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Rates the H. Upmann Connoisseur No.1


TopCubans Past experience:

An exception to the usual house flavor, this Robusto is an excellent introduction to havana for the curious palate. Fresh, herbaceous and light in taste, I think its charm is further accentuated by its even burn and highly floral aroma. On its own or with an aperitif, this cigar is well worth a butchers!

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-04-02

" My friend brought me back one of these from his recent trip to Cuba and it is outstanding. It is very mild and doesn't make my me light-headed or my lips and tongue numb. The smell is outstanding and it is an absolute pleasure. Thank you, Ray.... "


On 2013-02-09

" I bought a box 2 weeks ago. Before that I was buying lose pc from the shop. In only have a few from this box. Now I am going to buy another box! This is the one I am looking for and will be my main primary choice! Mild, smooth, sweet with little woody. It comes with some salty (my own problem?). Overall it gives a very calm taste good for an hour relax with a cup of Tea or a cold drink. Of course going with a wine could be exciting too. "


On 2013-01-30

" Over the past few monthsiI kept trying different ones. But this is one of the best in terms of smoothness, draw and smoke, thoughthere must be few better out there. Giving tthis price range, this is the best in value. Highly recommended "


On 2008-11-15

" A Nice cigar. Smoked it in the morning with a strong full bodied french roast coffee. Smoke was light to medium and had nice leathery flavors. Somewhat creamy in the first 3rd. Slight peppery notes in the 2nd, and becoming tastier and woody in the 3rd. Nice and light. Would smoke again any morning or early afternoon "


On 2008-11-09

" Peppery, slightly on a dry side. Pleasant 1-hour smoke , but not as complex as some Cubans. "


On 2006-12-20

" 3.0 first thirty days now its a 4.8 thanks some times you just have to give them a little time. "


On 2006-09-25

" A little disappointed with this one because of my new found passion for the Magnum 46. Perhaps too light for me...but, more importantly, lacked the pure cuban taste of Magnum 46. My favourite Hermoso no.4 remains the Robaina Famoso! "


On 2006-05-08

" Great Smoke, Nice Smooth Taste, Perfect Even Burn, This is a Great Spring Cigar "


On 2005-06-18

" the 2004's are smoking beautifully. Rich, with toasty and caramel and burnt wood flavors. "


On 2005-05-19

" I loved it ! my favorite "


On 2005-04-30

" This was a great cigar with a great draw. It burned even and it was not harsh. It also had a vanilla taste to the palate. Overall it was a great spring cigar. "


On 2004-02-13

" What a great smoke, full of favor and a lot of rich smoke a true powerhouse. "


On 2003-11-25

" Like the Magnum, the Connaisseur is a sweet, mild and very attractive cigar. Not too spicey and perhaps suited to an early day smoke but builds well enough to entertain the palate. some inconsistancy in the build of the last box I had. "


On 2002-01-18

" a very nice cigar, one of my favourites, caramel overtones with the tobbaco coming through afterwards. "

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