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Richard's Diary

March 2011

Calibrate your humidor

By David on March, 29th 2011 - 5:36 pm

I have been re-arranging the humidor, to try and allow the greatest flow of air around the numerous boxes we currently have in stock. I cannot stress enough, how important it is to allow the air to circulate round your cigars. This allows the cigars to breath and for the fermentation process to remain constant, which in essence is 'aging' your cigars. In the same way I always go on about giving your cigars a few days in your humidor to recover from the stress of the shipping process, allowing them sufficient air circulation is essential to ease and relax your cigars, thus making your smoke a smooth and tasty one. With the warmer season approaching, do not get caught out by the change in atmosphere around your house/office which will affect the stability of your humidor. As it gets warmer, look for a cooler place to store your humidor. Remember, Habanos recommend 16-18°C (60-65°F) and 65-70% RH. Consistency is everything. Enjoy !

Geneva Car Show 2011

By David on March, 02nd 2011 - 10:17 am

It's Geneva's big annual exhibition, where we pay tribute to the Car. World famous, the Geneva Car show attracts thousands of car enthusiast from around the world. It is the chance for car constructors to present new vehicles and technology. Running from the 03rd to the 13th March, this year's car shows gives special place to the new Green Vision for the automobile industry.

The green vision
'The "green vision" is becoming more and more real at the Geneva Motor Show. In the PAVILLON VERT, 36 exhibitors are presenting no less than 17 world premieres. In the ESSAIS VERTS, 12 different brands are presenting a total of 13 different electrical vehicles, all of which can be tried out. Visitors taking the CHEMIN VERT can discover the "new mobility" throughout the entire trade show.'

If you are in Geneva during this period, I strongly urge you to try and drop in on the Car Show at PalExpo (Geneva Airport), before heading down to the town centre to enjoy a special Cuban cigar by the Lake Leman.

You can see:
Official web site of the 81st Geneva Motorshow
TopGear on Geneva Motor Show 2011

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