Buy Cuban Cigars on-line
Buy Cuban Cigars on-line

Euro 2016 is well under way, enjoy the games and these great cigars to go with the matches!

Cuban cigar : Montecristo Edmundo (box of 25)

Montecristo Edmundo (box of 25)

Save $44 - Oaky and creamy character, this is a firm favourite of our Swiss colleagues and a cracking cigar ever present at our football reunions we host at Mr Pickwicks Pub Geneva from time to time!

Was $ 299

Cuban cigar : Montecristo No. 2 (box of 25)

Montecristo No. 2 (box of 25)

Save $50 - So rarely on special but what the heck, we've finally got some amazing stocks of this firm favourite of the Cuban cigar fans around the world! Our gift to you for these sport crazy times of year!

Was $ 337

Cuban cigar : Partagás Serie E No. 2 (box of 25)

Partagás Serie E No. 2 (box of 25)

Save $48 - The Serie E, which has a ring gauge of 54, is the BIG line of Partagas. This extra ring gauge will suit the intensity of the powerful Partagas blend, giving it a softer, less direct pace. This stronger cigar is ideal for the chilly winter nights out on the porch with friends all rapped up!

Was $ 326

Cuban cigar : Punch Punch-Punch (box of 25)

Punch Punch-Punch (box of 25)

Save $38 - A go-to cigar as it won't let you down. Great construction and combustion makes this a solidly reliable stogie. A cigar ideal for taking on the Russian hooligans!

Was $ 257

Cuban cigar : Bolívar Belicosos Finos (box of 25)

Bolívar Belicosos Finos (box of 25)

Save $41 - A great aging cigar, this one offers a complex mix of spices and woodland flavours. Needs to be treated with care to get the max out of this one. To the point, full bodied, rich and spicy, this is a great Cuban cigar to be smoking now. Roasted, nutty and leathery tones mark this powerful Belicosos Finos.

Was $ 275

Cuban cigar : H. Upmann Connaisseur No.1 (box of 25)

H. Upmann Connaisseur No.1 (box of 25)

Save $34 - An exception to the usual house flavour, this Robusto is an excellent introduction to Havana for the curious palate. Fresh, herbaceous and light in taste, I think its charm is further accentuated by its even burn and highly floral aroma.

Was $ 224

Cuban cigar : Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 (Cab of 25)

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 (Cab of 25)

Save $36 - Dark and streaky with a great looking cap. A TopCubans go-to cigar, this always performs and should always be in the easy-to-reach part of your humidor. Medium mannered with great freshness in the taste, it finishes really flavourful and is one of those great Cuban smoking experiences. An ideal half time substitution for the tense end of the game.

Was $ 246

Cuban cigar : Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos (Cab of 25)

Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos (Cab of 25)

Save $30 - A joyful little smoke that is perfect for an early rise for those in the American timezones with a coffee for the knockout stages of Euro 2016. Don't misunderstand me, this is an intense smoke. Edgy and rich from the on set, the Hoyo Petit Robustos is ideal for a complex smoke to get you going!

Was $ 205

Cuban cigar : Partagas Série D No. 4 (box of 25)

Partagas Série D No. 4 (box of 25)

Save $36 - A classic Robusto that delivers everything you expect from a Cuban cigar. Powerful from the lighting, this cigar may quickly overpower the novice palate. Look out for the hints of dark chocolate that make the experience and really gives depth to the bouquet.

Was $ 246

Cuban cigar : Montecristo Petit No. 2 (box of 25)

Montecristo Petit No. 2 (box of 25)

Save $41 - Like the bigger brother, the Petit No. 2 is powerful from the start, tantalizing the palate with rich wood and spice flavours, whilst maintaining a creamy feel the whole way through. The perfect cigar for a half time break.

Was $ 277

Cuban cigar : Ramón Allones Small Club Coronas (box of 25)

Ramón Allones Small Club Coronas (box of 25)

Save $20 - Every puff of this petit corona leaves clear, profound impressions of cinnamon and nutmeg on the palate. Earthy undertones and a touch of lemon peel combine for a very complex smoke that doesn't last long enough for my liking, I wish it could just go on and on!

Was $ 132

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