Buy Cuban Cigars on-line
Buy Cuban Cigars on-line

Some Amazing Cigars up in the Air Enjoy Summer everyone with some high quality Cubans!

Cuban cigar : Partagás Serie D No.6 (box of 20)

Partagás Serie D No.6 (box of 20)

Save $21 - The smallest of the D Series, some have come to love it over the D4, with good value and a great feel in the hand. For those of you looking for a short spurt of quality power with the morning coffee in the sunshine, this one is for you.

Was $ 143

Cuban cigar : El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme (box of 25)

El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme (box of 25)

Save $21 - The lightest and sweetest of the Cuban Robustos! Delicate aromas of forest fruit and exotic wood dance between honey and spice. The cigar is gentle and even the finish can be enjoyed. Perfect for outdoors smoking as a good friend walking the streets of Old Town Havana.

Was $ 226

Cuban cigar : Montecristo No.3 (box of 25)

Montecristo No.3 (box of 25)

Save $36 - This well-made corona exhibit cedary notes, a little bit of floral undertones but spice is the name of the game on this puro, it is one of the classics.

Was $ 243

Cuban cigar : Cuaba Tradicionales (box of 25)

Cuaba Tradicionales (box of 25)

Save $24 - This double Figurado will start off mellow and build in power to release a truly great woody flavour. The shape works the cigars' flavours, thus you enjoy an amplified smoke. Great size for a Sunday watching the cricket.

Was $ 166

Cuban cigar : Montecristo No. 5 (box of 25)

Montecristo No. 5 (box of 25)

Save $21 - A medium-bodied little smoke with a firm draw, it's pleasantly sweet and bready, so a morning trip to the pastry shop to accompany you on your dog walking duties as the sun comes up!

Was $ 141

Cuban cigar : Montecristo Petit No. 2 (box of 25)

Montecristo Petit No. 2 (box of 25)

Save $38 - A punchy little cigar that has bbq pairing with a Worcester-sauce marinated burger written all over it. Lovely tobacco flavours on the final small third!

Was $ 257

Cuban cigar : Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills (box of 10)

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills (box of 10)

Save $10 - This cigar has quickly made a name for itself and now has a large following and fits right in for our Summer of fun! Ideal for being outside, but equally excellent after a fine dinner indoors if the sun hasn't come out yet like here in Geneva!

Was $ 103

Cuban cigar : H. Upmann Magnum 50 (box of 10)

H. Upmann Magnum 50 (box of 10)

Save $13 - The edgy spicy start is soon calmed by heavy woody tones, ideal for cooler mountain air outdoor smoking. The cigar does take time for the blend to stabilize, so it is recommended to put these down if you can. Pretty hard to do, I know...

Was $ 130

Cuban cigar : Hoyo de Monterrey De San Juan (box of 10)

Hoyo de Monterrey De San Juan (box of 10)

Save $14 - Now established as a firm favourite, you can expect a lovely shape and feel in your hand and a bit of a fuller flavour than the regular Hoyo de Monterrey brand. We love this time of year with wonderful smells in the air, and the San Juan goes perfectly with it all!

Was $ 140

Cuban cigar : Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No.3 (box of 25)

Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No.3 (box of 25)

Save $18 - Fresh, easy and very light. Fascinating fun for those in search of a cloudily delicate smoke to enjoy during the basking heat of Europe. Often considered as the classic Habanos afternoon or aperitif cigar, this RyJ is very popular on the terraces. A hidden secret produced in Cuba and smoked by those in-the-know.

Was $ 177

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