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Richard's Diary : Anniversary Coming...

Robusto, the Modern smoke

By Richard on October, 16th 2007 - 4:39 pm

Short, direct and to the point, the Robusto is the ideal modern cigar. 30-40 mins of intense pleasure, perfect for after dinner or at an aperitif, these cigars come in a full range of power and aromas depending on the family you choose. Big ring gauge means you have a complex smoke in a smaller cigar and the shorter length allows you to dive directly into a second phase type of smoke. Looks for full body-ness in Partagas, Bolivar and Cohiba, spice and edginess in the Ramon and Vegas and more subtle sweet aromas in Hoyo and El Rey del Mundo's. Tell us what you think...

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// david // October, 18th 2007 // 7:32 pm

Just a quick question about the humatic Journal reviews. They repeatedly refer to flavor and effect. What do they mean by effect? Are they referring to a nicotine effect?
Thank you

// Rich // October, 18th 2007 // 12:52 am

Rubusto's? They're all I buy. They have enough thickness and length to deliver changes throughout the smoke and still finish in 45 minutes or less, which is all the time I really want to devote to a cigar on a consistent basis. I occasionally enjoy a pyramid(HU or Monte #2s) but generally that's as long as I can handle, even though I smoke cigars daily. Cohiba Sig 6s are awesome but I simply cannot afford them, as well as the rubustos. Nic cigars are good but the top quality cigars have escalated to the same price as Cubans so there isn't much incentive to buy them, Cubans are just smoother and easier on the palate. In short what I'm trying to say is the best bang for the buck are Cuban rubustos.

The king starts with the Bolivar RC, a compact strong smoke that will do well with aging, but I believe to be the best cigar coming out of Cuba right now. I found the El Rey Del Mundos underrated and the Partagas overated, the RJ short churchill is pretty decent too. I also had good experiences with Vegas and Ramone Allones, but keep in mind that Cigars like wine change from year to year, therefore I am always on the lookout for that next elusive smoke and will change brands at a moments notice if I feel there is something better out there. I tend to not stay with one brand.

Right now I believe Montecristo has captured the market for short Rubustos with it's Petite Edmundo, this is an absolutely fabulous cigar and better than it's larger counterpart, even better than the #2. You could say the same about the Hoyo petite rubustos, although 4 inches is a bit short for me others may find it ideal, it is a fabulous smoke. So if the trend is short smokes that deliver better character for the most part than larger cigars I'm all for it. It sure looks like a trend that will develop more and continue forward for years to come.

// agraupe // October, 17th 2007 // 9:52 pm

I find that the robusto is a useful size, if for no other reason than it makes it relatively easy to compare brands. I have smoked all of the above, and found that Vegas Robaina, Juan Lopez, and El Rey del Mundo did not live up to my expectations (though with the exception of the VR, I would try them again), and the Cohiba was merely as good as I would expect from a regular Cuban brand, in the sense that I don't think it justifies its premium price. On the other hand, I was greatly impressed with the Ramon Allones and the Bolivar. The others were merely what I thought they ought to be.

I, too, find I'm moving away from large ring gauges toward medium gauge and thin gauge cigars. I find that, although a large gauge cigar like a robusto offers a complex smoke, they don't have the development that I enjoy, which I can get from a thinner cigar that smokes in the same amount of time. Of course, both have their time and place. To that end, I find that I enjoy trying as many different cigars as possible, even though the comfort of going back to a tried and true favorite is nice. You never know what you might find!

// david // October, 17th 2007 // 1:11 pm

I mostly agree with your observations. I just wanted to add that though thick and quick appears to be the trend, I sense a bit of an internal revolt such that I am becoming more interested in the smaller ring gages. Just my experience as a developing smoker.

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