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Rates the Partagás Serie D No. 4


TopCubans Past experience:

Full of the Partagás power that we all search for, in a format which just seems right. This Robusto, one of the Top Selling Havanas, is strong and full bodied, exploring aromas of wood and spice in equal doses. Colorado to Maduro, but always constructed to perfection, this is a Cuban classic. A connoisseur’s cigar !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-04-18

" One of the first Cuban's I actually have enjoyed. "


On 2016-01-14

" One of the finest cigars I have ever smoked. "


On 2016-01-03

" el mejor que puedas fumar!!!!!de sabor intenso...excelente tiraje "

Joe M

On 2015-11-13

" Cedar, twang, honey, vanilla, touch of spice. When these are good they are AMAZING and hit you with 100% flavor. Unfortunately sometimes you just get a stick that lacks that FULL flavor and you get a watered down version. Haven't had a bad one but I have had OK ones and other thanks that left me AMAZED. "


On 2015-08-26

" I selected this cigar from my assortment of samplers. it is, without question, one of the finest cigars I have ever enjoyed. It will now be one of my selections. "


On 2014-12-29

" Although my OCT-2012 box D4's had a bit of a tight draw,still I will rate this excellent robusto with 5*. Always a pleasure to smoke one. "


On 2014-12-23

" the ideal robusto: easy beginnings, fruity middle, buttered popcorn at the end. packed with character. easily a favorite. "


On 2013-12-01

" Always a great smoke. Never had a box that was consistent relative to a tight roll on occasion. But overall this cigar is in the top five cigars on Earth. "


On 2013-10-23

" This IS the cigar ! at my age ive searched for years for that right taste and finish. There is none better. So bold, So spicy, and the finish is ... well. i'll say if they are gonna smoke cigars in heaven. this will be the one they smoke. None. finer. None. "


On 2013-09-04

" this is THE cigar "


On 2013-02-06

" This is the finest Rubosto I've ever smoked... It's my regular coffee break cigar "

Mr T

On 2013-01-05

" A terrific smoke. Nice even burn and smooth draw. Full bodied but not over-bearing. Great after a hardy flavorfull meal (steak) with a coffee. "

The Guv

On 2012-11-29

" One of the greats - only citicism is it doesn't last long enough! "


On 2012-10-04

" Before I tried this one out I though Hoyo ep. 2 was the best robusto but I have to change my mind. This one is the very best!!! Great burn great taste. Simply awesome. I have to order a box of these. "


On 2012-05-16

" Just back from a holiday in Cuba and got seduced by the No. 4. A nice slow burn lasting up to 50 minutes, full of flavour and the aroma is captivating. A seriously satisfying smoke. "


On 2011-10-25

" Just smoked one I've been letting age for a little over a year. Great cigar!!! Very smooth and creamy with notes of spice and sweetness that coated my palate after the first 1/4. Had draw issues in previous smokes, but used a punch on this one and no issues at all. I've a little less than 1/2 a box left. What a treat!!! "


On 2011-09-13

" If the Cohiba Robusto is the King of the Robusto's the this Partagas #4 certainly is the Champagne of the Robusto's, what a great cigar, wonderfull taste just enough spice good draw, good burn, you wont go wrong with this cigar. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-08-24

" Nice little cuban, definitely going to have it again. "


On 2011-08-09

" Easy to see why this is such a legend. Extremely complex flavor profile, superb construction, perfect draw, ample amounts of smoke, a real gem. This cigar will take you on a Journey like a top cigar should.

This cigar is peppery and spicy with woody, leathery and citrus notes like orange peel. This is my go-to smoke. I smoke these right now to burning my fingers every time. Starts of medium full and ends full in the final 3rd. Superb cigar. I always keep a couple boxes of these in one of my humidors. "


On 2011-06-13

" A great cigar strong but not over bearing, lots of spice and flavor a must try. I will buy these over and over again. "


On 2011-04-15

" Just smoked my first one. Very smooth with hints of leather. The rapper seemed to burn a little uneven, but I will chock that up to user error on the lighting. This was a very smooth cigar all the way around, I smoked it to the nub. Definite repeat... "


On 2011-03-29

" I started out smoking Cohiba VI and Partagas #4's. Lately I've noticed myself reaching for the Partagas #4 more often. This cigar has the most consistant flavor and draw of any other cigar from Top cubans I've found. Cohiba VI is also in that league. Enjoy !!! "


On 2011-03-12

" 1 in 5 draw ok.Aged two years.Use to be my favorite.Must have gotten a bad box.Don't want to risk buying another box :( "

Steve M

On 2011-02-25

" This cigar might be mild, but is not mild in flavor! Beautiful flavor, spicy, a little woody, finish a little bit leather. One of my all time favorite cigars. I am truely in love with this cigar. "


On 2011-01-04

" I asked my wife if we could name our first child after this cigar. She declined. I really like the cigar. Kids great too. "


On 2010-07-10

" A stunning cigar, It's possibly the 1st time I've smoked a cigar that has started as strongly as it had finished. Now I know why this has such rave reviews, it is a true Cuban legend! "


On 2010-03-09

" Truly an outstanding, creamy delicious cigar! Plenty of flavor but not at all overwhelming! I have been lucky enough to enjoy many fine cigars, this one rates very highly! "


On 2010-02-20

" a great smoke, full flavor, spicy, an all time classic, draw was excellent, burn was very even "


On 2010-02-02

" This is certainly one of the top three cigars I have ever smoked. It's hard to describe this cigar adequately. But the complexity of wood and spice improves with every draw. The quintessential Cuban smoke that you never want to end. "


On 2010-01-16

" Flavor is great and the cigars are a beatiful colorado color. burned a little uneven. Will throw the4m in humidor. One of my all time favorites. "


On 2010-01-14

" Update: New box so far has no tight cigars, so may have been a fluke-- increasing rating to 4.5 superior. "


On 2010-01-08

" Draw can be tight (very tight on some), but flavor is amazing all the way down. A fave-- despite the draw issues, ordering another box. "


On 2009-11-23

" extremely powerful stick, My favorite robusto! great woody taste, good draw, in my top three, well worth the dollar,Cant wait until my next 25 arrive!!!! "


On 2009-10-04

" Just incredible!!! "

On 2009-07-23

" I first smoke this cigar 2 days ago. I loved its smoothness and flavor before i lighted my cigar. I smoked it with a nice glass of French wine. I was sitting on a restaurant garden and the weather was nice. I loved it. It was so smooth till i came the middle of the cigar then i feel its strong taste better. I guess it is better to smoke it after a nice dinner because I smoked it before i ate smt and it made my head good:) "

F. g. t. h. w.

On 2009-06-29

" i just had this cigar over the week end & wow this is a but kiker i used a hole cutter to make it eay for me to smke it did not get strong utill the mid way they construcion of the cigar was well hand roled & the draw was on the money this one is a must have. "


On 2009-01-25

" Rich is right on with the woody and spice flavor to the full strength, without a chalky after taste "


On 2009-01-16

" A wonderful cigar. Can't get enough of it "

Paul Rebeiz

On 2008-08-28

" A powerful Robusto, that reveals the true havana secrets of Partagas. I like it after a heavy meal or with a fine drink of Scottish Whiskey "


On 2008-07-16

" A wonderful cigar with fine construction, even burn, a generous draw and full, complex flavor. In musical terms, the Number 4 has an excellent bass line accented with the perfect mid- and high-range notes. I guess you could say it makes music in your mouth. "


On 2008-07-08

" this is the best robusto I have tried so far. it is even better than the cohiba which i find overpriced as well "


On 2008-06-16

" Now we're talking. This is the set the bar cigar! They get better and better in the humidor. Takes you away to those peaty, musky, spicy odars of the forest in late Spring!! "


On 2008-03-07

" "One of the best! Good draw & even burn.Not a bad one yet. "


On 2008-02-15

" by far one of the best sticks I have ever had the pleasure of smoking "


On 2008-01-13

" I would class myself as a novice as far as cigars go but this blew me away. Stunning power and taste. Started peppery but mellowed into wonderful flavours of leather and cedar wood. I'd have rated it higher if I hadn't had a few burn issues. I had to relight it twice. Otherwise superb! The only cigars close are Cohiba in my admittedly short experience. "


On 2008-01-13

" one of the best cigars i've ever smoke , but i'm waiting to try the Bolivar RC... i heard that great also "


On 2007-12-19

" big fan of romeo and julietas and montechristos this cigar exceeds both great smoke. excellent draw will buy more "


On 2007-11-30

" This cigar is a steal at these prices, has flavors of the partagas 150 and 160. I could smoke 6 or 7 of these a day "


On 2007-11-17

" oh man what a cigar! "


On 2007-10-21

" A gorgeous smoke. Rich, full and woody, with Partagas spice hitting the palate about 2/3 of the way in. Definitely one of my favourite cigars! "


On 2007-08-03

" Wow! Very powerful and spicy. I had my first just yesterday and it has left its mark on me forever. "

Big g

On 2007-05-25

" for the price this is one of the best tasting cigars. "


On 2007-05-04

" Average, not great. Smoked these the last 3 years and got another box on sale recently. Construction and draw are top notch but this vitola lacks the character to really go over the top. Mild, never got the spice thing everyone craves about. The Bolivar RC crushes this one. The R and J Short Churchill and Monte Petit Edmundo are all better. Get a sample pack of the 3 above, you'll be blown away. A safe cigar for those who don't like surprises. "


On 2007-04-29

" hi, from puerto rico this cigars is +AAA, my rate 98...
thank you "


On 2007-04-02

" Nothing less than excellent. "


On 2007-03-07

" Rather than prattle on about the Wine Taster's" version of this cigar's flavor (which is stellar), allow me to just say this about it's virtue: It is an absolute Masterpiece!
Up-to-here with flavor, powerful, but never overpowering, this vitola will take you on a journey through "ThisIsWhyWeSmokeCigars-Land." You will, no doubt, smoke more expensive Robustos, but never a better one. A most rewarding expirience! "


On 2006-12-30

" Excellent cigar, enjoyed every puff. "


On 2006-12-15

" this is my favourite robusto, always have a box in my humidor and for years I'm trying to age them (but can't resist). It starts with light earthy tones, gets more and more spicy half way down with a bit of leather, to end in a smooth and very complex finish.
Very good after dinner with a good scotch or even port.
Great cigar! "


On 2006-11-08

" Richard! Thank you..Very nice,excellent construction,even burn and great flavor very nice finish. "


On 2006-10-22



On 2006-09-29

" This is a complex cigar - a great example of Cuban craftsmanship and tobacco. First puff introduced a very round and satisfying hint of bitter almond. The draw is even leaving behind a firm ash. Definitely not an everyday smoke, but something that you should reward yourself with. The Partagas D No. 4 rates right up there with the Montecristo Edmundo. "


On 2006-06-09

" Excellent draw and construction. Full bodied with a hint of nuts and spices. Smooth smoke through the end, destined to be one of the greats. "


On 2006-06-06

" At this point, I've been somewhat dissapointed with the strength. So far they've smoked more on the milder, less complex side. Perhaps some aging will be just what the doctor ordered. Or perhaps my expectations of being knocked out of my socks were too lofty,,,,let me know what you think. "


On 2006-04-22

" love this cigar feels like Im in heaven every time I smoke one thanks "


On 2006-04-08

" Very good value for what it has to offer. Theconstruction is stout with a satisfying draw.
Sweet caramel aftertaste with woody overtones. "


On 2006-03-23

" The best cigar I have had, the cigars are always in perfect condition upon arrival, can't say enough about the condition and quality, unbelievable. "


On 2005-10-22

" This has got to be just about the best cigar coming out of Cuba. I have had a box for only 6 days and have only 10 cigars left. Very full bodied with an aroma that even my wife finds attractive. Buy as many as you can get your hands on... "


On 2005-09-04

" very good indeed, I smoked a few so far my top 3... "


On 2005-08-30

" Bought a few for the summer and found them wonderfull!! full of power, full of woody spices....probably a new winter favourite although I am still very much IN LOVE with the Robaina. "


On 2005-08-26

" Good from the 1st day of arrival. Getting alot better in the humidor. "


On 2005-08-24

" doesn't get much better then this! "


On 2005-08-22

" WOW...I love this cigar, and is surely one of my top 2 Robustos. I have smoked a few boxes, and this latest box, (ZTV-FEB.05) although quite young is so good already that I just finished ordering another. To me, this is an exoticly rich cigar...full of power, wood and spice notes, combined with a couple other tastes that I've yet to identify, plus the best construction of any Robusto I've had in my humidor. Mouthfuls of some of the richest smoke I've ever tasted, this is one cigar I would recommend to anyone, with a subtle warning to heed the power. Outstanding. Period. "

J.W. McGee

On 2005-08-15

" Hands down..The BEST Robusto in the world and possibly one of the top 5 cigars in the world!!! "

On 2005-08-14

" Excellent cigar from the box. Spicy and peppery. One more month in humidor and cigars flavor should be more pronounced. "


On 2005-05-27

" Amazing! Bursting with full flavor and a rich draw. You will burn your fingertips and not even care! Truely a classic that everyone should experience. Thanks Richard for these delicious sticks. "


On 2005-03-27

" Very well constructed robusto. Burn that many cigars aim to have, few compare to the Partagas Serie D No.4, Woody flavoring with a little Spice Well done Partagas "

Curling Nut

On 2005-03-15

" Just starting to learn the fine art of cigar smoking. This is one heck of a FINE cigar. 24 more sticks to enjoy AAA+ "


On 2005-01-13

" This robusto has a beuatiful burn, its so even and tightly layered it's a work of art. There's two inches of ash before it falls,it lands almost in one peace. It great all the way to the end,to bad it has to end! "


On 2004-12-31

" The best Robusto I have ever smoked-One of the alltime great smokes-marvelous taste and smell "


On 2004-12-18

" One of the finest rubustos available! Perfect draw and construction. Great full flavor but fantastically smooth, from the initial draw to the after taste. If there's any better in the world, there must only be a handful. "


On 2004-12-16

" Superb Robusto. Marry it with a powerful, peaty Malt like Arbeg or Talisker and it just keep getting better. "

On 2004-09-23

" "


On 2004-06-03

" received my order from richard, packaged with the utmost care, this is a real powerhouse, not for the beginner or occasional smoker,this one puts hair on your chest "


On 2004-05-30

" A Truely outstanding Robusto.Fantastic draw, Even burn and that spice . Not for the meek or timid. This has quickly become my go to vitola. Another great box from Top Cubans. Thanks Richard "


On 2004-03-03

" One of the best! Full body, great flavor and always consistant! "


On 2004-02-07

" One of the finest ! Smoking one right out of the box. My only complaint is knowing it will end. "


On 2003-08-06

" not for the timid a truly robust cigar that invites the senses to come alive! A+++ "


On 2002-11-19

" Not for beginners. Starts strong and only gets stronger. Great flavor and construction "


On 2002-10-24

" One of the great robusto’s. I didn’t want to stop smoking this cigar it got tastier as it reached the end. "


On 2002-08-14

" I like this smoke, I only wish they had a better draw, then they would be perfect "


On 2002-05-31

" Powerful and tasty.It is improving with age and I think it will become an outstanding cigar in a few months.About 25% of the cigars in my box had a tight draw and I had to throw a couple away. "


On 2002-04-27

" an outstanding smoke that is also pleasing too the eye.. smoke so thick you can almost chew it,,,with a flavor profile that includes sweet spices with an undertone of honey throughout..always on My short list of must haves. "


On 2002-01-16


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