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Rates the BolÝvar Belicosos Finos


TopCubans Past experience:

One of the most seductive Belicoso coming out of Havana. A dark chocolaty wrapper perfectly encases this complex and attractive character. A smooth kick start of forest bush and precious wood, quickly develops into a sophisticated ballad of wood, fruit and spices reminiscent of the exotic Bazaars of the middle east. A complex strong delicious smoke, great in the afternoon with a fresh coffee !

TopCubans member's experiences:

The Guv

On 2012-10-19

" An old fasion Cuban, but good, very good "


On 2012-09-06

" To me this is what a cuban cigar is alll about. Aroma, Flavor and a very desireable harshness. Bitter, tasty and full of all the flavors Richard describes. This is a must have in the humi and the temptation to smoke it is like not taking hard earned money out of the bank.It is a true celebration of what i believe cuban cigars are all about. Age will take it to another level, its just that special. "


On 2012-01-26

" SUPERIOR smoke.... vanilla soda taste and very smooth


On 2011-10-21

" Very good full bodied cigar. Pretty evenly matched with a Partagas Serie P No. 2 in power and body. Enjoyed with a cafe au lait in the afternoon. Flavor profile consisted of coffee, spice, faint leather & sugar...very balanced. Maybe a little more complex and less straght forward than the Serie P. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-10-14

" They weren't kidding when they said power, this guy will knock you in your seat if you think you can stand while smoking this. Had it with a cabernet, very nice cigar. "


On 2011-06-12

" A simply enjoyable smoke. A top ten, indeed. If you appricate a full smoke, this is the one to light up.
A glass of port is a fine pairing. "


On 2011-06-08

" A beautiful smoke that has strength and a silky smooth flavor. A nice smoke to enjoy after a fine meal and a good glass of heavy red wine. "


On 2011-04-17

" This is my go to cigar, the one I love, the one I stockpile, the one I adore. Not for wimps! Not for showoff Cigar Aficionado readers, for real enthusiasts who want power and balance in medium length smoke... "


On 2011-02-28

" This cigar is very excellent full body from within my favorite "


On 2011-02-27

" Probably the Best cigar!
Easy draw and awsome taste. Full body, not for nubs. But once you have reached this level, it's hard to get down. Absolute perfection!!!
Don't buy less than one box. "


On 2010-12-23

" Wow...I mean smoked one last week and it was the best smoke I've had in years. "

On 2010-03-27

" This is, clearly, the best cigar that I've ever smoked. "


On 2010-03-03

" beat of a smoke!!! do it david.. "


On 2009-04-16

" Just a great cigar, my favorite. It's like a sophisticated kiss from an angel. "


On 2007-04-12

" Tasty, creamy - works well with a cup of coffee. But no point for the construction. It's simply not good enough for a cigar of this caliber. Still it's recomendable because of the fine aroma. "


On 2006-12-26

" always a fine, spicy smooth smoke "


On 2006-08-04

" Bolivar Belicosos Finos as the name suggests is a fine smoke. My sweetheart of 25 years and myself enjoyed this aromatic easy to draw master of the genteel smoke out by the pool in the late afternoon midwinter sun. Though a smooth palette it flexed it hidden strength toward the last 10 minutes or last ╝ of its life. One could say it went down fighting.



On 2006-07-28

" Nice Smooth and Creamy smoke with a little git up and go. "

Gar gombie

On 2006-01-20

" Bolivar. Still my favorite belicosa. Theres something about the consistency which, I think, makes it a good benchmark cigar. Substantial construction, provides a great sense faith and security. And yes there are those smooth bits of yumminess, woody, dark creamy-chocolat-cafe-fruity mellow roast. Robust but Never overbearing! I also have to thank sir Richard for the quality of all my boxes! Really fresh and pristine! I know I sound like an ad, but I am really grateful! "


On 2005-11-16

" A wondeful cigar! Great draw, well made wilth good flavor. I would highly recommend this one! "


On 2005-09-12

" great cigar. smoked it overlooking lake las vegas. perfect draw and taste; not overpowering. loved it and will make it a mainstay in my humidor. thx. "


On 2005-05-09

" excellent smoke "


On 2005-03-21

" One of the smoothest cigars ive smoked. Like smokin a cup of coffee loaded with cream...just the way i like it! "


On 2005-01-04

" All I can say is"um,um good" "


On 2004-06-03

" a dark chocolate, cigar loaded with tons of tobacco flavors, chocolate, espresso, cream soda.
watch your fingers they will burn down to the ends "


On 2004-06-03

" a dark chocolate, cigar loaded with tons of tobacco flavors, chocolate, espresso, cream soda.
watch your fingers they will burn down to the ends "

Tom J

On 2004-05-04

" One of the finest cigars I have tried...I would put them up against any Belicoso. "


On 2004-04-07

" I just received a box from Top Cubans (which as always arrived fresh and with each vitole perfect) and found this Stick to be a most excellent smoke. As a fan of Monte 2 this is nearly as good. Full flavor with an easy draw, very even burn and delivers exactly the amount of smoke one would expect from a fine Beliscoso. I will be keeping this as a staple in my humidor and make a strong recommendation to purchase for anyone looking for a first rate torpedo. "


On 2003-12-23

" One of the best ever for me. "


On 2003-06-25

" Exellent cigar. Full bodied powerhouse "


On 2003-03-04

" Superb smoke enjoyed it to the end but could have been rolled a bit tighter "


On 2002-12-13

" Greate cigar, good draw and burn. smooth and good to last draw. only reason I did not rate this cigar higher is the construction. it not as tightly made, now I am not asking it to be like Hoyo epicure, but cigar of this quality should be rolled a bit tighter. "


On 2002-09-25

" Excellent cigar. Full bodied powerhouse, not for the meek or mild. Great cuban taste that lingers for a long time on your palate. A slow starter but after the first 1/4 she takes off into the pleasure zone. No draw problems to date(knock on wood) because this baby would be hard to throw away. strongly recommend "


On 2002-08-14

" Good smoke, good draw "


On 2002-08-06

" A little rough in the first third, then it smoothes a bit and ends with a wonderful and flavorful full bodied finish. Had it been more consistant throughout, I would have rated it higher. Spicey and woody on the palate. "


On 2002-03-22

" truly excellent- slightly frustrated with tight draw only because the smoke was some of the finest to pass through these lips. if draw was good would have been a 5.0 "

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