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Richard's Diary

October 2015

Our Smokey Halloween Offer to You

By David on October, 28th 2015 - 6:04 pm

A very Happy Halloween to you all. We have just released our latest suggestions for this time of year, a mixture of boldness and sometimes slightly intimidating cigars, but sure to add plenty of character to your taste-buds!
We are also giving away a pack of 3 Cohiba Robusto (TUBOS) cigars for all orders over 400$ until Monday, so be sure to take advantage of that great offer for a quality cigar. Enjoy whatever you are doing this weekend - Rugby World Cup Final for our friends Down Under, the Baseball World Series for our friends over in the States and the general busy time of year in the European football leagues. No doubt you will need to be dragged out to chaperon your children for trick or treating so enjoy!

David and the Top Team

Constant Changing Band and Box Designs from Habanos

By David on October, 23rd 2015 - 1:50 am

We get many questions here at Topcubans regarding bands, the ever-changing nature of the design of boxes and bands has always been and will continue to be a subject of great debate. Habanos are not renowned for their openness and getting the word out when a new design is released and understandably smokers across the world look at new boxes of their favourite cigars and new bands rather suspiciously.

It is left to us and other retailers and distributors to educate and inform, and so if you have any doubts you must get in touch with us and do not immediately assume you have been duped or sold counterfeit cigars. The very popular Montecristo band is an excellent example of where the bands in the past year have radically changed. Always check with us if you are unsure on and also our friends at the CUBAN CIGAR WEBSITE . Hope this helps some of you out there.

All the best
David and the Top Team

More Accesories Available

By David on October, 19th 2015 - 6:02 am

A new wonderful ashtray on the David's Prestigious Page this weekend. In the coming months we will be extending our accessories offerings which has been requested by many clients, particular those who are new to smoking and want to build up their armory! Cutters, ashtrays, humidors - expect to see more to cater for all price ranges.

Any feedback welcome for what we can do more to enhance our site, our cigars or even different types of promotions. We are always listening to our clients and we hope that when you ask, we try our very best to deliver. is where we are at as usual!

David and the Top Team

Game Recipes to Inspire your Cigars

By David on October, 13th 2015 - 7:19 pm

The Game Season is in full swing, and we love this excuse to bring the strong flavours of gamey birds and animals with the finest cigars Cuba has to offer. Check out our selections for this year on my David's Smokes Page.

Our inspiration this year was a firm favourite of the culinary world, Jamie Oliver, he makes the seemingly complex and intimidating ingredients become a reality for the novice chefs out there. Ingredients and recipe are right here for the rabbit bolognese and the pigeon sandwiches:

I hope we at Topcubans at least try and do the same in the world of cigars, you are always most welcome to drop us a line to ask any questions you may have on cigars, pairings, Cuba, sport, anything you like! INFO@TOPCUBANS.COM as always is where we are.

Small Cigars on Topcubans

By David on October, 12th 2015 - 4:30 am

Small Smokes are really taking over the cigar scene, not just in Cuba but the other tobacco producing nations as well. Habits change, sadly we as consumers don't have the time to smoke big beafy Double Coronas any longer, the trend is towards smaller punchier smokes which can fit into our overly hectic lives.
The Cohiba Minis are an excellent option for any of you wanting some quality Cuban smokes and you are short on time. The packaging also will impress. But I get asked whether they need to stored in a humidor and the response is a resounding YES! Even though they are small cigars, these are not cigarettes or like the cheap cigars one can purchase at a local convenience store. Allow some room in your humidor for your tins, and they make ideal 10 minute go to smokes for those short on time.
Topcubans will always prefer the larger cigars; they offer more and I think making time for a passion is well worth it. We fully understand however the realities of modern life and we are pleased even Habanos are recognizing that greater choice in sizes can't be a bad thing, so long as the larger cigars are still the priority.

Rugby World Cup Rumbles On

By David on October, 07th 2015 - 1:03 am

Another dramatic few days in the Rugby World Cup, England out, Japan are still in with a fighting chance and the Southern Hemisphere teams looking very strong. We have just updated our deals page to reflect some bolder smokes, as the action gets more and more exciting, a quality Cuban is what you need to calm you down. All over the world we have loved hearing of our clients' World Cup stories, where they0ve been watching, what crazy hour they've stayed up, and of course the great cigars that have accompanied them along the way. Keep the stories coming in, Topcubans and our team genuinely enjoy the sharing of our favourite passions, sports and cigars with a nice tipple to go with , so enjoy the action folks!

David and the Top Team

Cigar Aficionado New Cuban Cigar Ratings

By David on October, 02nd 2015 - 9:21 pm

Hi Everyone, now into October so the fuller, more woody and earthy cigars are the order of the day. Our industry bible Cigar Aficionado magazine has just come out with their latest issue and as ever Cubans dominate the top spots, so enjoy our David's Smokes Page where they are all outlined and you can purchase all of them available on

Enjoy your weekend.

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