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A Warm Welcome to 2017 Folks!

By David on January, 24th 2017 - 1:15 am

A welcome along to 2017 everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year and that we got your orders processed and delivered in time for the vast majority of you. I appreciate your overwhelming understanding that it is a crazy time of year for logistics, weather and general stress for all, and if we were not able to meet your expectations please do drop us a note on, we always want to rectify any ill feeling and we aim to get 100% of our clients satisfied and believing in us.

A busy few weeks for everyone, in our cigar world, and things Cuban, we have a new US President who threatens to undo some of the positives achieved under Obama. We will monitor how this goes regarding the possibility of bringing down the embargo. My feeling was a Hilary Presidency would look to bring that down, under a Trump and a Republican Congress, this looks far from likely.

On the cigar front, Cubans are more popular than ever, with expected record sales to be announced at the Habanos Festival coming up in February. This does lead to problems and you may have noticed the lack of firm favourites in the Cohiba range as well as other highly popular cigars. This is the first year we have not had the stock to be able to offer everything to everyone. We take a lot of pride in both our service and also the stock we offer and we will continue to do everything we can to get that stock available for our hard working clients globally.

All the best for 2017 and keep an eye out for the next round of deals!

David and the Top Team

A whirlwind week at the Habanos Festival in Havana!

By David on March, 07th 2016 - 1:34 am

Back to Geneva after a week of fun in the smoke filled sun of Cuba and the fabulous surroundings of Havana. Many a mojito and cigar were had and I cannot recommend enough for all of you umming and arghing about whether to go - just go! It really is about as fun, happening and exciting as I can remember it, and now with the buzz of the thawing of the US relations you must go before it loses any of its charm. President Obama is visiting in a few weeks and will once again put the spotlight on Cuba, already tourism numbers are through the roof these past 12 months and are set to carry on in this fashion. All of you cigar lovers, make it a priority to get over to Cuba, even our American friends can get there more easily now, and enjoy the wonders of the Pinar del Rio province where the finest Cuban cigar tobacco is grown, and then back in Havana marvel at the jazz and salsa bars with a mojito, an open neck shirt and a quality Partagas cigar to hand. You will feel king of the world, and all your worries will vanish for an evening. It really has a wonderful effective on you and I already want to go back again!
Let us know your experiences in Cuba on the usual email, , we love to hear your stories.

All the best
David and the Top Team

Habanos Festival XVIII *Update*

By David on March, 02nd 2016 - 6:16 am

Hope you are all well, just to relay the press release from Habanos in Cuba today on the new 50 year anniversary celebration of Cohiba and the announcement of a very special Cohiba range. The Cohiba Medio Siglo will be released later this year and also a range of just 50 limited edition Cohiba humidors which will no doubt be in huge demand. Read more from the Habanos press release here .

Cuba and US Trade Relations, Rum and Tobacco

By David on February, 18th 2016 - 2:57 am

An interesting article on the BBC here regarding trademark rights for the Havana Club Rum, and who owns the rights to it.
Havana Club Rum is a joint venture between the Cuban government and Pernot Ricard, the French drinks multi-national. This Cuban made rum is sold and marketed around the world, except in the US where the trade embargo exists. In the US the Bacardi Group, a former Cuban company which fled after the Revolution took up the name and have exclusive marketing and sales for the US. It is a rum made in Puerto Rico.

I write about this as it is similar to the dilemma in the cigar industry. The Made in Cuba aspect has a huge appeal in the US, whether it be rum or cigars and yet legally they still cannot be sold in the US. Companies are jockeying for position for the inevitable crumbling of the Embargo and then who will be best positioned to be able to market their products, Cuban or just with a Cuban name? Imperial Brands is the company that has a 50% stake in Habanos cigars along with the Cuban government. It also happens to own a number of famous named Cuban cigar brands in the US but the cigars are made in the Dominican Republic or Honduras to name a few. Far from being inferior, they are simply just different from what we are accustomed out of Cuba.

Other rival cigar companies no doubt will be going down the route that Bacardi Group recently did, however even with the in-built bias towards Cuba, Havana Club Cuba won the naming rights in January and I hope this will occur in the cigar industry whenever the time comes! We are big Cuban cheerleaders and have little time for the no doubt more hot air to come from the Cuban Americans who fled in the 50s!

Interested to hear your thoughts.

David and the Top Team

More Deals and Twitter Announcement!

By David on November, 20th 2015 - 6:09 pm

We have had a gorgeous few days in Geneva, sadly this weekend it is all coming to an end, with snow and rain about to fall from the skies. With a weekend indoors, what could be better then to open up your Ipad and scroll through the amazing TopCubans Promotions and pick out the special box marked for you! 15% will continue on this weekend so get your orders in to avoid disappointment!

On a side note, we have joined Twitter so follow us at Topcubans1 for regular updates and comments. Give us a few days to get used to it, this is our first real foray into the social media world, we hope it can be a fun addition to Topcubans for everyone.

Enjoy your weekend

David and the Top Team

Cohiba in Cuba

By David on November, 04th 2015 - 5:42 am

Cohiba is among the most famous of the Cuban cigar brands. They became highly visible during the Castro regime, Fidel was a huge fan and promoted it very effectively in his time as President of Cuba for 50 odd years.

Today Cohiba stands out as the most premium and luxurious cigar brand and along with excellent packaging and a great Yellow and Gold colour scheme it certainly stands out in a shop or in your humidor at home. Recently though there has been a lack of supply coming out of Cuba for Cohiba cigars of all shapes and sizes. So do not be surprised to see the odd popular cigar being hard to find. We pride ourselves on our stock and our quality of inspection and storage of our cigars. We are always among the first to get products and offer them at the most competitive prices.

But we all must remember that these are hand-made products and in-demand cigars such as Cohiba can come across supply issues. So we suggest requesting information about stock, boxcodes and general info on how certain cigars are smoking. Communication is such a key part of this business and we endeavour to have that at the forefront of our service to you, our great clients all over the world.

Constant Changing Band and Box Designs from Habanos

By David on October, 23rd 2015 - 1:50 am

We get many questions here at Topcubans regarding bands, the ever-changing nature of the design of boxes and bands has always been and will continue to be a subject of great debate. Habanos are not renowned for their openness and getting the word out when a new design is released and understandably smokers across the world look at new boxes of their favourite cigars and new bands rather suspiciously.

It is left to us and other retailers and distributors to educate and inform, and so if you have any doubts you must get in touch with us and do not immediately assume you have been duped or sold counterfeit cigars. The very popular Montecristo band is an excellent example of where the bands in the past year have radically changed. Always check with us if you are unsure on and also our friends at the CUBAN CIGAR WEBSITE . Hope this helps some of you out there.

All the best
David and the Top Team

Cigar Aficionado New Cuban Cigar Ratings

By David on October, 02nd 2015 - 9:21 pm

Hi Everyone, now into October so the fuller, more woody and earthy cigars are the order of the day. Our industry bible Cigar Aficionado magazine has just come out with their latest issue and as ever Cubans dominate the top spots, so enjoy our David's Smokes Page where they are all outlined and you can purchase all of them available on

Enjoy your weekend.

Mid Summer Bliss

By David on August, 12th 2015 - 5:52 am

Mid Summer I hope you are all having great moments away from work and the daily grind. Kids in camp, kick back watch some sport on the tv, sit out in your garden and enjoy the long evenings with a slow burning Cuban in hand.
We just released the latest top Cuban cigars from our friends at the Cigar Aficionado magazine. Keep an eye out for the annual party in Vegas in November which we more often than not have people there. Tickets are limited and so check out their website here for details. Some new cigars here but I can vouch for them and am happy to answer any questions you may have on those cigars, or indeed anything and everything on all things Cuban. The usual mailing address, will be responded by Richard or myself personally 100% guaranteed. We take a lot of pride in our customer service so feel free to drop us a line.

David & Richard

Hoyo San Juan

By David on July, 30th 2015 - 5:58 am

We have a new cigar which will no doubt prove popular. Check out the Cigar Aficionado Magazine's take on the Hoyo de Monterrey San Juan"
You can purchase it in the Top Left Corner the packs of 3 which are fantastic. Enjoy!

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