later for Cohiba buy 5 boxes of these instead "


On 2005-09-02

" Stop reading and just buy a box already "


On 2005-07-29

" WOW!! I can't say enough about this many outstanding flavors...the second phase on several sticks tasted fruity, like berrys! (however, this was a rarity out of the box) Finnishes with a Creamy espresso flavor loaded with hazlenuts. PERFECTLY constructed-the cap, the wraper, the evenness of the weight. Burned very evenly and the draw was excellent. I would highly recommend this cigar for Everyone, even those who don't prefer this vitole (as I am one)-the flavors are exquisite. Could only be a morning smoke for the afficianado, but a perfect introduction to the beginner. "


On 2005-04-18

" Ooolala, Unbelievable that there is so much flavor in such a small cigar. The mor you smoke the bettter it gets. It was worth the finger burns. Do not pass this up. "


On 2005-03-07

" This cigar has no competition in the demi-coronas category. A brilliant rich smoke tha blows away all other little cigars and truly makes SigloV smokers appear to be snobs! "


On 2004-11-13

" Outstanding! Thank you Richard, for not letting this one get by me. So much flavor in so little a cigar, how did they do that? Plus, most small cigars are small in robust-ness...this one will blow the top of your head off. A truly great smoke anytime, and a finger-burner if there ever was one. "


On 2004-09-29

" WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, how did the cubans get so much flavor into such a little package full flavor, rich, powerful and seductive.
Words can not do this cigar justice, buy a box and see for yourself you wont be disapointed, guaranteed.


On 2004-09-29

" WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, how did the cubans get so much flavor into such a little package full flavor, rich, powerful and seductive.
Words can not do this cigar justice, buy a box and see for yourself you wont be disapointed, guaranteed.


On 2004-05-25

" Great 42 short, love the pre- light smell of spice, never dissapoints "


On 2004-03-05

" had my first one, slow on the draw, good flavor looking forward to my second. "


On 2003-07-10

" Maybe the best amongst the smaller vitolas. A real feat to get balance between strength and taste in so small a gauge and this one does it in great style! Loads of coffee and cocoa, expertly mixed with the typical cuban touch of green pepper and leather...and no bitterness at all. Impressive. "

Red cloud

On 2003-01-04

" Excelent anytime smoke! Full body with rich nutty overtone. Great choice for the experienced and novice smoker. "

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