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Rates the Romeo y Julieta Churchills


TopCubans Past experience:

One of the leading lights of the Romeo y Julieta brand ! This is a Churchill that redefines the concept of a “creamy smoke”. Powerful and yet disarmingly smooth, you can only be seduced by this remarkable cigar. Winston Churchill was seduced, to the point of making it synonimous with his name! Robust and complex in its multitude of flavors which include vanilla, coffee, tropical fruit, wood, cocoa, nuts, herbs and flowers, this Churchill is awesome !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-02-14

" I have the luxury of smoking a lot of Cubans where I live, and this is always my favorite. Perfectly smooth and sweet, it gets stronger as it burns. I had a Behike 54 the other day and it was great, but this is still my go to cigar for flavor. The short is also nice, but not as sweet. "

Copper Chester Pot

On 2015-11-23

" My first Romeo Julieta cigar. It is so smooth. It burns evenly all the way around. To me it has a slight woody taste and has a wonderful draw.

What else can you ask from great cigar! "


On 2014-07-14

" Has a wonderful aroma, burn and complexity that changes as you burn through halfway. Nico grows as the cigar gets shorter and it does tend to go out after 2/3. "

Gig 5

On 2014-07-10

" I would give it a 5 star rating if they would increase the ring size to 52. It would then be a perfect cigar. If you like smooth, creamy and yet allot of flavor this is a great cigar. Although my fav is the Churchill short. "


On 2013-10-28

" The cigar is very smooth and subtle, but it has a distinctive (and for me a rather unpleasant and lingering leathery finish).
For a cigar this size I would go for the Cohiba Behike 52 as it also has a very smooth and consistent draw, but no unpleasant after taste.



On 2013-07-03

" A taste of Mama Nature!!! "


On 2013-03-02

" Great cigar good even draw a truly wonderful smoke certainly in my top three "


On 2012-06-25

" gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood "


On 2012-04-16

" This is a first class cigar, a prefect smoke, once lit it did not go out the draw was easy, it burned even no corrections needed so smooth and tastety a 1 1/2 - 2hours of delight with a glass of Port after a good meal just PERFECT. "


On 2011-10-16

" My Favorite Cigar for a Sunday Evening Walk "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-08-13

" Wow, couldn't have had a better smoke. Great with a coffee mixed with a little aged rum, then a little bit of whipped cream on top, it's called a pharasy(spell) in Germany. Either way, can't go wrong, always in my humidor now "


On 2010-11-16

" so smooth! "


On 2010-09-19

" The best Cigar I have smoked, and the only Cigar I will smoke! So soooo sooooooo smooooth, I love it, can't wait to order another box of 25! "


On 2008-12-14

" Extremely smooth with complex subtle flavours. Perfect candidate for aging. My favorite Churchill cigar by far! "

Deputy Sheriff

On 2007-05-03

" WOW smooth from start to finish,can their be a fine smoke?Can't wait for the next one. "

Frizley in St. Charles

On 2007-03-30

" This is the best Cigar on the Planet....Then comes the Short Churchill. "

On 2007-03-24

" I remember my first Churchill. I was standing on the beach at sunset in Bermuda. It had a earthy, woody taste that I really enjoyed. That was twelve years ago. The one that I had last night was very similar in taste, a fantastic smoke. That cigar ended my day on a very positive note. "


On 2005-12-31

" A decidedly rewarding cicar that encourages contemplation and relaxes the mind. It is a cigar that is very "autumnal" in its flavour and mood. One should never take it for granted and I always find myself appreciating life when I smoke it! "


On 2005-08-10

" One of my favorites. A great outdoor, evening smoke. Very complex and grows as it smokes. "


On 2005-08-01

" Some of them hard to keep lit, but whwen they work it's a great smoke "


On 2005-04-29

" Smooth as silk, what I smoke when I want to reward myself or just relax with my woman. "


On 2005-01-25

" Ever draw on a cigar, hold it between your finger and thumb, and then just stare at it in appreciation and wonderment? That's what I find myself doing over and over whenever I smoke this classic churchill! "


On 2004-05-27

" Definately one of my favorite Churchills. Excellent smooth and "creamy" smoke that almost seems thick enough to chew. Medium+ in strength with the earthy, leather-like, and woody taste you come to expect of the best Habanos. Also enjoy the tubed version as well. One of the best churchills - ages well too! "


On 2004-01-24

" Very hard draw. I had to cut away sections that were too tightly wound to get any smoke to my mouth. Going to try to age them longer then I will re-eval. Nice smoke taste. "


On 2003-03-18

" A very fine cigar. I recommend this Churchill. Smooth. "


On 2003-03-03

" Superb smoke. Nutty aroma. Excellent, even burn. "

Smokin DB

On 2003-01-10

" A little hard to draw, but well worth the effort.
Mild/Medium, the more you smoked the more the flavor comes out. No doubt on the nutty flavor of hazelnut. A special treat, could smoke this as an everyday stick. "


On 2002-11-19

" A quality Habano that ages well. Complex, medium bodied smoke with a perfect draw. "


On 2002-08-25

" very goodlooking smoke with a nice end cap and draw the ash was white and flavor was very mild but got stronger near the finish over all one of the best for the money so i got a few boxs "


On 2002-05-27

" A somewhat mild Churchill with complex flavors. Good draw with a mouthfull of smoke in every puff. It has a whiter ash than most Cubans and an overall nice even burn, although at times it can canoe on you and drive you crazy. One of my favorites when I working in the garage or in the evening (with 2 fingers of Macallan) after kids are in bed. "

On 2002-03-30

" great draw, mild with great flavor to the end , nicely rolled with a fine ash. "

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