Buy Cuban Cigars on-line
Buy Cuban Cigars on-line

What a Crazy US Presidential Election 2016 has been. Here are our picks for what we think you and the candidates should be smoking, all with a link to the top seat in the land!

Cuban cigar : Montecristo Edmundo (box of 25)

Montecristo Edmundo (box of 25)

Save $44 - Oaky and creamy character, this is a firm favourite of our Swiss colleagues and a cracking cigar that fights for the top spot amongst our firm favourites! Will we see Hilary or Trump smoking one of these on election night?!

Was $ 299

Cuban cigar : Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 (box of 25)

Cohiba Magicos Maduro 5 (box of 25)

Save $85 - Beautiful dark wrapper, with a spicy, full bodied smoke with quality tobacco and a classic Cohiba finish. The rich spicy aromas are already present form the onset. Smokes quickly, but again, this will stabilize with some age - our candidates this time round are among the oldest ever, and so this cigar could be paired with either a Deomocrat or Republican!

Was $ 572

Cuban cigar : Romeo y Julieta Churchills (box of 25)

Romeo y Julieta Churchills (box of 25)

Save $54 - A living legend in Cuba, the RyJ Churchill is so smooth and so creamy that you will wonder why you should smoke anything else. Another of the big beast cigars on a cracking Churchillian deal.

Was $ 361

Cuban cigar : Montecristo Media Corona (box of 25)

Montecristo Media Corona (box of 25)

Save $24 - A short, well-rolled cigar crafted with a three-seam cap. The earthy, wheaty smoke also leaves impressions of coffee with a hint of brown sugar, makes it a delight to smoke for the final Presidential debate!

Was $ 165

Cuban cigar : Punch Coronations Tubos (box of 25)

Punch Coronations Tubos (box of 25)

Save 14$ - An attractive, richly hued corona with a flat head. It's a toasty, woody smoke with touches of cinnamon and leather, ideal for passing the time in the long lines on polling day.

Was $ 137

Cuban cigar : Ramon Allones Specially Selected (Cab 50)

Ramon Allones Specially Selected (Cab 50)

Save $43 - Just such a great Cuban Robusto. So much character and so much energy, makes this cigar a treat to smoke. Spicy woody flavours climax in a wild finish. I don't know any smoker who has tried this cigar and not liked it. A great recommendation for someone looking to raise the stakes and try something different - perhaps the 3rd party candidate Gary Johnson...?!

Was $ 429

Cuban cigar : BolÝvar Royal Coronas TUBOS (box of 10)

BolÝvar Royal Coronas TUBOS (box of 10)

Save 11$ - Plenty of spice and flavour there to get stuck into, this cigar is great with any type of rich autumnal meal. Bring on the next American Royal Family, the Trumps or Clintons...!

Was $ 113

Cuban cigar : Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1 (Cab of 25)

Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1 (Cab of 25)

Save 22$ - It is a 2 horse race and we continue to offer cracking cigars with a name we can loosely associate with the President. Looks like Hilary at this stage, she would love this slightly sweeter cigar but has a good steely finish!

Was $ 226

Cuban cigar : BolÝvar Presidente SWISS Regional Production 2013 (box of 10)

BolÝvar Presidente SWISS Regional Production 2013 (box of 10)

Save 10$ - Of course we had to put in the Presidentes, which were a highly popular limited edition for the Swiss market in 2013. Not many of these are available, rather a unique offering for this unique Presidential Race!

Was $ 258

Cuban cigar : Trinidad Reyes (box of 24)

Trinidad Reyes (box of 24)

Save 8$ - We bow down to this kingly Trinidad, a silky smooth taste on the palate with luxurious amounts of smoke for such a small cigar. When one is in the mood for a touch of luxury, some gold taps in the bathroom, a large yacht some quality Havana Club Reserva and a Trinidad Reyes is just the ticket!

Was $ 169

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