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Rates the El Rey del Mundo Choix Suprême


TopCubans Past experience:

The lightest and sweetest of the Cuban Robustos. Very easy to smoke and fairly fast burning, this could only be a morning smoke for the aficionado. It’s even burn and creamy, honey-smooth taste, makes this the ideal Robusto for a beginner.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-12-10

" Nice light aroma. floral and creamy but simple. "


On 2015-05-12

" Passed a few of these silky smoothe sticks around to some beginner smokers whilst relaxing in the sun on famous Cable Beach Broome Western Australia. This sweet soft flavoursome cigar was a massive hit and perfect for sharing with inexperienced life-long friends... "


On 2014-05-29

" Bought a box of these based on other members recommendations. A well constructed smoke but too light for me. However my girlfriend loves them and smokes none other! She is a writer who says they have given her the motivation and inspiration to write the erotic novel which has eluded her until now. What better recommendation could you get from sucking on a big fat smoke like this one?! "


On 2013-07-27

" Absolutely lovely for a Summer afternoon in the sunshine. Have enjoyed other heavier Robustos but I really enjoyed how easy and enjoyable this was to smoke. I've got another tucked away in my humidor that I'll give six months or so and then enjoy all over again. "


On 2013-03-09

" Every draw produces thick white smoke. Excellent construction at this price point! Mild along with light spice 2nd half. Enjoyed with first 5 mins to convert the draw into 3 cm long ash and then take longer time for the remaining. No need to re-light at all. The only thing is it tends to bring little dry to the palate. Good for a early morning or late evening in case you need a second one! "


On 2013-01-24

" This isn't as sweet as the comments below. Quite spicy and peppery though not too strong. Easy burn and nice draw (as good as RyJ short chulchill). Good price being most attractive to this item.... "


On 2013-01-08

" If you love elegant, light and sweet cigar...this is your best choice. A masterpiece. "


On 2013-01-06

" Personally, one of the best robusto available. Sweet, elegant, fruity, perfect evolution. Ideal for cocktails and after light meals or for those who love to smoke light puros. Perfect balance. Fantastic experience, impressive cigar. "


On 2012-09-20

" Well when I lighted it up I was excited. 2/3 of the cigar were great. Very smooth and fruity. But the last third of it was disaster. Really bad burn and then it started cracking on sides. Overall not bad. "

The Guv

On 2012-08-08

" A lovely little cigar for a large coffee - mild and easy to smoke. A no. 1 reccommendation for those new to cigars - these will get you hooked on what is is all about "


On 2012-04-22

" Good draw. No bitterness. A very mild and smooth cigar. Flavour was double cream from start to finish. Perhaps a hint of ginger coming in and out at times.
A mild relaxing easy to smoke cigar for every man and woman. Everyone from a beginner to an aficionado can appreciate this robusto in my opinion. "

Massimiliano M.

On 2011-04-28

" Great for a short smoke. Full of spice flavor that gets better toward the finish. "


On 2010-11-16

" very good cigar, but too light "


On 2010-10-28

" This is my favorite stogie so far it has the best flavor i have had and a nice and slow burn. "


On 2010-03-10

" This is one of my favorite stogies. Mild but has a tremendous flavor to it. Great for beginners or an old timer. Not to mention, they are a great deal. "


On 2009-12-08

" This is my daily smoke and I absolutely love it. It is suprisingly complex, but yet not harsh or overbearing. I only wish Richard would offer a deal on them! "


On 2009-02-11

" Certainly a better second half than the first. Good, but not brilliant. "


On 2008-07-16

" You really can't beat these cigars. In so many ways they tick all the boxes. You could have one in the morning and not feel offended, you could have one with any drink and it would complement it, and importantly, you could give one to a non smoker and get them hooked on all things cuban. If I am ever stuck for choice and just want a smoke at any time of the day or night, this is the one for me. Mild, tasty, reliable, good value and smooth. Only wish the wife were like them. "


On 2008-06-23

" Although I like a more bold smoke, this one was a gift from Richard, and I loved it. I smoked it on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, and what a joy. Very smooth and creamy, from start to finish. I liked it so well I ordered more! "


On 2008-01-07

" This cigar started smoothly for me, and ended with a smoother finish. I prefer the lighter smokers myself, and this one is true through and through. Nice burn, nice draw, and overall great stick "


On 2007-09-04

" Velvety smooth, superb construction. My favorite Cuban, will be ordering more.

The petite corona is also fabulous. "


On 2007-01-10

" excellent. draw & even burn. try nice port was excellent. "


On 2006-10-01

" Good construction & even burn typical of a Habana. Mild uneventful beginning but a beautiful finish thats worth the wait. This is my afternoon smoke at the beach, Thanks Richard. "


On 2006-02-26

" Do you have a jaded palate? Like many, I began my Cuban cigar odyssey over a decade ago smoking El Rey del Mundo label, only to be drawn eventually (perhaps inevitably) to the Cohiba Robusto and Ramon Allones Specially Selected. I recently ordered the Robusto Sampler from Richard and "rediscovered" this jem. It could very well be the fascinating Burgundian counterpoint to the blockbuster Bordeaux that is Cohiba. As a light afternoon cigar, it had the balance and complexity to hold my interest. Perfect with a mint tea or espresso. Perfect for the beginner and aficionado alike. If you don't believe me just ask Min Ron Nee, or better yet try one yourself. "


On 2005-11-05

" When I lit my first one, I was a bit disappointed. the burn was a bit erratic and I thought the smoke was a bit harsh. But the second one...Well, I'll tell ya! For a novice cigar smoker, this was an excellent choice. It was light to medium yet smooth! I had it with a nice VSOP and enjoyed it to the end. If other robustos are better than this, I've got a lot to look foward to!! "

Casa del oro - melbourne

On 2005-09-19

" My first smoke, great for a summers day along the beach "


On 2005-02-16

" I am a beginning cigar smoker and this Choix Supreme was recommended to me by Richard. What a great smoke this was! Not too strong but smooth, creamy and sweet till the very end. Thanks Richard for the great advice! "


On 2004-08-14

" My first Choix, and it's terrific...light, sweet, tons of rich smoke in a well-built Robusto. I found the 2nd act to be different than the first, at least as good, with a nice finish. It's very enjoyable from start to finish "


On 2004-06-03

" wow, wow, wow, what else can be said for this one.
richard and staff delivered as promised,
a robusto with character, and style. flavors that start out and keep comming thru, watch your finger tips on this one "

Tom J

On 2004-05-04

" Great cigar for the golf course...First box of cigars I received from Top Cubans. I have recomended them to many friends. "


On 2003-12-19

" Great cigar. Just got a box for the holidays. the smoke is rich, and last a long time for such a small cigar. "


On 2003-10-07

" This cigar was very complex and full flavor with lots of smoke. The cabinet is usally better but this dress box of 25 was outstanding. I recommend aging for another 4-5 years and they will be a "5". "


On 2003-09-29

" For a short smoke this is one fine cigar. Full of spice flavor that gets better toward the finish. "


On 2002-08-06

" A medium bodied full flavored robusto. A great mid day cigar. Improves noticeably with proper aging. "


On 2002-07-27

" A very nice med.bodied smoke, a little stronger than expected, but excellent flavor. became more complex and flavorful after a few weeks in my humi. Definitely a bargain for the price. "


On 2002-04-27

" one of the most underrated robustos ..vanilla, and sweet spices seduce the palate.. dollar for dollar one of the best values out there in fine habanos..a staple in My humi. "

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