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Richard's Diary

Topcubans Anticipates the Next Phase for Cubans in America

By David on July, 13th 2016 - 6:05 pm

Topcubans understand that the process of getting Cuban products to the US market, particularly in the food and drinks industry and the tobacco industry will have expensive and time consuming hurdles to jump through before getting permission to do so. Basically anything that the FDA department covers in their remit, so that concerns our area of cigars.

Despite warming relations at least on CNN and looking at Obama speak sunshine on all things Cuba, the embargo remains, covering all cigars except those purchased in Cuba and then returning back to the US on a regulated charter flight or cruise. This looks like it will remain for some time. They estimate it could cost up to 1 million Dollars per brand to deal with the red-tape and get FDA approval. Legal challenges by various non Cuban but same-named brands will also draw out this process. At the end we anticipate a messy process, and sadly there will be some brands that Cuba does not feel they have the need or demand to go through with the steps and this will result only limited brands being available , at least at the beginning of the process. Monte 2s, Cohibas, Partagas, but probably not the San cristabal or the Por Larranaga brands, firm favourites of Cuban fans, but it will be up to the Habanos executives to see whether they deem them "ready" for the US market. We hope so but we expect some spanners in the works at Topcubans.

Feel free to mail me any thoughts you may have on this interesting issue. You can read an excellent article on this here:

Giveaway Gift for the Euro 2016 Final Weekend

By David on July, 08th 2016 - 11:18 am

What a few weeks it has been, Europe politically appears rudderless, but thankfully there has been some great football on display at the Euros, and as an homage to the final coming up this Sunday, we are giving away a pack of 5 Romeo y Julieta No 2 tubos cigars for all orders over 300$ !! No need to do anything your end, we will be adding it manually our end once you have passed your order. You need to do it before midnight on Sunday, when we will know the winner - either Portugal or favourites France.

Weather has picked up in Geneva this week, so will be heading down to the fanzone in Lausanne to have a few drinks and smoke some of my favourite Romeos watching the game. Hope you all enjoy it and forget about the political turmoil in the world, keep living life to the full!

All the best for the weekend from the Top Team

Brexit and the Euros into the Knockout Stages

By David on June, 23rd 2016 - 6:56 pm

Lots happening in the world, does the UK leaving the EU bring about a shift in the geopolitics of the world? Trump and Hillary rumble on as the 2 candidates for the most powerful job in the world. Congratulations to Dustin Johnson winning a tough US Open, in tennis Wimbledon starts soon though weather in Europe is not as greats it can be! Finally the Euros enter the exciting phase of competition, knockout from here on in, it is wide open this year.

A few quality cigars for bracing yourself for the action, perhaps a Cuaba Salamones for the long night watching the Brexit votes come in overnight. May need to be re-lit, and may knock you out before results are in!
For daytime football games, try a Hoyo Epicure No 2, for nighttime games, something a little stronger like a Partagas Serie D No 4 or a Bolivar Royal Corona.
Wimbledon and the Royal Henley Regatta Rowing Festival require some classy Montecristo Master or Regatas, and the Eagle is a great size for a round of golf.

The world may be turning upside down, but keep it all in perspective, what's important in life, friends, family and a good selection of quality Cubans and bottles of alochol.

Take care wherever you are in the world.

David and the Top Team

Habanos Accessories to be Added to All Orders over 300$ until June 20th!!

By David on June, 15th 2016 - 6:23 pm

Father's Day is rolling on, and now we have a special promotion for the final week, all orders over 300$ will get a complimentary Habanos lighter and cutter. Ideal accessories for your quality Cubans! This offer will run until midnight Sunday night Swiss local time so get the orders in by then to guarantee your bonus accessories!

Hope you are all enjoying the Summer, the sport and the cigars, happy Father's Day!

David and the Top Team

Cuban Cigar Smoking for the Euros and Copa America!

By David on June, 11th 2016 - 7:11 pm

The Euros have finally started, France with a great win yesterday and also the Swiss with a vital 3 points against Albania. Over in the Americas the Copa America is ploughing on with some great football being played, so ideal for sports fans, the next few weeks will be pure pleasure. Naturally great accompaniments to sport are my love of bbqs, a full fridge full of drinks and easy access to my bulging humidor! Day time games I usually go for a lighter cigar, a Hoyo Epicure No 2 or a Montecristo Master, something that won't distract from the game, but keeps me interested. As the evening approaches, I try but not always achieve a richer more flavourful claret which usually involves a richer cigar, a Cuaba or Bolivar perhaps. Sometimes the game can overwhelm so I have to stock to the lighter cigars in the evening but would be great to hear of your stories of how you plan out your days for all this sport on the tv! Have a great weekend and best of luck to your teams!

David and the Top Team

Enjoying a Final Trinidad Robusto Extra

By David on June, 04th 2016 - 1:22 pm

Hope you are all having a great weekend, I have decided to bust out one of my final Trinidad Robustos Extras from 2010 which have proved so popular in the past few weeks. Sadly no longer with us and to be put into the history books, final few puffs out by the lake shore this afternoon is simply heaven and I hope you are all having a wonderful similar experience taking advantage of the start of Summer with a quality Cuban.

Our Father's Day discounts continue to rumble on, take full advantage of the promotions on all our stock, so that you are catered for all Summer!

All the best from the Top Team

Cigar Aficionado Latest Cuban Ratings Online and 15% Promotion Continues Rumbling On!

By David on May, 30th 2016 - 5:26 am

P Diddy is on the front page of Cigar Aficionado magazine this month and as usual there are plenty of cracking Cubans highly rated on the ratings pages. One has to remember that Cuban cigars have no marketing with the magazine so it is a testament to their quality that they always appear so highly on the rating lists.

And of course the 15% Father's Day promotion keeps on giving, so get your stocks right now before Summer hits!

All the best
David and the Top Team

Father's Day 15% Discount for the next few weeks!

By David on May, 20th 2016 - 7:10 pm

The weekend is here, and we are pleased to announce our Father's Day promotional period is upon us, and we can offer you 15% off the vast majority of our cigar stock. Take a browse here, check your humidor for what you need and stock up for the next few months with these great offers. They won't last forever but we feel this is an ideal time either for purchasing gifts for your loved ones, or buying for yourself!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the promotions!

David and the Topcubans team

Outcomes for Cuba depending on the next US President

By David on May, 12th 2016 - 3:50 pm

Can we say now that it will be a Clinton-Trump election in the US? Almost certainly we can, so we can now start to play the fun game of what would a President Trump world look like and would a President Clinton one be a simply continuation of Obama's policies, good and bad?

As a cigar smoker and a keen alcohol consumer, I am very much in the personal freedom camp - keep out of my business government, and typically this would favour a Republican candidate.

In our little world of cigars and all things Cuban, I think Republicans are stronger on citizens' rights, ie freedom to smoke and not be lectured about it, but then on the potential of opening up Cuba, Trump's strong anti-trade rhetoric makes cutting a deal to end the embargo hard to envision. He does make noises of his ambivalence to the issue, it will, as it always has for the past 50 years, be down to how influential the Cuban Republicans in Florida are in getting their man to maintain the status quo.

Hilary on the other hand looks very keen to capitalize on the progress Obama has made, and potentially take the glory of finally opening it all up. I imagine the embargo won't be changed in this final year of his premiership so that is surely an attainable goal she could have in her 1st term. It may have a lot to do with the next generation of Cuban leaders once the Castros move on.

Cigar smokers are constantly under attack in the US and around the world, being lumped in with cigarette smokers as all bad. High taxes, lack of sensible regulations on where to smoke and the stupid and infringing plain packaging laws started by the Australians and looking to be rolled out across Europe. We will continue to fight for cigar smokers' rights, and for governments to just leave us all alone in peace. One can always hope we get a President who acknowledges this.

Warmest Regards to you all around the world, enjoy your smokes!


Trinidad Vigias on Sale and my Twitter Page!

By David on May, 05th 2016 - 7:37 pm

Happy Cinco de Mayo Day for our Mexican/American friends or Ascension Day as it is here in Switzerland. There is no shipping today as the whole country has Thursday May 5th as a day of rest. Normality resumes on Friday so there may only be a 1 day delay on any shipments, so do not worry folks!

We put up our highly popular Trinidad Vigias last night which are flying off the shelves. And any of you involved in the twittersphere, feel free to add me, as I get used to it, we are going to try and use it more and more to lay out our thoughts, news in the cigar industry and no doubt some cool Twitter only promotions. Topcubans is finally being dragged into the 21st century, which is no bad thing.

Hope you all have a great day, whether you have it off or not and enjoy your stogies!

David and the Top Team

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