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Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Cab 50

Name: Double Coronas Cab 50
Factory Name: Double Corona
Ring gauge: 49
Length: 19.40 CM / 7.6 INCHES
Taste: Spicy

Strength: Light to Medium

fullmedium to fullmediummedium to lightlight


Size: Double Corona

Double coronaLonsdaleChurchillDouble FiguradotorpedobelicosoRobustocorona gordacoronapetit coronaother

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Cab 50 Cuban cigar

  is out of stock $ 837
  TopCubans Experience:  When you find a cigar that you like make sure you are never left wanting. I remember a time when I was traveling in North Africa, I stopped at the city of Fez in Morocco. Fez is a wonderful city full of intricate sounds and colourful smells. I had planned to play golf with one of my fellow travelers but then I suddenly realized I had left my briefcase on the train. All my cigars where gone! Luckily one of the French men I met on the train was an aficionado he offered me a couple of Hoyo Double Coronas, a beauty of a stick! Crushed-cocoa mingled with coffee and leather, beautifully rounded in the smoke, this Hoyo made my day and in retrospect I was not that upset that I had lost my briefcase full of stogies! Since then I always have a Cabinet of 50 of these Double Coronas in my humidor. I never did get my briefcase back, I hope whoever picked it up made good use of the cigars I had in there!  
TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2008-08-02

" Ohh my what and incredible smoke. So tasty. The first time I lit this sucker up I could not believe the delicious flavors and aromas that hit my palate. I tasted cocoa, nuts, leather soo more >>> "


On 2008-01-06

" I really enjoy this stick. Its rare that I have the time for a DC but when I do, this is a favorite. The only negative is that I find the draw to be a bit tight...nothing frustrating, but more >>> "


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