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Richard's Diary


Brexit and the Euros into the Knockout Stages

By David on June, 23rd 2016 - 6:56 pm

Lots happening in the world, does the UK leaving the EU bring about a shift in the geopolitics of the world? Trump and Hillary rumble on as the 2 candidates for the most powerful job in the world. Congratulations to Dustin Johnson winning a tough US Open, in tennis Wimbledon starts soon though weather in Europe is not as greats it can be! Finally the Euros enter the exciting phase of competition, knockout from here on in, it is wide open this year.

A few quality cigars for bracing yourself for the action, perhaps a Cuaba Salamones for the long night watching the Brexit votes come in overnight. May need to be re-lit, and may knock you out before results are in!
For daytime football games, try a Hoyo Epicure No 2, for nighttime games, something a little stronger like a Partagas Serie D No 4 or a Bolivar Royal Corona.
Wimbledon and the Royal Henley Regatta Rowing Festival require some classy Montecristo Master or Regatas, and the Eagle is a great size for a round of golf.

The world may be turning upside down, but keep it all in perspective, what's important in life, friends, family and a good selection of quality Cubans and bottles of alochol.

Take care wherever you are in the world.

David and the Top Team

Outcomes for Cuba depending on the next US President

By David on May, 12th 2016 - 3:50 pm

Can we say now that it will be a Clinton-Trump election in the US? Almost certainly we can, so we can now start to play the fun game of what would a President Trump world look like and would a President Clinton one be a simply continuation of Obama's policies, good and bad?

As a cigar smoker and a keen alcohol consumer, I am very much in the personal freedom camp - keep out of my business government, and typically this would favour a Republican candidate.

In our little world of cigars and all things Cuban, I think Republicans are stronger on citizens' rights, ie freedom to smoke and not be lectured about it, but then on the potential of opening up Cuba, Trump's strong anti-trade rhetoric makes cutting a deal to end the embargo hard to envision. He does make noises of his ambivalence to the issue, it will, as it always has for the past 50 years, be down to how influential the Cuban Republicans in Florida are in getting their man to maintain the status quo.

Hilary on the other hand looks very keen to capitalize on the progress Obama has made, and potentially take the glory of finally opening it all up. I imagine the embargo won't be changed in this final year of his premiership so that is surely an attainable goal she could have in her 1st term. It may have a lot to do with the next generation of Cuban leaders once the Castros move on.

Cigar smokers are constantly under attack in the US and around the world, being lumped in with cigarette smokers as all bad. High taxes, lack of sensible regulations on where to smoke and the stupid and infringing plain packaging laws started by the Australians and looking to be rolled out across Europe. We will continue to fight for cigar smokers' rights, and for governments to just leave us all alone in peace. One can always hope we get a President who acknowledges this.

Warmest Regards to you all around the world, enjoy your smokes!


A New Promotion Celebrating a Rather Querky Swiss Festival...

By David on April, 13th 2016 - 2:22 am

A new Promotion on Topcubans, for all orders over 400$ we are adding 2 Cohiba Siglo I tubos cigars to your order. This applies for all order from now until Sunday April 17th at midnight. You must have your order in by then to take advantage of this special offer, and we add the cigars manually our end once you have placed the order.

The Siglo I is a firecracker of a little cigar, plenty of spice and power in the quick smoke. The tubos allow it to be an ideal gift stick to a friend or a couple of cigars for a night out on the town.

Why the promotion? Well we at Topcubans are always trying new and exciting ways to go through the year and check out interesting things that happened culturally both in Switzerland where we are based but also cultures relevant in our cigar world. And then maybe a few fun and random ones thrown in like our famous PI Day promotion in March. In April we celebrate the Sechseläuten Spring Festival with the burning of the Boogg to drive out the Winter and bring in the fresh new season of Springtime. Feel free to find out more here, we at Topcubans love burning things, partiuclarly fine cigars so we will drink and smoke to that.

Enjoy the longer nights, and the milder days wherever you are in the world!

David and the Top Team

Whether you are traveling or at home, enjoy a cigar this weekend

By David on January, 23rd 2016 - 7:38 pm

Got to the weekend everyone, I know many of you are battling heavy snow and rain falls so godspeed and just relax indoors.
Switch the tv on and settle into some cracking sport, football on both sides of the Atlantic has some cracking games. Open up some of your dusty bottles of alcohol, sit back and relax with a long slow burning cigar in your mancave!

Those of you in warmer parts of the world, we have our excellent travel pack samplers, which give you a nice mix of cigars along with a handy accessory to transport your stogies. All these can be reviewed on our Samplers Page so enjoy your travels or enjoy the comfort of your home this weekend!

David and the Top Team

Welcome back to 2016!

By David on January, 07th 2016 - 6:42 am

Hello Everybody,

A big welcome back from you holidays, in the sun or shivering in the cold. We have the perfect cigars for you lighter or heavier to go with the weather or your differing palates. Our new range of deals reflects this with plenty of your sun-seekers heading South and wanting lighter and a calmer smoking experience, and those of you stuck in the depths of Winter wanting a nice heavy blend to go with your bourbon or scotch! I am on my way back from a grand time in Mexico on the beaches of the Caribbean side, and hope to see as many of you as possible in 2016 for some cigar fun. Topcubans is all about celebrating the excitement and enjoyment we all get out of our smoking passion and I hope we can look forward to another magical year for you our loyal clients and us serving you as best we can.

Our sincerest regards

David and the Top Team

Thanksigiving Deals for Our Cigar Friends Around the World

By David on November, 27th 2015 - 9:36 am

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and even those of you who do not celebrate it, it is a great time to start browsing for Christmas inspirations and gift ideas for your loved ones!

Those of you into your cigars or indeed with family and friends who like a nice cigar over Christmas - now is the time to grab the best deals available and have all your Cuban dreams ready and organised in time before the Christmas chaos!
Sit back relax and get your orders in early!

All the best
David and the Top Team

Relations between the US and Cuba

By David on September, 29th 2015 - 2:47 am

The UN is meeting in New York these next few days to try and thrash out the world's diplomatic issues. Cuba no doubt will be apart of the discussions and we hope that pressure from other nations on the US to really push for an ending of the embargo will be made.

This will open up Cuba to its nearest neighbour for tourism and trade both ways, with an immeasurable boost to its fledgling economy. Americans will be able to legally get their hands on the finest cigars in the world, I would finally be able to say, yes it is legal to purchase Cuban cigars from Cuba!

We feel good about the past 12 months of huge steps forward, we just need the final collapse of the embargo to truly be able to rejoice that the world has come to its senses! All these stressed-out delegates need is a good couple of hours drinking some fine Scotch over a Montecristo No 2, and I am sure that will help get the talks rolling!

Enjoy whatever you are smoking!

David and the Top Team

Topcubans are Here to Help

By David on July, 02nd 2015 - 5:37 am

A week of quite astounding political developments in Washington DC. Supreme Court rulings on Same-sex marriage, Obamacare and the confirmation from the White House of the re-opening of the American embassy in Havana and the Cuban embassy in Washington. We often bemoan the lack of action and progress in Washington, but whichever side you are on for these debates, at least decisions are finally being made and not just more kicking of the can down the road!

For us with a keen eye on all things Cuban, the opening up of relations is to be welcomed and we hope it piles further pressure onto Congress to act on the Trade embargo. And only when that has come down will Americans truly be allowed to visit and comsume cigars, rum and everything else made on the island; and vice versa. Know one really knows if this will mean an over supply of Cuban cigars, or if standards will rise to maintain their reputation as the best manufacturers of cigars in the world.

But whatever happens, Topcubans will always be here to help you steer your way through what's hot and what's not, our impartial reviews and take on the Cuban cigar industry. We strive to pass on our passion for cigars to our clients all over the world with the best service available.

Any questions you may have feel free to email us at

Enjoy your smokes from the Top Team!

How will the next few years pan out in Cuba?

By David on May, 19th 2015 - 5:07 am

An interesting debate to have over a few crisp glasses of Speyside scotch and a nice Romeo y Julieta Churchill sitting outside on the porch is how will Cuba turn out if and when this embargo comes down with the United States?

Obviously they do not want to go back to the 1950s where American cronyism and big business left a somewhat bitter taste with the Cuban people and brought upon the revolution. There appears no particular appetite by the Cuban government to reduce their power over enterprise, though there have been some notable exceptions. There has been a huge increase in the number of rooms available to cope with the influx of tourists in recent months, many from private homeowners opening up their homes. This has always been a part of life in Cuba, but previously tourists may have felt hesitant to go for this and there were not hugely obvious options other than the grand hotels.

If you choose to go for the option in staying with a local family in their home, you will really get a unique experience, a warm and genuine welcome and also helping to contribute to the beginnings of private enterprise in Cuba which as we all know will be critical in the next 20 years for Cuba to move into the modern world and flourish like we know they can.

They maintain the best cigars in the world by a way in our view and we cannot wait for Americans to be able legally to get their hands on them whenever that comes about in 6 months or 5 years, but we are getting close one feels...

Happy smoking everyone


New Services from the US to Cuba

By David on May, 06th 2015 - 4:16 pm

Many people have been asking Richard and I what all the news in the past few months means for ordinary Americans who want to travel to Cuba or buy Cuban products. Even with the recent developments very little has changed for the regular person on the street.

Recent announcements of ferry links between Florida and Cuba and a few more chartered flights (Jetblue from JFK as well as several from Florida already) are welcome, but only Americans who have all the required documents can take advantage of these services - there are 12 different categories you need to jump through with the various government agencies.

These announcements are of course a welcome step in the right direction, but the trade embargo still stands, and that will need an Act of Congress to truly open up Cuba for Americans. It is coming but we are still a way off yet. Of course all our non American friends you have no issue going there, just don't try connecting through the US!

Happy travels

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