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Richard's Diary

September 2007

does color matter

By Richard on September, 25th 2007 - 1:35 pm

Apart from the aesthetic of personal preference and a slightly more tingly effect on the lips from a darker wrapper, the color of a Cuban cigars does not have a major effect on the overall experience of your smoke. Apart form the Edicion Limitada series, and now the new Cohiba Maduro line, the wrapper color of Cuban cigars comes in a variety of shade (Claro to Oscuro) and depends on the quantity of stock, weather variants at the time of production, when the cigar are rolled in the year and which part of the island the cigar was rolled in. The wrapper accounts for about 3% of the overall taste of a cigar, so color variations has no real effect on the taste of your cigar. If you do have a preference, please be sure to mention this when you submit an order and we will always do our best to find you the closest wrapper color possible.

cooler weather, cooler smokes

By Richard and Rick on September, 20th 2007 - 8:08 pm

With the cooler weather arriving, your palate will start to demand richer aromas and more substantial power. The corporal clock has ticked in the Power Hour! Look for the Bolivar, Partagas, Ramon Allones families for the strength and Cohiba, Punch and Vegas Robaina for the spicy touches. This is our favorite time of the year to smoke, as food, wine and cigar seem to meet on a common ground of constructive complementarity.

Relighting a cigar

By Richard on September, 13th 2007 - 11:16 am

How long can one leave a cigar in it's dormant state and relight it, to still find a flavorful smoke. Obviously, this varies from smoker to smoker. I know a man who sleeps with a cigar and immediately lights it up again when he awakes. I always think that a cigar that has been out for over three hours, starts to take on the burnt flavors in the remaining tobacco. Letting a cigar rest for a n hour, even two, is completely acceptable. Simply remember to tap off the excess ash prior to relighting. Enjoy.

// zenhog // October, 24th 2007 // 9:09 pm

if you can catch it in time - just after it goes out or if you clip the end because you're going to return to it - blow through the cigar to exit any lingering smoke inside. That also helps keep it fresher upon relighting.

Rugby World Cupp 2007

By Richard on September, 07th 2007 - 2:40 pm

We will be there, smoking live to you on all the action in the 2007 Rugby World Cup! A hooligan's sport played by gentlemen, this is the perfect venue to pour yourself a pint of Dark Ale and light up a Romeo y Julieta Churchill, kick back and enjoy the rough and tumble of the finest Rugby players in the world.

You can see:
IRB Rugby World Cup

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