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Rates the Hoyo de Monterrey Épicure No.1


TopCubans Past experience:

A very pleasurable Gran Corona and my favorite Corona Gorda on the market at the moment. At its best in the summer, due to its light fresh fruity nature. This is an easy, “cool” cigar, I find them ideal for the golf course or a fishing trip with friends. The subtlety of the flavors renders the whole smoking experience a kin to a private conversation with a good friend.

TopCubans member's experiences:

Happy Jack

On 2013-12-06

" Ah, just like food, there are so many tastes in cigars. The HdM epicure #1 just happens to be one of my favorites. I usually prefer a much stronger cigar, but the flavor of this cigar more than makes up for any missing power. I've enjoyed them from the very 1st time I smoked one, and will keep getting more. Simply a fantastic smoke! "


On 2013-02-09

" I have bought probably 10 boxes of 50 of these over the last 5 years, all from top Cubans. I am confused by the comments - because each cigar for eye last 5 years has had a perfect taste' smooth and oily. I have NEVER had a draw problem with any of these. I suggest the people that are having draw problems to quit storing them in their mom's jewelry box, and buy a nice humidor and keep them properly humidified at 72. "


On 2012-12-13

" Now have had three of these cigars, with only one being easy to smoke and enjoy. The third cigar was difficult to draw, and the wrapper cracked after about 10 minutes. The last third was the best part, sadly I had just about given up. "


On 2012-12-11

" I tried my first HDM Epicure No 1 and like others here didn't have a good experience. The draw was really tight and the wrapper split. However after reading the many comments here I decided to preserve and tried my second after dinner watching the sun set. What a pleasant experience this one was. Easy draw with no issues at all. "


On 2012-06-02

" Excellent smoke from start to finish. Nice flavors, great beginners smoke and pairs very well with a glass of Moscato. "


On 2011-12-10

" Earth flavored. Wood and leather, not so easy to draw. "


On 2011-06-08

" really wasn't that impressed with these. 1st one I had was actually nice, good burn, even draw all the way to the nub. the next 2 weren't that consistent and was hard to get much taste in the final 3rd "


On 2011-04-04

" I smoked one of these this weekend, and was not overly impressed with the cigar. The wrapper was nice and had the typical HDM roughness, but about 1/3 of the way into the smoke, the gum sealing the wrapper began to give out and I was drawing more from the side of the cigar than the front (I could see smoke coming out of the side where the wrapper is supposed to be sealed to the rest of the body). The cigar also had a few runs in it that had to be corrected. As far as the flavour went, I was hopeful when testing the draw, but I was disappointed. For me, there was no flavour development as I smoked this cigar, nor was there any layering of flavors.... it just tasted like rough tobacco the whole way through.

This is the second HDM I have smoked, and I was not impressed with either of them. For the price, there are much better cigars out there. Instead of this, I recommend a San Cristobal La Fuerza or a Robaina Famoso. "


On 2010-10-27

" "Classy!" perfect burning tempo when correctly lit,nutty beginning,creamy till the end,nice citrus feeling at the draw, liquorice aftertaste,never heavy ! goes well with Sauternes ,Pineau des Charentes or Muscat.Always a treat ! "


On 2010-03-31

" At the start this cigar was very nice, but about 10 minutes in, the draw became absolutely horrible and inconsistent, I have read mixed reviews, seems like some of these are poorly made while some are made perfectly, hopefully the next one will perform better. Not my cup of tea though. "


On 2009-02-17

" Lovely! A bit spicy and oh, so creamy. I'll have to empty my humi to make room for more of these! "


On 2006-12-17

" this cjgar take me back to the old when we could go to cuban get what we want so dont be to hard on this one. and try more one or five cigar. because you will surprise.



On 2006-03-13

" i'm still torn about this cigar. i've had about 4 and 3 of them were way too tight. the draw was horrible. i couldn't finish the last one i had because i felt my lungs were getting tired. the one that i had that was ideal was what i was hoping for in the cigar. just hope that the rest of my box will have a better draw in the future. "


On 2005-10-11

" A fantastic cigar to smoke in the tropics..a light G&T, an Epicure no.1 and a fantastic doesn't get much better! "


On 2005-03-21

" Very interesting cigar and not what i was expecting after having a Double Corona from Hoyo. Seemed spicy with a bit of an orange zest tang to it. Unless of course im going crazy. Overall i'd smoke it again but would trade 4 of these for one Siglo VI "


On 2004-10-04

" Great flavor but lacking a bit in power "


On 2004-09-20

" A great surprise.A wounderful burn and great taste.VERY NICE!! "


On 2002-05-01

" This could be my current favourite for an evening smoke with a good drink. "

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