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Rates the Montecristo Edmundo


TopCubans Past experience:

The aroma of this firm Habano, perfectly balanced with its characteristic medium to full flavor will arise even greater enthusiasm among the faithful smokers of the Montecristo brand. With its traditional and successful blend the cigar is now designed in a heavy ring gauge (52 ring gauge) and a suitable length for today’s busy lifestyle (135 mm in the length).

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-07-05

" Extremely spicy and rich in flavor! I absolutely love this cigar. This cigar is a humidor must. "


On 2014-02-13

" One of the best cigars I ever smoked.

Notes: vanilla, sugar, cinnamon doughnuts.

Strength of smoke and flavours would mellow out at times and then intensify sporadically.

1/3 blew my mind. The entire stick was a journey that never soured.

No bitterness in the last third. Draw was perfect and so was the construction.

The burn was not completely even and required the occasional need to relight some parts of the cigar but that did not effect the taste.

I will be ordering more. My faith is restored in cuban cigars after having smoked about 7 cigars of various brands that were either too young or tasteless.

I am still relishing in the memory of the sweetness of the cigar. That beautiful vanilla flavour and the sporadic waves of cinnamon that reminded me of sugary, cinnamon doughnuts!

VIVA EDMUNDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


On 2014-01-14

" This is one of my favorite everyday smokes. I have one right now just waiting for me to get off work, can't wait. "

Paul en Scotland

On 2013-10-15

" Agreed - if this stick is stored nicely for a few weeks then I defy any cigar to smoke a beautifully as this does - the term classic does not do this stogie any justice - pure legend! "


On 2013-07-11

" is goede sigaar, wat mild van smaak, ik verkies een iets pittiger van smaak, de montecristo is voor me te zacht "

Cigar guy

On 2013-04-07

" Great, but let it age for a few weeks at least and it becomes a whole different smoke. It went from great to legendary "

The Guv

On 2012-08-08

" An old reliable that never fails to impress and gets better with age - not one for the beginner though! "


On 2012-05-17

" There is always new fashionable cigars, but this is a classic which will always be fashionable to those that like a well made cigar !


On 2012-03-11

" A great cigar any time, especially with a great Cuba Libre or Old Cuban. This is a go to that never fails. Put it away in a humidor and just watch it get better and better with age. "

Henrique Cassis

On 2009-01-19

" Although Its a weel balanced and tasted cigar, in my opinion, its missing body. And I realy think that cigars with a body weak , canot be an excelent cigar, only a good one. "


On 2008-03-30

" This cigar is fat boy. Strong. All big cigar lovers must be smoke. "

Paul R

On 2007-07-21

" This Montecristo is surely a champ, I like its balanced draw and its authentic flavours...Two thumbs up!!!! "


On 2007-03-28

" A good cigar even burn,taste was ok, I agree taste was that of cedar,and vanilla.Just a little to light though.This box was from January 2006, the blend,strength and flavor is not that much different than the early Edmundo,s that I have tried from 2004. Still alot of cigar for the price,a good buy! If you like this cigar you must try the Petite Edmundo. "


On 2007-02-27

" Just getting started on a box dated Oct 05, not counting the one I had when the box first came in. The extra 10 months aging have raised my initial opinion considerably. This size is perfect, a bigger robusto. I need to get more to put away. The balance between body and flavor is spot on. A must for every humidor. "


On 2007-02-11

" 2007-02-11, Getting Better Each One Smoked
" received a box in early Jan. Smoked one right away. So so, burn was uneven. Relit a few times. Smoked second one today. Excellent. One light, burn war great. Finger burner this time! Tastes of cedar, vanilla. 2nd third was cofee and caramel. Last 3rd toasty. Enjoyable smoke. Complexity just right amount. Paired with Rogue Double IPA. Good match. "


On 2006-06-28

" Excellent.....One of the best habanos you can find today........ "

Quebec sait faire

On 2006-02-21

" This vitola is something new for me at least. I need more opportunities to smoke them to have a definitive opinion but the first impression is great. Somewhere between medium and heavy with nice rounded flavors. "


On 2006-01-29

" Clearly one of the best cigars I've experienced. The draw is firm and even. I've smoked quite a few at this point. A friend remarked that it's the best cigar he's ever had. I don't disagree. Strong hints of leather and coffee - luscious smoke with a hint of spice and peat. Warm and comforting aroma. "


On 2005-11-28

" Very smooth. The first I had was from a friends humidor, the second from mine. I suggest you give them time @ 70% humidity so that you can truley appreciate this smoke. The first one I had was so dry, I missed the blends that present with this cigar. Thanks Richard for suggesting that I give Montecristo another try. "


On 2005-10-30

" This cigar really came to life in the 2nd and 3rd stages - the spicy flavours were complimented beautifully by a good heavy French red. At times an uneven burn, I'm hoping these will improve over time in my humidor. A very satisfying smoke. "


On 2005-10-05

" "


On 2004-12-10

" The Big Boy! This thing needs time in the humidor, but I smoked a couple after 2 weeks and they were excellent. Cant wait for six months and beyond. "


On 2004-11-23

" wonderful construction and the 52 ring gauge gives off a vibe of strength and potentcy with a smooth, rich flavour "


On 2004-09-26

" Wonderful smoke!
In my opinion, a slight departure from the other Monte Cristo habanos. Medium bodied flavor, smooth taste, at times a slightly uneven draw. Overall, a pleasure at the end of the day with a nice finish. "

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