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Richard's Diary

August 2005

Once in a life time or just the beginning ?

By Richard on August, 29th 2005 - 6:00 pm

I was in Geneva Airport on Saturday afternoon dropping off a very good friend, when it happened.

Some would call it destiny, others would say it was fate, I know quite a few people who would simply say that I'm insane (although I'm not sure that is relevant on this occasion) or perhaps the simple truth is I imagined the whole thing as a result of the first fondue of the year, an overdose on a fabulously tasty 18 year old Cognac and four H.Upmann Magnum 50 EL's in a row (enough to put hair on any man's (or in this case, woman's) chest) the night before. Whether it actually happened (as this may never be confirmed, due to my inability to find the hairy chested woman present the night before) or not, the global experience will forever mark me as one of the single most important meetings of my life. A chance meeting, ('do you come the airport....this airport, here...often ?' or 'what is a girl like you doing in an airport like this ?') with a passing stranger, who in my eyes instantly became the personification of Perfection. For 20 min (which at the time felt like hours and later seemed like a fleeting 30 seconds, thus confirming Einstein's theories of Relativity, which is nice) I floated, lost in an ocean of happiness. As I stumbled, awkwardly from useless fact to bad joke, mixing up punch lines with the highest recorded speed of a sneeze (400mph), I realized the woman sitting opposite me had pierced me right down to the deepest part of my right atrioventicular valve (rather like an episode of CSI - Miami). Then she up and flew out of my life.

How many occasions in a lifetime do you meet the perfect person ? Maybe it will just be the once and just for 20 minutes, but as a fellow countryman of mine once said, 'better to have loved and lost, then never have loved at all'.

Good luck to the technician

By Richard on August, 26th 2005 - 4:10 pm

Our Technician, Serge 'the main man', sets off on holiday today for a two week run, and I really mean a two week run. He is starting out from Thonon-les-Bains (on Lake Geneva, French side) and running down to Cannes (South of France). Just a quick 650 km and he calls it a holiday ? Well I always knew these IT guys were bizarre, but this.........Anyway, I wish him good luck with his struggle.

// Danny // August, 29th 2005 // 8:44 am

Let me get this straight...he's running...on purpose? Because he WANTS to? The only reason I would run would be if someone were chasing me, preferably with a gun for further motivation! When he gets back, Richard, you should have a doctor take a look at this man, make sure he's all right!

Danny Carlson

Back in the Humidor again

By Richard on August, 23rd 2005 - 3:48 pm

Well, after having wondered around Europe for the last couple of weeks feeding on dried meats, fresh fruits and gallons of local wine, befriending goats in northern Spain, participating in a Hurdy-Gurdy festival in the Auvergne and spending two nights lost in the Italian country side the return to my humidor has been a joyous and heart warming occasion. I spent a good couple of hours yesterday going through my humidor to re-acclimatize myself to the sound and smell of cigars. It is funny how much you can miss a familiar space in such a short period of time. Great to be back !

// Danny // August, 29th 2005 // 8:46 am

Welcome back, my friend...I hope, and it sounds like you did, you recharged your batteries in all the right ways. Rick took outstanding care of me while you were gone! Best regards, Danny Carlson

// Rese // August, 26th 2005 // 12:56 pm

They say that smell is the strongest sense you have. Maybe that is why cigar smoking is so appealing. Even my non-smoking friends always want to "smell" my cigars. They love them!

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Extended Stay

By Richard on August, 05th 2005 - 6:04 pm

I have decided to take advantage of a three day wine course here in the Piedmont area, so I will not be back in the office next week. From what I have heard from Rick, everything seems to being going smoothly. Am heading to the coast this weekend, hopefully to get a bit of sun and sea food. I wish you all an excellent weekend and week ahead. Enjoy !

// Paul // August, 15th 2005 // 11:33 pm

Hope you enjoyed your holiday! I'm off to scotland this week, fishing for the silver tourists(salmon)with a fine selection of smokes in the travelling humidor trying to convince the savages north of the border what a good cigar is all about! Will be in touch on my return to refill the humdor. Rgds. PBH.

// bobby44 // August, 08th 2005 // 2:14 pm

Lucky you ! Enjoy your 'extended' stay !

Italian Wines

By Richard on August, 03rd 2005 - 8:01 pm

The flatlands of the Po Valley are surrounded by the Alps and the Appennimes constituting Italy's coolest wine-growing region. When the weather conditions are good, wines of great complexity are produced. The eight regions of what is loosely defined as northern Italy boast the nation's highest standard of living and its richest diet, in terms of both abundance and variety. The plains that extend along the Po and lesser rivers from Piedmont to the northern rim of the Adriatic proliferate with grain, corn, rice, fruit, livestock and dairy products. Vineyards on slopes along the great arc formed by the Alps and Apennines are Italy's prime sources of premium wine. The eight northern regions produce about a third of Italian wine, though they account for more than half of the DOC/DOCG total. The leading region for volume of classified wines is Veneto, where Verona's Soave and Valpolicella head production. Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli-Venezia Giulia have sterling reputations for white wines, though they are increasingly admired for reds. Lombardy is noted for aged reds from the Alpine Valtellina and classical sparkling wines from the hills of Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese. The north's most vaunted reds are Barolo and Barbaresco of Piedmont, a region that also makes Gattinara, Barbera, Dolcetto and sparkling sweet Asti. You learn something everyday. Enjoy !

Italian Food

By Richard on August, 02nd 2005 - 5:59 pm

Well, only a couple of days into my relaxation gastronomic holiday and I am in heaven. I have eaten some of the finest foods and drunk some of the tastiest wines I have had in a long time. Nothing is heavy and difficult, everything is light and flavorsome. You can really taste the essence of each product. A tomato tastes like a tomato, Basil carries a full, fresh flavor and the fresh pasta has a taste of it's own, that adds so much to the overall experience of a meal. Weather is fantastic and the people are so open and friendly (finished Sunday night on Giuseppe's living room floor, don't ask me who Giuseppe is, but he makes a wicked Grappa). Will be driving around the area exploring some of the wineries at the beginning of this week, so look out for a report on Northern Italian Wines. Enjoy !

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