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Rates the BolÝvar Coronas Gigantes


TopCubans Past experience:

A superbly constructed Churchill. Pleasing to the eye, silky and smooth to the touch, a festival to the palate. A full bodied cigar that rises from a fresh spicy start and rapidly mixes with chocolate, precious woods and leather. This cigar offers one of the finest finishes of Cuba. An outstanding smoke that terminates with fireworks.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-09-08

" Great cacoa & coffee taste "


On 2014-06-15

" I just received my Gigantes and could resist smoking one before giving them a chance to rest in my humidor after their long journey. A long time cigar aficionado, but my first Gigante, and comment here. This cigar was an exceptional 2 hour smoke. I was very pleased, if not surprised at the quality of the roll and it's even burn all the way through. Yes it is a commitment but like all worthy commitments the journey is the reward. "


On 2011-11-21

" Best cigar for my taste. Heavy smoke and full body. If was a serie with a bigger ring, it would be The best cigar for me. "


On 2011-10-04

" Have enjoyed many of these while serving in Iraq. I love this cigar. It is, for me, the ultimate statement of joy and friend ship all rolled into a small slice of heaven!! When I think of this cigar, I think of times in war with great comrades. This cigar always takes me to a place where life stops, and memories are made. "


On 2010-09-17

" Now I know what FULL BODIED cigar means. I am still a little bit green in the art of smoking, and found the last third a bit too strong for me. The beginning was excellent with silky smoke and very good draw. A winter smoke after a hearty meal with some Armagnac. I will try this combination later. "


On 2009-03-01

" Way too rough compared with my favourite churchills, and lacking in finesse compared to my high expectations - but still an enjoyable smoke "

Sir Churchill

On 2008-01-15

" This is without a doubt my cigar of choice! I have been an avid cigar smoker for the past decade and have yet to find anything that I love anymore. Even my daughter who hates my other cigars... loves the aroma that this beauty emits. "

Don Emmanuel

On 2007-02-24

" Absolutely awesome! The greatest Havana for experienced smokers who like it full-bodied bar none. "


On 2006-03-20

" a great smoke w/ a nice even pull. it was a bit too complex for my palette as hopefully i will learn to appreciate it more in the future. "

Sir Winston

On 2002-05-30

" This is a charming cigar. A great cigar with magnificent food. Many flavors to this cigar. I had no problems with the draw of the cigar. It was very well constructed and I would further recommend this to someone who desires a full bodied smoke. "Now thats a good smoke." "

Andy k

On 2002-02-28

" have this cigar after a great supper .
very complex with nutty chocolate flavors.
long finish. Smoke this cigar with a great congac .i only encountered one cigar with a tight draw out of the box. i highly recommend this cigar
andy k.
this cigar.andy k. "

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