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Richard's Diary

May 2008

Father's Day Smokes

By Richard on May, 27th 2008 - 4:29 pm

Father’s Day has always been a special time for us here at Many of us embarked on the long journey of discover of the leaf, prompted and guided by the one we call Dad. Every year, pays tribute to the men who took the time to show us and introduce us to the art of smoking. So look out for our Father's Day Deals and Offers throughout the Month of June.

2008 Habanos S.A. Edicion Limitada cigar announced

By Richard on May, 22nd 2008 - 12:08 pm

The new Edicion Limitada's have been announce and follow in the trend of big ring gauge sizes. Montecristo Sublimes, Cuaba Pirámides and Partagás Serie D No 5 are the brands and sizes selected for this year’s Limited Editions which will be released toward the end of the year.

Cuaba Pirámides (ring gauge 52 x 156 mm in the length). In keeping with the rest of the tapered sizes of the brand, Cuaba is having a Limited Edition for the first time, and it´s releasing the pyramids which are packed in Semi Plain boxes with 25 sticks in two layers.

Montecristo Sublimes (ring gauge 54 x 164 mm in the length) This size was first presented as part of the 2004 Limited Edition in the Cohiba brand. Now, Montecristo brings it back with its characteristic blend. A Habano to remember, respectfully long, with a proper draw and ready to show forth the notably medium to full flavour of said brand. Cigars will be packaged in SBN boxes comprising 25 units.

Partagás Serie D No 5 (ring gauge 50 x 110 mm in the length) All the flavour of Partagás locked in this small yet powerful smoke allowing us to feel the Partagás taste. The Series Lines from Partagás have become a guide due to the recognition of Serie D No 4 and the most recent pyramid: the Serie P No 2. Presented in SBN boxes with 25 cigars placed in two layers.

Look out on the newsletter for arrival of these cigars, as they will sell out very quickly.

BBQ and summer smoking

By Richard on May, 15th 2008 - 12:28 pm

I must let you in on a secret of mine. At the moment with this current warm weather, I get so excited from the middle of the week at the thought of Saturday's cooking extravaganza. The entire event is kicked off with the ritual marinating of the meat on the Friday eve. Be it a classic BBQ sauce or a spicy oriental ginger based rub or a yougurty Indian Tikka, it is always done with a large glass of Pacharan (Spanish aperitif drink) and a Ramon Allones Small Club Corona. This 30 min smoke, corresponds exactly to the time required to do this part of the preparatory cooking phase. Come Saturday morning, chill the wine, spark up the BBQ and fire up an El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme and let the games begin. I usually have a number of friends over for these occasions, which allows me to get people tasting different smokes. The current pack favorite for BBQ meals is without doubt the Montecristo Edmundo. All you aroma you could wish for in a big ring gauge cigar that lasts. Tell me about your BBQ and cigar experiences or why not submit your favorite BBQ story or recipe.

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Cigar Magazines

By Richard on May, 02nd 2008 - 3:47 pm

Here at, we are firm believers in growing and developing through experience. The journey of discovery and understanding exactly what smoke suits your palate when and with what combination of food, drink and environment is a long and challenging one. Your apprenticeship naturally starts close to home, with number one. This personal trial phase is a must, but can be narrow as you are bound by your own limited experience. Next, you will meet people, be it in your cigar club or in your regular smoking areas, who will push you into the direction of 'good things'. This sharing of experiences will open new doors and will be a major step in educating your palate to the diversity of aromas and body. From here, the normal next step will be to look to the leaders of the profession or recognized experts to give you that special experience. This is where the world of the written word can be a shoulder to lean on. Leading cigar magazines like Cigar Aficionado, Smoke Magazine, European Cigar Cult Journal, L'Amateur de Cigare, Club Cigares, Pipes and Tobaccos or Tobacco Asia are an excellent way to get immediate expert feedback on smokes that interest you, as well as discovering new 'out of the ordinary' treats. Open yourself to as much exposure as you can, as this wealth of experience will only assist you in your personal journey.

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