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Richard's Diary

September 2005

Another new Cuban cigar on the Swiss Market !!

By Richard on September, 28th 2005 - 5:48 pm

We are very lucky at the moment, as Habanos has released another new cigar on the Swiss Market. After the Punch Robustos, the Ramon Allones Eminencias (double banded, Ramon and Regional Production bands) will appeal to all smokers in search of a sophisticated smoke. Very Limited (only 1200 cabs produced for the Swiss market only), another one for the collectors. They will go quickly so if you are looking for THAT special cigar to put in your humidor, this is the one !

Humidor - air circulation

By Richard on September, 27th 2005 - 3:02 pm

Rick and I have been re-arranging the humidor, to try and allow the greatest flow of air around the numerous boxes we currently have in stock. I cannot stress enough, how important it is to allow the air to circulate round your cigars. This allows the cigars to breath and for the fermentation process to remain constant, which in essence is 'aging' your cigars. In the same way I always go on about giving your cigars a few days in your humidor to recover from the stress of the shipping process, allowing them sufficient air circulation is essential to ease and relax your cigars, thus making your smoke a smooth and tasty one. Enjoy !

// Danny // October, 05th 2005 // 11:34 pm

I totally agree with you, Richard...I use an electronic humidification device called a "Set n Forget" that has a powerful fan on top of the reservior, and it works fine, but I've since added two small auxilliary fans at the top and middle of the armoire and have noticed (with the help of a couple separate hygros) that my humidity is exactly 67% at the top, the middle and the bottom. Common sense tells you that uniformity would keep all your prized cigars at their best. Best regards, Danny

Big Smoke or not Big Smoke ?

By Richard on September, 19th 2005 - 7:20 pm

Being the 10th Anniversary of the Big Smoke, I was strongly considering making my way over to Las Vegas for this special event. I was wondering if any of you would be attending this year's event ? Would love to see you there.

// dutch // October, 04th 2005 // 9:51 pm


5 friends and myself will be at the big smoke in vegas. We are all staying at the paris. would love to meet you. get back with me how we can accomplish this...dave dyess

// jmtben // October, 04th 2005 // 6:58 am

It's been confirmed.....
We WILL be there.......
Hope to see you there too....

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UEFA Champions league kicks off again !

By Richard on September, 15th 2005 - 11:14 am

Tuesday and Wednesday saw the kick off the 2005 UEFA Champions league. All the big guns are there again and ready to make strong bids for the most prized trophy in European football. Amongst the clear favorites this year are Chelsea FC (Eng), F.C. Barcelona (Esp), A.C. Milan (Ita), Juventus (Ita), with the outsiders being Inter Milan (Ita), Real Madrid (Esp), Lyon (Fra). Note the presence of the Swiss team, F.C. Thun (smallest budget ever to participate in the elimination phases of the Champions League). I rub my hands in anticipation of what should be a fantastic tournament. Enjoy !

// hockeycigaroamateur // September, 26th 2005 // 5:23 am

Juventus all the way!!! ( If they still had Zidane...LOL!!!)

Fondue Season is off and kicking !

By Richard on September, 12th 2005 - 6:49 pm

When the temperature drops and the days get shorter, it can mean only one thing.....the Fondue season is finally here !

Early Saturday evening, I met up with Rick and Claude 'The Accountant' André (who is also one of Switzerland's foremost Paté (meat pie) experts), both leading Fondue-ists, to start our pilgrimage up the Jura for the first Fondue of the season. We will do all the Geneva venues throughout the season, but the first Fondue must always be something special. The small village of Saubraz plays host to one of the finest (and most derelict) Fondue restaurants in Suisse Romand. 19 Fondues to choose from, 22 different types of smoked meat and 1 type of white wine, locally made. While the cheese and meat are fabulous, the white wine leaves something to be desired and if miss-handled will take the varnish off the table. It was a memorable evening, with Claude 'The Accountant' André, breaking the local record for number of portions eaten in one sitting and Rick being elected most 'undesirable person in Saubraz'. Much merriment was had by one and all (especially the local wenches, highly impressed with the appetite of Claude). The wake up was rather difficult and cramped, considering we all slept in Rick's smaller than-mini car, but the feeling of a 'job well done' combined with the fact that a lynch mob had 'kindly' gathered outside (I am guessing to wish us a safe journey home), quickly got us on the homeward journey.

With the first Fondue out of the way, it just leaves us a few other firsts to celebrate - Raclette, Malakov, Croute au fromage, Tartiflette, Tomme Poelée, etc..........

Punch Robustos - produced for Swiss Market only !

By Richard on September, 09th 2005 - 1:17 pm

Produced solely for the Swiss Market and in very small quantities, The Punch Robustos (double banded, Punch and Regional Production bands) will appeal to all Robusto smokers. In my view and from the one I tasted, this is a medium bodied cigar (may develop into a fuller bodied smoke with time) that explores the woody/spicy flavors. I have received a few boxes from the Habanos S.A. Importer in Switzerland (the only Habanos S.A Importer to receive these)and will let them lie for a few days in my humidor. I will have them available on line during the course of next week.

// Danny // September, 10th 2005 // 2:41 am

Being such a fan of Punch-Punch, as well as many Robustos, I would be very interested in trying these. Is this just a one time regional offer, or a market test for further production?
Best regards...
Danny Carlson

08 Sep - Public Holiday in Geneva

By Richard on September, 08th 2005 - 5:47 pm

Thursday 08 September is a public holiday in Geneva - Jeune Genevoise. We will send out all orders on Friday. Please excuse an inconvenience caused. annual Strategic Planning and Professional Development day

By Richard on September, 01st 2005 - 6:42 pm

Today is the annual Strategic Planning and Professional Development day for How do we expand the shop into a wider Cuban cigar community area where Members will feel comfortable to come and chat ? How can we better serve the Members of ? So Rick and I will head out to a terrace and ponder on these questions, smoke quite a few cigars and re-invent the world 10 times over. Please give us your suggestions as this is your community after all.

// Paul // September, 12th 2005 // 10:11 pm

Richard and Rick. I have been very pleased with your top-notch service and cigars. Like Danny, I would also like to receive empty boxes/cabs. More importantly however, box code information on the site would be a very valuable resource. I suspect this will help reduce the amount of e-mail requests for this information also. Regards - Paul

// Danny // September, 03rd 2005 // 10:10 am

Dear Richard and Rick...The only suggestion I could possibly make, and it is quite trivial in the case of your store, which, to me, (as well a countless others) is run to perfection, and that is the only word I could use to describe the job you do, would be a more uniform across-the-board way for your clients to request and receive their empty boxes if they so desire. Everywhere I've checked, and it's been many places, empty boxes from cuban cigars are not illegal in the US...only the cigars that they contained. They are often sold out in the open to people that want to make things like purses and bags out of them, and I have received the same answer to all inquiries I've made.It's easy to ask for price drops, etc., but honestly, for what your customer receives for his or her dollar is an astounding amount of top-notch customer service, unparalleled product knowledge, and access to possibly the best selection out there. You only stock the best, and your customers are always number one. Thank you, as always, for all you do

Danny Carlson

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