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Rates the Trinidad Coloniales


TopCubans Past experience:

The Coloniales has all the qualities of this 'new wave' Trinidad family. All in all its a well presented Cuban, meaty and agreable to smoke. The common 'new school' Trinidad flavors are present: Spicy wood, coffee and added to these in a jovial mix are honey and wet earth. This cigar feels as if it has been around for ever and displays a frightening potential to get better! It was Rick who made me try one, I guess he scores the points!

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2013-10-02

" I compared this with Siglo II of CH. Though they are not in same range of taste, but somehow they have own uniqueness and give different satisfaction. But I just wanted to comment little more on Colonials. It relatively less consistent after tried few within a same box. The last 2 I tried were rather spicy and very dry (causing some spice over my throat). Else, the draw is excellent and tasty. With this price, I may probably go back to Siglo II for the next box of 5x42 "


On 2012-05-03

" Enjoyable and pleasant cigar, aroma is top class. Draw was a bit too firm, but certainly smokeable. Smoke output wasn't great, so you need a couple of draws to get a mouthful of smoke. The flavour was great, not overwhelming but not weak. I found it to be an "any time" cigar, morning or evening. I enjoyed it, that's the objective a good cigar aims to meet. Will certainly buy more in the future. 82/100 "


On 2010-11-26

" Holy smokes. this one blew me away. the aroma is awesome, the smoke is velvety, the burn is excellent. It starts of real spicy then settles in a delicious creamines and chocalty flavour and finishes just a little peppary. a glass of water is handy to really enjoy this cigar. Truly awesome. great aging potential, i have some in my humi i will smoke yearly but until then i will need to restock this beauties. "


On 2010-07-24

" I have to say this is one of the most perfect cigars i've smoked! It was perfect in construction, lighting, burning, & taste. An amazing cigar & a new absolute favourite of mine. "


On 2009-11-18

" This was to become my first regular smoking cigar a couple of years ago. Since then I have tried almost everything from the premium cigar segment, both cuban and non-cuban. But even after smoking limited editions and names like OpusX, Padron 1926 etc. I continue coming back to old good Colonials. This is a cigar you can trust and enjoy. "


On 2008-07-05

" This is a complex cigar! Definately not for the faint of hearted and starters in Cubans, but for the more experienced and daring types! What an incredible spicy / roasted taste, going on almost forever. Really smoked this one untill I burnt my fingers on it without any lost of taste. Good draw as well continuously with a nice white silk soft ash. Not the best I have had but definately worth to keep them in my humidor for the future. "


On 2008-06-26

" This was a quality cigar, wonderful flavors. I purchased these cigars in London and they were the cheapest of the bunch that I tried but definitely one of the better cigars that I smoked since I did not want it to end. A very tasty, flavorful cigar that I would recommend any day. "


On 2007-01-31

" What a wonderful cigar! Loads of coffee flavor and sweetness. I will be buying more of these. Thanks Richard! "


On 2006-11-16

" This is actually the first cuban I've smoked. I don't know if I should be rating right now, but this cigar was alot easier to smoke than the non-cubans I've smoked. It was really creamy...almost like's like I was at the movies smoking popcorn. "


On 2006-11-04

" This was exactly how discribed. I was very happy with this cigar. I seriously didn't was to stop smoking it. "


On 2005-03-21

" Whoah, this was a great surprise. Awesome stick that had cream, leather, and that woody Montecristo taste. buying a box! "

LJR of NY Cigar Club

On 2004-10-12

" Seems to smoke a little lighter than medium for a Habanos. Definitely woody with a slight hint of mint. "


On 2004-10-05

" Maybe the best petit corona I've ever tasted.Full of charachter and discreet it has something different. "

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