Buy Cuban Cigars on-line
Buy Cuban Cigars on-line

Richard's Diary

April 2011

Easter smoking

By David on April, 15th 2011 - 6:28 pm

Easter/Passover is a peaceful time for those in search of the ultimate smoke. Find your own get away spot this Easter/Passover, to experience solo bliss. And to make the weekend smoke even better, we are offering you a cheque for $30 to spend on over the Easter/Passover period*. Simply enter the promotional code, EasterTop11 in the ‘Promotional Claim Code field’ in step 4 of the order process and take advantage of an immediate rebate of $30.

Happy smoking,
David and Richard

(*Conditions: can be used once per order, minimum order $250. Offer runs through 25th April, midnight local time. Please do not ask for extensions, as this is a time limited offer, therefore no extensions will be given)

Bank transfer method

By Richard & David on April, 11th 2011 - 4:59 pm

Just a heads up to all our members inquiring about payment methods and the BANK TRANSFER option. What it is and how to do it. Here I will try and explain the benefits of using it and indeed how easy it is to do.

BANK TRANSFER is available to anyone who has a bank account - so everyone in the modern world basically!

Why choose bank transfer?

1) Complete security in the payment - more so than credit-cards and cheques.

2) Free Cigars!! Everyone who pays via bank transfer gets a free pack of 3 Cuban cigars for each order they pass this way.

3) Speed - Contrary to what many people think, the bank transfer takes 1-2 business days for us to receive the money. With many of you in different time zones, complete the bank transfer and when we come in in the morning the money has already been received, so you are not missing a shipping day.

4) Anonymity - don't want the wife to know you're buying cigars - bank transfer will not appear on your credit-card statement. No awkward conversations required, tricky situation avoided.

What you need to do?

a) On the order check-out select the bank transfer option and confirm your billing address and email address.

b) You will be re-directed to our payment provider Klik and Pay's website. Select the bank transfer option once again from the drop-down options.

c) Confirm the selection and then confirm your email address.

d) You will now have been sent an email from Klik and Pay with all the details you require to make the bank transfer. You can either print out the attached document and hand it over-the-counter at your local bank or take the bank details and enter the payment on your e-banking.

e) We will receive your money in 1-2 business days.

It's as easy as 123 or as it is pi day 3.1412....!

Happy Smoking Everyone and any further questions let me or Richard know by email. We are hear to help!

Richard & David

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