Buy Cuban Cigars on-line
Buy Cuban Cigars on-line

Great Cigars for a fine time of year

Cuban cigar : Montecristo Edmundo (box of 25)

Montecristo Edmundo (box of 25)

Save $44 - Oaky and creamy character, this is a firm favourite of our Swiss colleagues and a cracking cigar that fights for the top spot amongst our firm favourites!

Was $ 299

Cuban cigar : Partagas Shorts (Cab of 50)

Partagas Shorts (Cab of 50)

Save $45 - This is THE classic strong small smoke from Cuba. This is a great Demi Corona, perhaps one of the best. Once tasted, many swear by it. Some supreme, spicy excitement, as well as a comfortable size make this cigar a very popular companion for our colleagues on the Friday after work smoke session!

Was $ 305

Cuban cigar : Cohiba Panetelas (box of 25)

Cohiba Panetelas (box of 25)

Save $21 - An exciting series of fresh spice, liquorice, wet grass and chocolate flavours melt into each other without you even noticing. The overall effect is that of your palate and taste buds being taken on a smooth, undulating ride into the late Summer's evening!

Was $ 215

Cuban cigar : H. Upmann Half Coronas (box of 25)

H. Upmann Half Coronas (box of 25)

Save $13 - The draw of this mini corona is firm, but still delivers a nutty smoke complemented by pleasant touches of coffee and cocoa bean, an ideal partner in crime reading the morning papers.

Was $ 126

Cuban cigar : Juan López Selección No. 2 (Cab of 25)

Juan López Selección No. 2 (Cab of 25)

Save $21 - Super batch of this fabulous Robusto in the humidor. A very easy smoke, perfect for late morning or post lunch. Not as well known as many other Cuban Robustos, the Juan Lopez is a hidden secret for those in the know.

Was $ 215

Cuban cigar : Montecristo No.1 (box of 25)

Montecristo No.1 (box of 25)

Save $29 - Recognizable spicy Montecristo flavours, but delivered in a Lonsdale size. More direct and more edgy than most of its fellow family of Montecristos, the No.1 will be especially enjoyed by regular smokers.

Was $ 292

Cuban cigar : H. Upmann Magnum 50 (box of 10)

H. Upmann Magnum 50 (box of 10)

Save $6 - The edgy spicy start is soon calmed by heavy woody tones, ideal for this time of year and outdoor smoking. The cigar does take time for the blend to stabilize, so it is recommended to put these down if you can. Pretty hard to do, I know...

Was $ 124

Cuban cigar : Partagás Serie D No.5 (box of 10)

Partagás Serie D No.5 (box of 10)

Save $5 - This cigar has super power, so be warned, but will go down just right with a lovely strong Jack Daniels on the rocks. That blend with the caramel sweetness and coarseness on your throat keeps you coming back for more and quite the rush on a Saturday night chilling by the lake.

Was $ 87

Cuban cigar : Quintero Y Hno. Petit Quinteros (box of 25)

Quintero Y Hno. Petit Quinteros (box of 25)

Save $3 - A little cigar for a quick cup of quality arabica coffee. Plenty of flavours coming through mixed with the coffee beans make this an ideal match for the morning stroll by the lake.

Was $ 49

Cuban cigar : Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe No. 3 (box of 25)

Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe No. 3 (box of 25)

Save $9 - A hidden secret in Cuba and smoked by those in-the-know. This cigar embodies warm weather smoking. The flavours are fresh and relevant and the power is just perfectly balanced to allow you to enjoy the smoke, but also know you have a Cuban in your mouth. A great one for alone time with just you and the dog!

Was $ 174

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