Buy Cuban Cigars on-line
Buy Cuban Cigars on-line

Richard's Diary

August 2015

A 10% Deal For The End Of Summer

By David on August, 27th 2015 - 1:16 am

We know that feeling you get from returning from you holidays, thoroughly relaxed and pleased with life, and then reality kicks in. You are heading back to work and back to the daily grind. Well we at Topcubans understand your pain and so we are pleased to be offering a super 10% promotion on a huge variety of full packs and boxes of the finest Cuban cigars going. It won't last forever so get your orders in as soon as you can to take full advantage.

Cigars made for walking the dog

By David on August, 21st 2015 - 12:17 pm

Sometimes you need a bit of peace and quiet. Just you, your dog and your cigar. No screaming kids, no nagging wife, no blaring television, just the open spaces of a woody forest and the sweet air of the last days of summer. Your dog happily explores the world around him, fascinated by every sound and smell, occasionally coming back to you for a quick pat for assurance. Your cigar burns slowly, allowing you relish the full plethora of aromas. This is the setting for your perfect smoke.

Dog walking cigars are the perfect life companion and will get you through difficult times as well as relieve you of all stress. They will make you more intelligent and more popular. Don’t be a ‘nobody’; get yourself a Dog walking cigar today!

Refresh of our Website and New 2015 Limitadas!

By David on August, 14th 2015 - 7:53 pm

As you have probably noticed, we are in the middle of refreshing our website, to try and bring it up into modern times. More user-friendly naviagation around the site, and overtime more features which will improve your overall Topcubans experience. We look forward to any feedback from you our clients, positive or negative, it is all very helpful to us.
We are also pleased to announce the first round of 2015 limited editions which we have put on sale this weekend, the H Upmann Magnum 56, limited editions 2015. They are starting out on David's Prestigious Page, and over the next few months we will be offering a few more which take a little longer to get through from Cuba. Worth waiting for, the Magnum 56s are a fantastic bold smoke which any cigar smoker with curiosity should delve into.
Enjoy your weekend.


Mid Summer Bliss

By David on August, 12th 2015 - 5:52 am

Mid Summer I hope you are all having great moments away from work and the daily grind. Kids in camp, kick back watch some sport on the tv, sit out in your garden and enjoy the long evenings with a slow burning Cuban in hand.
We just released the latest top Cuban cigars from our friends at the Cigar Aficionado magazine. Keep an eye out for the annual party in Vegas in November which we more often than not have people there. Tickets are limited and so check out their website here for details. Some new cigars here but I can vouch for them and am happy to answer any questions you may have on those cigars, or indeed anything and everything on all things Cuban. The usual mailing address, will be responded by Richard or myself personally 100% guaranteed. We take a lot of pride in our customer service so feel free to drop us a line.

David & Richard

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