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Richard's Diary

April 2005

London voyage

By Richard on April, 29th 2005 - 2:49 pm

I'm off to London this weekend to visit some fellow cigar merchants. Should be an exceptional visit, with a few dinners and great smokes lined up, climaxing with a football game on the Sunday evening. One of the great advantages of being in Switzerland is the possibility of travel to other countries very quickly, without having to spend hours on a plane. 10 min to France, 1hr to Italy, 2 hrs to Germany by car and 2/3 hrs to most other European counties by plane. Life is wonderful and we should take advantage of it whenever we can. Have an fantastic weekend. Enjoy !

Airbus A380 - Up, up and away !

By Richard on April, 28th 2005 - 4:17 pm

I watched in awe, as the flying double-decker took off and soared into the skies over Toulouse, France yesterday on it's maiden voyage. With a capacity of 550 passengers, this monster opens a new dawn in commercial aviation. The world is truly becoming a smaller place, and not just according to the 'shrinking universe' theories. Jules Verne would have jumped with joy at the site of the A380 powering down the runway, ready for an adventure in some far off distant land. I am the other hand, kicked back and smoked a Cuaba Salomones for the occasion.

A grand night for football

By Richard on April, 27th 2005 - 1:50 pm

As most of you may have guessed by now, both Rick and I are fervent football fans. Tonight sees the all English semi-final of the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool FC vs. Chelsea FC. Like many of you, I will be organizing an evening of food, beer, cigars and football. I can think of few gatherings that are more exciting and tense than these football evenings. So a hearty salute goes out to all fellow Football Aficionados. May the game be good and the beer even better !

// CohibaKing // April, 28th 2005 // 4:01 pm

not the most exciting game i ever watched, but smoked a beatiful diplo 1. rich smoke.


Sideways - me too !

By Rick on April, 26th 2005 - 2:50 pm

The other day, Richard wrote about it and since he watched the movie Sideways (whose director also did the movie Mr. Schmidt), he is always comparing cigar experiences with wine experiences. Indeed, these two products are alive, these two products evolve with time and these two products are about taste.

So yesterday, I watched the film as well and I would like to point out that for me, these two fabulous products, which require so much care from passionate people, link up prefectly because these two products share backgrouds and both allow you to be at one with yourself.

And as Richard says: Life is an experience, a cigar is there to punctuate it. Let me add: light it up, close your eyes, breath deeply and think about the time that was needed for the cigar to go from seed to you...



Sideways - a movie for lovers of all things good.

By Richard on April, 19th 2005 - 7:00 pm

I had the pleasure last night of watching the film, Sideways. What a breath of fresh air. A truly vintage comedy, including a classic scene during which Maya explains her relationship with wine, a relationship which reflected exactly my feelings towards cigars. The film is a full-bodied, never precocious vintage that needs to be savored in a desirable bouquet of cinematic finesse. Enjoy !

// ctozzi // April, 20th 2005 // 6:18 am

funny i watched the same movie last night and felt the same way you did

Lady and the cigar...

By Richard on April, 15th 2005 - 4:34 pm

I am in the midst of preparing my outing with the new lady of my life. I go into the humidor to choose her a cigar, when the question of ladies and cigars crosses my mind. Do the fair sex savor a cigar ? If yes, do they require special sizes, flavors and strengths ? I have magazine images of Madonna, Whoopi Goldberg or more recently Lisa Evangelista, cigar in hand, proud to show they smoke. Are the preconceptions of cigars being man's best friend, a thing of the past ? STOP ! The new generation of cigars being produced in Cuba favors flavor over sheer power. This along with the shunning of cigarette smoking, has led to an influx of female cigar smokers. How can we forget Bonnie (Bonnie and Clyde), cigar in mouth oozing female power or Marlene Dietrich, behind a curtain of cigar smoke with a hundred men twirled round her little finger. The times they are a changing and I am trembling with excitement at the prospect of offering my lady a RyJ Cedros De Luxe No.2 and hearing what she thinks. Gone are the times of loose women and actresses being the sole female cigar smokers, bring on female emancipation !

// mike // April, 18th 2005 // 10:47 am

Nothing better than being able to smoke with your partner, it makes so many things so much easier.

// cyril62 // April, 15th 2005 // 5:50 pm

You are right my friend !
When my wife and I are going out for dinner, we always stop by my cigar club ! Sharing a good smoke with my loved one simply makes me happy.
She likes Lonsdale and I smoke Double Coronas !!!

Greatest cigar experience ever.

By Richard on April, 12th 2005 - 12:48 pm

Following the forced non-smoking period suffered this weekend, following my visit to the dentist (thanks for the tip Doctozzi), I finally renewed with the pleasure of lighting up a cigar. It was not the greatest cigar I have ever had, but I really was looking forward to it and I smoked it with friends making it one of the most pleasurable Smokes of recent times. I can remember fantastic, complex cigars I have had in the past, Cohiba Lanceros at the National Hotel in Cuba, 1972 Montecristo No.2 in London or a Davidoff Dom Perignon here in the office. But my memories are even more vivid and emotional when the environment and company has amplified the pleasure of the cigar, to make these great Smokes. A Hoyo Piramides EL 2003 shared with my father at the Celtic F.C. UEFA Cup Final in Seville was possibly my greatest Smoking experience, Hoyo Double Coronas on a lake in Canada with my best friends, numerous Petit Coronas in the depths of pubs with my brothers or the RyJ Churchills smoked with Rick the day we started to work together. I appreciate great cigars, but I live for fabulous Smokes!

Lost in Cyberspace ?

By Richard on April, 11th 2005 - 3:30 pm

Quick update, as some of you may be waiting for e-mail replies and confirmations. Due to network reparations here in Geneva, I have not been able to access mails sent to us from this weekend. I apologies for this and will do my best to answer all of your mails as soon as the mail network is fixed. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Are we becoming too dependant on technology, is it taking too important a place in our lives ? Danger when the tool is no longer used, but rules !

No Cigar for Richard !

By Richard on April, 08th 2005 - 4:03 pm

I have just returned from a double wisdom tooth removal at my friendly Dentist. Not only am I in enormous pain, but I am unable to smoke all weekend. I was looking forward to tucking into a Hoyo Double Corona on my terrace, BBQ, a couple of glasses of wine, etc, etc, etc. I wish you all a wonderful weekend and enjoy the smokes !

// ctozzi // April, 11th 2005 // 7:41 pm

as i am a dentist i feel yourpain and wish you a speedy recovery. stay away from extreme hot and cold items

// ScottM // April, 11th 2005 // 7:18 pm

Sorry to hear about your dental "adventures". I hope your recovery is progressing well.

Just enjoy the anticipation until you're back in action again!


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By Richard on April, 07th 2005 - 4:54 pm

For all lovers of fine watches, be aware that Geneva is the hot spot at the moment, with the annual International Fine Watchmaking Exhibition held at the Palexpo Congress centre. I will be there this weekend window shopping and encourage anyone who loves fine design or the wonders of engineering to come and check it out.

15th INTERNATIONAL FINE WATCHMAKING EXHIBITION, runs 04.04.2005 - 10.04.2005, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland.

Seasonal Smoke or personal preference ?

By Richard on April, 06th 2005 - 3:28 pm

Whilst enjoying the fantastic Liverpool victory over Juventus 2-1 last night in the quarter final of the UEFA Champions League, a match that carried enormous emotional souvenirs, the question arose as to whether or not the idea of Seasonal cigars is a valid concept. Does our palate take the lead or is our palate influenced by the climate we are in, as it is by the foods we are eating or the drinks we are drinking ? Can one truly enjoy a heavy, full bodied cigar in the middle of the summer ? Is this a sign of an experienced palate or is it the total opposite, snobbism. Is not a sophisticated smoker one who is able to find points of intrigue in all cigars, be it light or full bodied according to the atmosphere and conditions he/she is in ? These questions arose as we (me and my Football Aficionado friends) smoked the recently delivered San Cristobal El Principe, a cigar that I can smoke all year round, but one which gives me the most pleasure in Spring. I believe that certain aromas can be more suited to certain conditions and that some flavors compliment positively with certain types of food or drink. At the end of the day, cigar appreciation is based on personal and subjective criteria, but testing and pushing the boundaries of the palate, should be the quest of every true Cigar Aficionado. Like the surfers with their waves, we are all looking for THE smoke. We will not find it by smoking the same waves Winter and Summer.

// Dream Chaser // April, 08th 2005 // 3:27 am

I agree that there is a certain "seasonality" to the tastes I enjoy with cigars. I can definetly gravitate to "lighter tastes as the weather warms. I find the same sensations with wines as I tend to favor lighter more refreshing wines in the summer VS richer, darker wines in cold seasons. I only have one "major problem". I can never get my cigars to "last" as long as some guys hour or two to smoke 1 cigar?? It just doesn't happen. Am I guilty of "inhaling them"? I can go through 2 at least! Should I be concerned about this trend?? Tonight it was a Bolivar Belicosos followed by a San Cristobal La Punta (with a glass of port). I may go for a third stick too. Is medical attention required yet??

// rick // April, 07th 2005 // 4:53 pm

Can't imagine ordering from anyone else. Service, cigars and speed of delivery all first rate.
Great idea this new feature.

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Richard's Diary - a cigar community space for all

By Richard on April, 05th 2005 - 6:13 pm

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the confidence and trust you have placed in Rick and myself over these past few years. I can understand the hesitations and fears of buying cigars on-line and that is why we treat every selection we make, as though we were selecting for ourselves. We are passionate about the world of cigars and feel we share more than a commercial relationship with you, Member of We are, after all, Members of the same club. We appreciate enormously the continued feedback you provide, on how we can improve and develop our cigar community, here on I, like many of you, feel we need to make more of this wealth of knowledge and experience we have within this vast community of Members. This new space, Richard's Diary, will be an open forum where all Members can make comments, suggest ideas, review cigars, share experiences, etc...Together, we will take the next step on the voyage of discovery into the wonderful world of cigars and cigar culture. Simply click on the 'Add your Comment' button to add you comments everyday.

// E // March, 16th 2007 // 6:26 am

I can't believe how fast my order arrived! When I opened the box and saw the cellophane I was a bit taken back, not knowing what I was looking at, then I smoked one and a smile came all over me! I'd never smoked a cigar that good in my life, it was amazing!, you guys are a Precious Gem!!!
I look forward to being a happy customer for a long time!!!
All the Best,
E ~

// Dream Chaser // April, 07th 2005 // 2:48 am

Richard; as a "new customer" (November 2004), I must say that my experience with you and your web site has been superlative! After 4 boxs and getting ready to order more, I have nothing but praise for how you run your business! You obviously have a passion for it and that is really refreshing to find these days. I'm enjoying a Partagas Lusitania as I type! What a great cigar. Keep up the great work and the passion!

Best Regards

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