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Richard's Diary

July 2005

Holiday for Richard

By Richard on July, 29th 2005 - 5:11 pm

Well it's that time of year again, Holidays. Ahhhh, looking forward to driving over the Alps, gently meandering down into Northern Italy through the Dolomites and into the Piedmont region, sliding into a chair and eating, drinking and smoking non-stop for a week. I love Northern Italian food and wines and in my view, nothing goes better with a mild cigar. I leave you all in the capable hands of my friend, Rick and recommend you all take advantage of his encyclopedic knowledge of Cuban cigars. Have a wonderful week and remember, enjoy !

// listman // August, 01st 2005 // 5:43 pm

You lucky lucky B*****d! Hope you have time to smoke an Esplendido all in one go! Enjoy and hope to get a full report in your next Blog, Richard!

// john44 // August, 01st 2005 // 4:08 pm

Hé Richard, enjoy your holidays !!!

The New Edicion Limitad 2005 - First Impressions

By Richard on July, 27th 2005 - 1:56 pm

Having allowed the new cigars sufficient time to settle in my humidor after their travels, I have now had a chance to smoke one of each of the new EL's. The H.Upmann Magnum 50 EL 2005 is simply outstanding and will get even better with time. Powerful, in the same range as the Cohiba Siglo VI, complex and smokes so smoothly. By far my favorite of the new EL's, at this stage. The RyJ Petit Piramides EL 2005 is a great break-time cigar. It is a short Belicosos, so starts off directly and very hot and just gets stronger. A small bomb ! I must admit, I am not a fan of these 'halfling' cigars, but I was presently surprised. The Montecristo D EL 2005, is the one that I feel still needs a bit of time to come into its own. For the moment I found the flavors were present, hints of spicy/coffee, but the smoke is still too linear and still lacks in development. My recommendation is to get the H.Upmann Magnum 50's at the moment, as I fear they will be very popular and the limited stock will quickly run out. Don't miss out on this great cigar. Enjoy !

Edicion Limitada 2005, now available

By Richard on July, 25th 2005 - 6:05 pm

I could have mentioned Lance Armstrong's historic seventh win on the Tour de France, I could have mentioned Alonso's win at the German Grand Prix, I could have mentioned the fabulous last night of the Paleo Music festival, I could even have told you about the Cajun BBQ my Father laid on this weekend or my Uncle's on-going trek across Wales, I could have.........I could have......

But we all know there is only one thing to mention today, the arrival of the new Edicion Limitada 2005 cigars -

Welcome to you, Montecristo D
Welcome to you, H. Upmann Magnum 50
Welcome to you, Romeo y Julieta Petit Piramides

Are they good ? Well you know what they say, where there is smoke......

A week in Provence

By Rick on July, 19th 2005 - 1:18 pm

We have all seen the television show, 'A year in Provence'. Well I just spent a week down in Provence, Southern France. This is the land of lavender, olive oil, rabbit stew, honey, Rosé wine, Pastis and Petanque (bowls). The weather was stunning, the smells hypnotic and the sounds mesmerizing. This was truly, an absolutely fabulous getaway and I would recommend a trip down there to anyone who loves life. All made even more memorable by the Cabinet of Bolivar Petit Coronas I took with me.

Wonderful to be back though.

// Danny // July, 26th 2005 // 7:21 pm

Richard, as a professional musician, therefore, obsessed, I must tell you that you continue to surprise me. I consider myself to have a head full of not that useful of knowledge, (trivia) especially about popular music from the 50's through today. Much to the dismay (and embarrassment) of my long-suffering wife, I often can spend hours at some party or function talking to someone about who played what instrument on which record album, who made the instrument, who produced what cuts, or the origins of a particular song, etc. I had no idea the concept of Ritchie Blackmore's "Smoke On The Water"!! You are such an interesting fellow, and though we've never met, I consider you a friend. That makes me lucky! Best regards, Danny

Summer Festivals

By Richard on July, 13th 2005 - 4:01 pm

Had the pleasure of attending the Montreux Jazz Festival again last night and danced to the hypnotic tunes of Underworld. In it's 32nd year, the Festival was made famous by Deep Purple's song, 'Smoke on the Water' which described the evening the Casino in Montreux burnt down during a Frank Zappa concert, forcing Frank to finish his concert in the parking lot, with a burning Casino as a back drop (listen to the lyrics). The Festival is now recognized as one of the finest Festivals, musically, in the world and has played host to many of the world's greats. We are lucky in Switzerland, being such a small country, to have so many Music Festivals (outdoor and indoor) during the summer period. Next week sees the outdoor Paleo Festival in Nyon. Another chance to re-live my Woodstock dreams !

Subjective Tastes

By Richard on July, 11th 2005 - 4:34 pm

Not long ago my younger brother had the immense pleasure (trauma) of having twins. Recently they have started talking and I was asked a question that would make me think a whole new way about being subjective with the descriptions of a cigar. Oskar, that is my brothers little boys name, asked me to describe the colour purple because he was trying to find a crayon to color in a witches hat he had drawn. I tried to describe it and no matter how hard I was looking for comparisons to liken to purple I could not help using my own sense of what purple, was or using a mixture of other colors which seemed to confuse the little lad even more! It was then that it occurred to me that to a certain extent to be subjective in describing something is to be completely personal. For Oskar to make his own mind up about purple was the best way for him to get a grasp of what purple is. In the end he said "purple" is the color of uncle Richards eyes in the morning! Since then I try and remember what my nephew, Oskar, taught me when I describe a cigar to another person - Taste is subjective, only through personal experience can one develop an accurate and worthwhile description of a cigar! Experience is king!

// Toby // July, 13th 2005 // 9:39 am

Hear hear. And subjective tastes goes for many things beyond cigars of course which is the beauty of the world we live in. Your lucky twin nephews have a wealth of experiences to look forward to and comparing their interpretation of these would be an interesting experience on the subject.
So long Richard

Nightmare in London !!

By Richard on July, 07th 2005 - 5:38 pm

Sadness and shock are the only emotions one can express today. From the dreamy highs of yesterday, when London was celebrating the hard earned right to host the Olympics to the stark wake up reality, of a sickly terrorist attack today. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to all the residents of London and the UK.

// // July, 07th 2005 // 6:25 pm

As a soldier presently serving in Afghanistan I would like to show my deepest regards and sympathy to all that the people that lost loved ones. From an american soldier serving in Afghanistan. God be with you and your past loved ones. May god bless us all.

London 2012 !!!!

By Richard on July, 06th 2005 - 1:54 pm

The votes are in and it is London that will host the Olympic games in 2012. Congratulations on the win and may the games be inspiring as always !!!

Congratulations Roger !!!

By Richard on July, 04th 2005 - 6:26 pm

Federer does it again. Well done to Roger Federer, who in winning his third Wimbledon in a row, equaled a feat only achieved previously by Borg and Sampras. Arguably the best player of all time, Federer said afterwards 'he felt he still had room for improvement'. I suppose the rest of the men will just have to aim for second place in the tournaments from now on.

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