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We love grand cigars and these cabinets of 50 are among the best out of Cuba!

Cuban cigar : Partagas Lusitanias (Cab of 50)

Partagas Lusitanias (Cab of 50)

Save $80 - What this cigar lacks in appearance, it makes up for with a rich, complex flavour of leather, coffee, nuts and orange peel. THE Double Corona from Havana and one you will never be without once you have tried it. Everyone who wants to try Cubans should tick this one off, once your palate is able to take it on!

Was $ 812

Cuban cigar : Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas (cab of 50)

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas (cab of 50)

Save $121 - This is a smoke full of prestige and smooth class. Crushed-cocoa mingled with coffee and leather, beautifully rounded in the smoke. I would recommend this cigar at any time of the day. The Cabinet Selection offers an excellence in construction.

Was $ 813

Cuban cigar : Punch Double Coronas (Cab of 50)

Punch Double Coronas (Cab of 50)

Save $116 - The big daddies of the Cuban cigar world. Profound coffee notes start to immediately build in intensity, layering the palate with dark fruit, vanilla and nuts. A complex smoke that just gets better and better with age.

Was $ 774

Cuban cigar : Punch Punch-Punch Cab 50 (box of 50)

Punch Punch-Punch Cab 50 (box of 50)

Save $77 - The cigar is soft between your fingers and at the lighting earthy flavors will openly mix with leather and musk aromas. A real “etalon” with a frivolous character, the Punch-Punch has an enchanting sweet note that rings true to the palate.

Was $ 515

Cuban cigar : Hoyo de Monterrey Épicure No.2 (Cab of 50)

Hoyo de Monterrey Épicure No.2 (Cab of 50)

Save 74$ - Dark and streaky with a great looking cap. The smoke is rich with hickory, coffee bean, leather and a cedary finish that hints of orange peel. All level of smokers will love this stogie. A Cabinet to be consumed without moderation.

Was $ 494

Cuban cigar : Ramon Allones Specially Selected (Cab 50)

Ramon Allones Specially Selected (Cab 50)

Save 64$ - Covered in a mottled wrapper, this rich and savoury Robusto is full of leather and earth and ends up being a more satisfying smoke than anticipated. I have not met an aficionado who has not praised this Robusto. Excitingly piquant and packed with explosive nervous character.

Was $ 429

Cuban cigar : Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas Cab (Cab of 50)

Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas Cab (Cab of 50)

Save $29 - Rich, smooth and craft-fully constructed, they are ideal for the companion of every day events. Hard to find, these sweet, leathery Petit Coronas gems have a cult following.

Cuban cigar : Partagas Shorts (Cab of 50)

Partagas Shorts (Cab of 50)

Save $30 - This is THE classic strong small smoke from Cuba. This is a great Demi Corona, perhaps one of the best. Once tasted, many swear by it. Some supreme, spicy excitement, as well as a comfortable size make this cigar a very popular companion for aficionados.

Was $ 305

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