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On 2015-12-16

" What a Good Cigar for when out Walking/Shooting/Driving.

David was right they need few weeks in HUMIDOR then very very acceptable for the price 3 Boxes arrived just ordered another 3!!

I smoke 2-3 Cigars a Day with an Edmundo or No2 in Evening but whilst walking Dogs you cant go wrong!! "


On 2014-03-06

" These are better than the price would suggest!
They are slightly unsophisticated and can be a bit harsh but still very pleasant and a nice smoke. You maybe wouldn't save them for a special occasion but they are a good anytime cigar and very handy to have in your humidor for those friends that don't really smoke cigars but like to have one of yours when they visit. Give them one of these instead of a more prized stogie and everyone is happy.
I should add that they are well made, have a good draw and look good, I really am impressed and glad I came across them.
I recommend them, you can't go wrong.
I will be buying more of these for sure. "


On 2012-12-24

" This cigar is bitter and light the worst cuban I have ever smoked however I would choose this smoke over 90% of non cubans smokes. poor cuban but good non cuban and its machine made "


On 2012-12-23

" Very nice cigars "


On 2012-09-28

" Better Than Most Non-Cuban Cigars! "


On 2011-08-08

" As a person that smokes a cigar a week (with quite a variety - cubans, dominicans, american, etc), I found this to be one of my least favorite cigars. Very harsh and not enjoyable. I didn't even finish it because I was upset. the 2nd star is for decent smoke. "


On 2011-01-02

" A decent cigar, and my 3rd Cuban I've had. It is earthy and mild with dark coffee bean undertones. It got a bit harsh toward the final inch in a half. It would make a good daily smoke that doesn't break the bank, but it isn't anything impressive. "


On 2009-07-27

" You had said Richard, for an out door smoking, in the cround, pay attention in other things. "


On 2009-06-10

" I'm not a fan of the "for the price" review, so my rating is not adjusted for the price. This cigar is ok as a companion during exciting sporting events, or other situations when your attention is not so much on the cigar. My box has been very inconsistent. About 50% are ok, about 35% are terrible/unsmokably harsh and aversive, with about 15% being above average. "

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