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Richard's Diary

January 2008

Hey there!

By Richard on January, 16th 2008 - 1:59 pm

Hey there!
This time of the year I like to go skiing, here in Switzerland we have a generous helping of mountains. I have my little ritual for skiing and I take a mixture of Robustos with me because it is the ideal Vitola for action and adventure. Trinidad Robustos extra go nicely with the crisp mountain air but you guys should try out a variety of Robustos to make your own band of out door companions, its worth it!

I love a full humidor! Packing out your humidor is like having a full library of books at home. A full and diverse humidor is in some respects stored knowledge, and knowledge makes your mind grow and your palate evolve. A tip I like to give to people who ask me how to stock their humidor is to experience as many different Cubans as you can, don't rest on your laurels, be daring and never be stuck by reviews or ratings, be your own taster. When you see your humidor it should be as diverse as you life experiences. Good luck and enjoy!

// colddiver31 // February, 01st 2008 // 8:26 am


Totally agree. I have a fairly large humidor for personal use... holds 600 cigars. I tend to have it pretty close to full at all times. You never know when your cigar buddies will drop by unexpected :) I buy my favorites by the box, but I have one drawer designated just for singles that I want to try. Having a fully stocked humidor is one thing, but having a variety of new cigars you want to try lets a person know you are up for trying new things.


make up your own Personal Cuban Cigar box

By Richard on January, 04th 2008 - 4:58 pm

Hello all, you can use the Personal Box section to make up your own Personal Cuban Cigar box. Choose from any Size and any Brand to fill your box. I love this feature because I love variety in my smokes. That is exactly what the Personal Box section gives you, a chance to personalize your smoking. Give it a go and enjoy!

// colddiver31 // February, 01st 2008 // 8:20 am

Just ordered my 2nd personal cigar box. This is a great way to try new Cuban cigars and different sizes of cigars within the same brand. I have my favorites, but I always like to try out a new cigar. I highly recommend putting your own personal box together. The shipping is super fast and they are packed with care. What have you got to loose? You may find your next favorite Cuban cigar!

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