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Richard's Diary

December 2005

Thank you all for a fantastic year

By Richard on December, 28th 2005 - 2:20 pm

Time for us to thank you all for a fabulous year on behalf of all the staff at and the Habanos Importer in Switzerland. Not only have we seen a continued improvement in the quality of the cigars being produced in Cuba, but the new smokes introduced have been exciting and show an deeper understanding to produce cigars that suit the modern smokers wants and needs. From the point of view of, we have introduced a number of improvements to the site and our services. We hope all these factors have helped contribute to making 2005 one of your best smoking years yet. One objective for next year, keep improving on this and further development the Club feeling. Have an excellent New Year.


Richard & Rick

// Ted Maul // December, 31st 2007 // 2:44 pm

The first thing that caught my eye was the wonderful graphical design of this site. The next thing I noticed was the expertise of the shopkeeper. The third thing I got to enjoy was the fantastic service during and after my order. This is a webstore I enjoy browsing and keep coming back to again and again. It is also the only site I've allowed to send me a newsletter about their current offerings. I have not regretted.

// KSilver // January, 09th 2006 // 10:10 pm

Richard, Great cigars. The BEST service. Looking forward to Spring already! (Good Smoking Weather) Keep it lit Up

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December 26th - Boxing Day - Public Holiday in Switzerland

By Richard on December, 26th 2005 - 2:52 pm

Please be aware that all orders placed during the Holiday weekend, from the 24-26th December, will be shipped on Tuesday the 27th December. Thank you for your understanding. Enjoy !

Merry Christmas !!

By Richard on December, 24th 2005 - 10:15 am

All the staff here at would like to wish you an excellent Christmas weekend. Enjoy !

// izzy // December, 25th 2005 // 12:44 am

Merry Christmas!!!!

To all of you at, May you and yours have a merry and prosperous new year,you deserve it.
Keep up the excellent work.

Keep on smokin!!!


Richard's Christmas Day smoke

By Richard on December, 20th 2005 - 12:09 pm

I always look really forward to my Christmas day afternoon smoke. It is tradition for all the Bergman men to gather after Christmas lunch, bottle of Cognac in hand and share a great smoke. A years worth of anecdotes are exchanged with the usual fair share of tall stories, that get taller as the afternoon moves on. I have chosen the Hoyo Epicure Especial EL 2004 as the cigar to be sampled this year. Although we will not all be big smokers, after a large lunch and a few bottles of red wine, this fine rich and complex cigar will be perfect.

// ramlandscapes // January, 04th 2006 // 12:14 am


Get your Smokes for Christmas !!!

By Richard on December, 15th 2005 - 4:14 pm

Well folks, we are nearly there. One week to go, before Champagne, Turkey, Sprouts, Foie Gras and Christmas pudding. Don't mess up this wonderful day, by leaving it to late to order your cigars. Do it now !

// jun // December, 18th 2005 // 5:08 am

Hello Richard,
I have to say that the customer service you gave me is simply THE BEST. No comparison. The shipping time was super fast. The quality of the cigars was excellent. Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

// izzy // December, 18th 2005 // 2:35 am

Hello Richard,
And Rick of course. I received my order Monday and I can't thank you enough, the smokes are excellent. How is it you say, Life is an experience, a cigar is there to punctuate that experience. Ahh what an experience it truly is. Thanks to you and to your staff for making it happen.

Keep on Smokin baby!!!!

Happy Holidays to all.

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E-mail communication problems ?

By Richard on December, 12th 2005 - 11:06 am

I have word back from a number of Members, informing me that there have been some difficulties with the reception of e-mails sent from addresses. If you have not been receiving replies to your mails (I will always reply within 24 hrs), do not hesitate to re-send me your mail, informing me that you have not had a reply. The more feedback I can get from you, the more proactive I can be in resolving problems. I look forward to hearing from you.

// Revolution9 // December, 18th 2005 // 11:45 pm

Richard - What a great site this is. You perfectly mirror the wonderful experience of enjoying a cigar either alone or with friends. The site is well constructed and easy to navigate through. Besides the great selection and immediate shipping, your thoughts and pontifications on life makes a great read while I'm enjoying one of your smokes.

LAST DAY !!! Free Shipping extended until the 11th Dec.

By Richard on December, 08th 2005 - 7:41 pm

Due to popular demand, we have extended the Free Shipping offer until 11th Dec. Please make the most these last few days, ideal to get your Christmas gifts or New year smokes.

// stew // December, 12th 2005 // 9:10 am

Made two orders during this awesome free shipping offer. A very generous offer from the wonderful folks at Top Cubans! Many thanks!

// mattstru // December, 09th 2005 // 8:32 pm

Just got my order in, thanks for the free shipping christmas present! Looking forward to my new puffs.

Richard & Rick have a happy holiday season !!! Keep on smokin'

Season of Goodwill - Let us remember that !

By Richard on December, 06th 2005 - 5:42 pm

Just a quick note to remind you all that Rick and I are real people, we are madly passionate about the world of Cuban cigars and we adore sharing this culture with you all. is an official Habanos S.A. registered distributor, based in Geneva, Switzerland, generally regarded as the finest market for Cuban hand rolled cigars. We have been in the business for over 10 years and have smoked our fair share of cigars, all over the world. If you come to us, it is to join a club, to become part of a group of like minded people. Joining, means you want to develop your cigar experience and that you take pride in the exploration of aromas and flavors. It means you are here to share. I realize that the world of the Cuban cigar is confusing (box codes, bands, etc...), believe me it is a nightmare especially to us, but I would really appreciate if a minimum level of politeness and respect was applied when communicating with us by mail or by phone. As clearly explained on our web site, we stand by our product and services, if you are not happy, simply inform us, you don't have to insult us. It is a Season of good will for everyone, not just for clients. I thank you for your understanding.

// Daniel // December, 21st 2005 // 6:53 pm

Although I have only ordered from TopCubans for about a year and, typically, communicate only by e-mail, nonetheless, I am very happy with the quality of cigars. On the one occassion where there was a problem Rick and I exchanged emails, addressing my issues and the problem was resolved quickly thereof (much to my benefit and delight).

I see no reason that if a mistake occurs, folks should toss their manners and basic courtesy out the window. It has been my experience that if you explain your problem to TopCubans and exercise a small amount of patience, they will resolve the issue and bend over backwards to make up for the inconvenience (as in my case). TopCubans has my thanks and my business.


// hockeyman // December, 09th 2005 // 9:10 pm

Richard and Rick give the greatest customer service!! They are the Best-I take offence that somebody or somebodies would be rude to these men-There service and product quality is the AWESOME!!!FOR THE RUDE ONES GET A LIFE!!!

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FREE SHIPPING WEEK - 01 Dec - 08 Dec !!!!

By Richard on December, 03rd 2005 - 1:49 pm

We are glad to offer you the Seasonal Free Shipping Week ! Runs 01 Dec - 08 Dec, for all orders of a minimum of $150. Make the most of this offer while it runs, plus remember to check out the special weekend deals in the TopDeals area and the deal of the day on the Christmas Calendar.

Enjoy !
Richard & Rick

// johnjohn // December, 05th 2005 // 11:38 am


I will order now. Thank you Richard !

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