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Richard's Diary

February 2016

Habanos Festival XVIII is Here!

By David on February, 24th 2016 - 9:08 pm

Habanos Festival is coming up and we at Topcubans will do our very best to update you on all the latest events and releases coming out next week.

Topcubans is offering a special Festival Pack of 2 Cohiba Siglo I tubos for all orders over 400$ during the Festival, so until March 6th!

Enjoy your time in Cuba everyone or enjoy our updates on this blog here.

David and the Top Team

Ski Season and What Everyone is Smoking!

By David on February, 22nd 2016 - 4:01 am

Ski season is here, and I am just on the way back from a wonderful weekend up the mountains. We have clients from all over the world, so we have to try and cater for clients sunning themselves in the Tropics, and those like us are putting up with the troubles of Winter. Topcubans always love to look on the bright side of life with some positive comments, whether is be heading up the mountains for a quality cigar with a gorgeous view, or jumping on a plane to Winter Sun, there is no right answer but I hope we are all on the same page?!

I have had some cracking H Upmann Magnum 46 cigars this weekend, musty and bold, ideal with a nip in the air. Feel free to share your weekend experiences with us, we love to hear what and where you all are, it keeps us going!


From David and the Topcubans Team

Cuba and US Trade Relations, Rum and Tobacco

By David on February, 18th 2016 - 2:57 am

An interesting article on the BBC here regarding trademark rights for the Havana Club Rum, and who owns the rights to it.
Havana Club Rum is a joint venture between the Cuban government and Pernot Ricard, the French drinks multi-national. This Cuban made rum is sold and marketed around the world, except in the US where the trade embargo exists. In the US the Bacardi Group, a former Cuban company which fled after the Revolution took up the name and have exclusive marketing and sales for the US. It is a rum made in Puerto Rico.

I write about this as it is similar to the dilemma in the cigar industry. The Made in Cuba aspect has a huge appeal in the US, whether it be rum or cigars and yet legally they still cannot be sold in the US. Companies are jockeying for position for the inevitable crumbling of the Embargo and then who will be best positioned to be able to market their products, Cuban or just with a Cuban name? Imperial Brands is the company that has a 50% stake in Habanos cigars along with the Cuban government. It also happens to own a number of famous named Cuban cigar brands in the US but the cigars are made in the Dominican Republic or Honduras to name a few. Far from being inferior, they are simply just different from what we are accustomed out of Cuba.

Other rival cigar companies no doubt will be going down the route that Bacardi Group recently did, however even with the in-built bias towards Cuba, Havana Club Cuba won the naming rights in January and I hope this will occur in the cigar industry whenever the time comes! We are big Cuban cheerleaders and have little time for the no doubt more hot air to come from the Cuban Americans who fled in the 50s!

Interested to hear your thoughts.

David and the Top Team

A bonus pack of 3 for Valentine's Day

By David on February, 10th 2016 - 2:07 am

We at Topcubans love a bit of romance, and cigars along with some fine wines and a nice dinner go hand in hand. We are offering a romantic offer to all of you out there until Sunday, a pack of 3 Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills for all orders over 400$. I hope you all have a loving few days, enjoy your cigars, particularly the Romeo y Julietas and have a super February 14th!

David and the lovely Top Team

New Anejados Range & Superbowl Cigar Fun

By David on February, 05th 2016 - 6:32 pm

Weekend is here, all the more important for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere trying to fight through the cold each day to work! We have a new release on our Prestigious Page which will surely sell out in record time. The Anejados Range has been a new branding exercise by Habanos, started last year and has proven to be quite the success. What's not to love about cigars already aged and ready to smoke in their prime?! These ones are dated from 2007 so are just such a pleasure to smoke.

It may not be in time to order them for the Superbowl this Sunday, but I know many of you have been ordering this past week or 2 with this in mind. We of course wish both teams well, and I have some of my favourite Hoyo Epicure No 2s (ON SALE) lined up to smoke during the game, and then we'll see if I bring out one of those big bazooka Double Cos to celebrate a Broncos win! Fingers crossed for Peyton, we send our best over from Geneva.

Enjoy your weekend everyone
From David and the Top Team

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