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Richard's Diary

September 2009


By Richard on September, 30th 2009 - 3:12 pm

Do you picture Oktoberfest as a quaint but lively get-together of rosy-faced Germans, wearing lederhosen, clinking beer steins and yodeling in pleasant harmony? Forget it!

The largest beer festival in the world has become a hugely commercial orgy of brewery tents, food vendors, brass bands, costumes and carnival rides. Some 7 million liters of beer are consumed, worn and sloshed about during a 16 day period. Besides quenching their thirst and inebriating their spirits, the over 7 million visitors also use the beer to wash down hundreds of thousands of sausages and rolls. Named "Oktoberfest" because it ends on the first Sunday in October. Known by the locals as the "Wies'n" a reference to its historic origins. Great place to expand your cigar pairings!

Geneva Cantons band smoking, again

By Richard on September, 28th 2009 - 2:03 pm

A ban on smoking in public places will return to Switzerland's Geneva canton after being approved in a referendum Sunday (27 Sep 2009), a year after a court ended a first bid to prohibit lighting up. Geneva's residents voted 81.77 percent in favour of bringing back the ban, with only 18.3 percent voting against. A canton-wide smoking ban in public places was originally introduced on July 1, 2008, after the state government used a first referendum as grounds for pushing through the move. But the smokers were allowed to light up again at the end of September last year in bars and restaurants following the ruling. A year on, the smoking ban will once again come into force after the canton's lawmakers passed legislation and had it overwhelmingly approved in Sunday's referendum. Federal Tribunal ruled three months later that the ban should not have been passed by the canton's lawmakers before the state's government enacted legislation. The law therefore had no legal basis, the tribunal found. Geneva's The new rules allow bar, hotel and restaurant owners to fit out special smoking rooms in their establishments, which the original ban did not. Supporters of the ban are opposed to this compromise, however, and said Sunday they would appeal to the Federal Tribunal. (

Autumn, the cigar smoker's Season

By Richard on September, 25th 2009 - 11:37 am

Imagine the setting; you are gently strolling through a woody forest. The air is crisp, but not cold, just enough to allow you to see your breath billow out with every step. The sun is present, but only to give light to Mother Nature's masterpiece of Seasonal metamorphosis. The leaves all around are taking on their rich Autumn colors, producing a duvet of brown, orange and red as far as the eye can see. Small animals busily shuffle around collecting and storing their food supplies for the long Winter to come. Your dog happily explores this world around him, fascinated by every sound and smell, occasionally coming back to you for a quick pat for assurance. This is the setting for your perfect Autumn smoke. Just you, your cigar and the miracle that is the planet we live on.

Autumn is my favorite smoking Season. I find the air is perfectly suited to enhance flavour and the foods are richer bringing giving much more depth to your favorite smoke. Enjoy these times. Why not share your ideal smoking situations with the club.

Aged Pack

By Richard on September, 14th 2009 - 11:36 am

Whilst new smokers tend to enjoy the young edgy aspect of a new production cigar, insisting on oily and dark wrappers, the more experienced smoker will no doubt see the enormous potential of sampling the Aged Packs. As the green flavours lessen and the aromas intended by the blend master emerge, the cigar starts to take on its true character. The oils in the tobacco fade, leaving flavour and balance in the smoke. Smoking an aged Churchill cigar is such a different experience to smoking a young, wild cigar. Let your palate discover the true tastes of Cuba and push yourself to experience the next level of smoking.

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