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Richard's Diary

July 2016

Feeling like trying something new? Write it into your order comments and it will be done!

By David on July, 28th 2016 - 3:32 pm

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday somewhere nice and relaxing. Obviously that means ample time for cigars I hope and we have a great selection picked out for this very important me-time this Summer!
As a special celebration of Swiss National Day (August 1st) we are offering all clients who place an order for 400$ or more to write in a cigar they would like to try and it can be any cigar that is available on the website. All cigars except our vintage selections are fair game, so be creative and use this opportunity to get a free hit at a cigar you perhaps typically cannot go for. If you forget, we are happy to add you something at our discretion which we will try to pick on your past history or something we think your individual palate will enjoy.

This promotion will run until Tuesday, so get those orders in and write in your cigar to try in the comments box and it will be done!

Enjoy your break and all the best from the Topcubans Team!

Topcubans Anticipates the Next Phase for Cubans in America

By David on July, 13th 2016 - 6:05 pm

Topcubans understand that the process of getting Cuban products to the US market, particularly in the food and drinks industry and the tobacco industry will have expensive and time consuming hurdles to jump through before getting permission to do so. Basically anything that the FDA department covers in their remit, so that concerns our area of cigars.

Despite warming relations at least on CNN and looking at Obama speak sunshine on all things Cuba, the embargo remains, covering all cigars except those purchased in Cuba and then returning back to the US on a regulated charter flight or cruise. This looks like it will remain for some time. They estimate it could cost up to 1 million Dollars per brand to deal with the red-tape and get FDA approval. Legal challenges by various non Cuban but same-named brands will also draw out this process. At the end we anticipate a messy process, and sadly there will be some brands that Cuba does not feel they have the need or demand to go through with the steps and this will result only limited brands being available , at least at the beginning of the process. Monte 2s, Cohibas, Partagas, but probably not the San cristabal or the Por Larranaga brands, firm favourites of Cuban fans, but it will be up to the Habanos executives to see whether they deem them "ready" for the US market. We hope so but we expect some spanners in the works at Topcubans.

Feel free to mail me any thoughts you may have on this interesting issue. You can read an excellent article on this here:

Giveaway Gift for the Euro 2016 Final Weekend

By David on July, 08th 2016 - 11:18 am

What a few weeks it has been, Europe politically appears rudderless, but thankfully there has been some great football on display at the Euros, and as an homage to the final coming up this Sunday, we are giving away a pack of 5 Romeo y Julieta No 2 tubos cigars for all orders over 300$ !! No need to do anything your end, we will be adding it manually our end once you have passed your order. You need to do it before midnight on Sunday, when we will know the winner - either Portugal or favourites France.

Weather has picked up in Geneva this week, so will be heading down to the fanzone in Lausanne to have a few drinks and smoke some of my favourite Romeos watching the game. Hope you all enjoy it and forget about the political turmoil in the world, keep living life to the full!

All the best for the weekend from the Top Team

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