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Richard's Diary

January 2006

Humidor control

By Richard on January, 24th 2006 - 11:15 am

As the temperatures and humidity levels change with the evolution of the seasons, be sure to keep an eye on the atmosphere of your humidor. These changes often see the drying out or over humidifying of cigars, which leads to poor smokes. For those of you who do not have an electrically controlled humidification system, these seasonal changes can become a challenge when trying to maintain consistency in your humidor. Try to anticipate these changes by moving your humidor into areas that will stay around 16-18°C (60-64°F). Remember a well maintained humidor, will drastically improve your smokes when you come to smoke them. There is nothing worse that a good cigar being spoiled by poor storage conditions.

// Danny // February, 19th 2006 // 5:58 am

NOTE TO BUCKEYE BOB: e-mail me, Bob, as I have a source that actually fabricates large, 1 quart reserviors for owners of CO Plus, abd I paid 40.00 for mine.

// Danny // February, 19th 2006 // 5:55 am

I have to rave about how great the newer electronic humidifiers are for all cigar smokers from beginners, (it's like this giant gift that allows you to NOT worry about at least one thing anyway!) up to grizzled old timers...set it 'n forget it! It's been a couple years at least, but I remember how hard it was not to just open my humidors when they were passively humidified...Propylene Glycol or not? Distilled water only? I went nuts. Then I used my first electronic model, a Cigar Oasis. Overnight I stopped worrying about humidity problems. I'm now using a credenza-type humidor that has 30 cubic feet of space, and I am using two "Habitat Monitors", which are not only head and shoulders above Cigar Oasis' products, but last much longer and have these quart and a half reservoirs that you fill with plain distilled water, and even in a humidor that's larger than an apartment I once lived in in NYC, a full reservoir will last 6 weeks or so. If anyone has questions about electronic humidifiers, please feel free to e-mail me at as I have gone through literally almost all of the brands and models, and gathered info pn the rest. Even the most experienced and jaded of you long-time cigar smokers will be surprised at how little it takes to get these perfect a couple weeks you will notice all of your cigars, whether in boxes or not will be uniformly humidified.
Oh...these guys are great for breaking in new humidors, just let 'em run as long as you want, but 1 day for a 300-500 stick humidor usually is more than enough, and also really give the cigars you're aging a real fighting chance to be classics...age 'em right, and you'll know it, right? Okay, so it's possible I got a little TOO into them, lol, but really...check them out, and write me if you want to see pics and stuff on these Set 'n Forget Habitat Monitors...
Danny Carlson

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Strange cigar stories

By Richard on January, 13th 2006 - 5:19 pm

During the New Year festivitities, I got talking to a chap who had a friend, who's father had been a keen cigar smoker, Cuban's only of course. His son never really took interest in the world of cigars, so knew nothing of the value of Cuban cigars, especially aged Cuban cigars. Sadly the father passed away towards the end of last year and his son was left to empty the family home. Imagine his surprise, when in his father's office he found 100's boxes of Cuban Davidoff's, perfectly maintained and unopened. When you consider that boxes (not even necessarily complete) of Cuban Davidoff's are going for £1000's in auction and will only go up in value the rarer they become.

Time for you to share incredible cigar stories with us.

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