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Cuaba Divinos

Name: Divinos
Factory Name: Figurado
Ring gauge: 43
Length: 10.10 CM / 3.9 INCHES
Taste: Spicy
XMAS Offer

Strength: Medium to Full

fullmedium to fullmediummedium to lightlight


Size: Double Figurado

Double coronaLonsdaleChurchillDouble FiguradotorpedobelicosoRobustocorona gordacoronapetit coronaother

Cuaba Divinos Cuban cigar

  TopCubans Experience:  How do you describe the taste of a cigar to someone else? That is the eternal debate we have at Me and Rick have spent countless hours discussing and disagreeing on flavors of cigars. Rick is very impatient and wants everything to be express, "give it to me on one word Richard" he says. I am long winded and overly elaborate in my descriptions, hence the middle way is best, between me and Rick! Divinos are all caramel and moist earth. At times they flirt with fruits in the guise of quince, fig and apricot which are all rich in syrupy sweetness. How ever strange and comical this little fellow looks he is well constructed and smokes like a champ. There is something jovial about Divinos, not in a silly way, it is a superb cigar and the perfect evening smoke with good friends.  
TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-06-08

" Smooth-start, balanced citrus by the end .... Great short smoke.... I will order some more. "


On 2014-03-11

" Just a great cigar. Lasts about 30 minutes. Nutty and Woody. Great burn and doesn't get too 'strong' towards the end. "


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